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iS 99% KNO3 fine for most reactions?
99% Purity should be fine for most reactions, although if your experiment is very sensitive you can ...
6-4-2017 at 09:14
by: Chlorine
The Most Useful Bromo
Your best option would to convert it to a metal salt, NaBrO3, KBrO3.
17-2-2017 at 07:11
by: Chlorine
Silver plating via Tollens' reaction
I plated the inside of a test tube then poured in fiberglass resin so the Ag will be held in place, ...
17-2-2017 at 07:06
by: Chlorine
Dissolving silver metal with ammonium thiosulfate
[rquote=474572&tid=72279&author=DraconicAcid]The stains will wear off by themselves. The ou ...
13-2-2017 at 10:58
by: Chlorine
otc sodium hydroxide
[rquote=474206&tid=71879&author=RogueRose]Check out the Tru-Value stores and maybe Ace or ot ...
9-2-2017 at 14:43
by: Chlorine
Best and worst smelling chemicals?
Acetone: very sweet like candy smell
Bleach: Just smells ultra clean
Sulfuric acid: smel ...
7-2-2017 at 06:55
by: Chlorine
Short question / quick answer - Thread
[rquote=473877&tid=26572&author=hnto]Oh, I think I've found something that may work. Would l ...
6-2-2017 at 14:25
by: Chlorine
Homemade and Repurposed Lab Gear
Glass vitamin jars make up 80% of my chemical storage. My parents go through about 10-12 jars a mont ...
6-2-2017 at 14:21
by: Chlorine
Purifying anthranilic acid
Your impurity is also water soluable, try recyrstalizing from ethanol.
6-2-2017 at 13:55
by: Chlorine
HCl (32%) available in the UK
Over in the states HCl is normally under the name of "Mutiatic acid" Its normally about 31-32% for $ ...
6-2-2017 at 06:30
by: Chlorine
UO2 looking for ways to react it
It should dissolve in an HCL+HNO3 (3:1) solution.
4-2-2017 at 19:52
by: Chlorine
latest glassware purchase
1. Just bought another electric camping hot plate (much cheaper then buying a chem designed one).

4-2-2017 at 19:20
by: Chlorine
Nickel Chloride
[rquote=473566&tid=72067&author=j_sum1]Nickel acetate (like most (all?) acetates) decomposes ...
4-2-2017 at 19:11
by: Chlorine
Benzaldehyde synthesis using aqueous nitric acid
I'm almost sure it's nitrobenzoic acid+ a minute amount of benzoic acid.
4-2-2017 at 19:09
by: Chlorine
Storage under water.
[rquote=473691&tid=72040&author=CaCl2][rquote=473686&tid=72040&author=vmelkon][rquot ...
4-2-2017 at 18:57
by: Chlorine
Storage under water.
I've never had a problem with water evaporation. I've had a 2g chunk of red phosphorus from my eleme ...
1-2-2017 at 07:02
by: Chlorine
I want to hear your favorite chemistry demonstrations
My absolute favorite demonstration is the formation of Aluminium tri Iodide.

3g of Iodine and 4g ...
31-1-2017 at 13:03
by: Chlorine
Separating volatile oil in water emulsion to 2 separate layers
Change the density of water so it seperates, use a salt like NaCl or magnesium sulfate.
Then decant ...
30-1-2017 at 06:36
by: Chlorine
What some interesting dangerous chemicals?
Denatonium Benzoate; I will never touch this material again.
Few months ago I made about 1.5 grams ...
29-1-2017 at 16:12
by: Chlorine
I'm baffled. Light from envelope glue???
It's basically just a static discharge, same thing happens when duck tape is pulled apart or pop roc ...
29-1-2017 at 16:05
by: Chlorine
Make aluminium powder of 60~30 ┬Ám
Your best option is to buy or make a ball mill. Machined aluminum turnings work wonders because they ...
27-1-2017 at 02:50
by: Chlorine
Coming out to your chemistry teacher as a home chemist
I recently told my Hon chem teacher about my hobby. A bit awkward at first but she was pretty cool, ...
26-1-2017 at 06:59
by: Chlorine
otc sodium hydroxide
Normally hardware stores, (Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc) carry at least 2-3 brands of drain ...
22-1-2017 at 04:44
by: Chlorine
HCN decomp
Today in my chem class, my professor was giving examples of chemicals decomposing and one of the exa ...
18-1-2017 at 13:45
by: Chlorine
When drying salts how do you prevent cake formation sticking to glass?
You can dry them on a coffee filter with some paper towel underneath, however, you will loose a smal ...
11-1-2017 at 04:45
by: Chlorine
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