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Toluene escaped the bottle - what is the risk?
Plastic bottles are barriers to liquids but not vapours.
The permeability depends on the polymer t ...
5-5-2020 at 01:10
by: Copenhagen1968
Company is extracting phosphates from urine for crops
The mobile plant processes pee into liquid ferti ...
5-5-2020 at 01:00
by: Copenhagen1968
Mercury sources in EU?
I get my mercury from old thermometers and barometers I find on flee markets or second hand shops.
2-5-2020 at 07:39
by: Copenhagen1968
Setting up a home Schlenk system
about mercury...
I often go to second hand shops and "salvage" old thermometers. Some times I am lu ...
20-4-2020 at 01:23
by: Copenhagen1968
Setting up a home Schlenk system
Very cool setup. I am planning to set up similar equipment. I have had this trap made at a glass blo ...
20-4-2020 at 01:17
by: Copenhagen1968
Hi outer_limits and welcome.
I also have the knack for chemistry and programming but the other way ...
4-3-2020 at 07:07
by: Copenhagen1968
Solid volatilisation
I just pack / blend it sensibly (VOCs, heavy metals, acid / base or other fractions) in used plastic ...
12-2-2020 at 23:43
by: Copenhagen1968
Introducing new member (Denmark)
thanks Tsjerk
I will keep that in mind.
I dont know about the potential problems with regards to s ...
12-2-2020 at 06:58
by: Copenhagen1968
Introducing new member (Denmark)
I just joined this marvelous forum and I am wondering if there are other members in the Co ...
12-2-2020 at 03:08
by: Copenhagen1968

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