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Oxidation of Ethanol to Ethanal?
Acetone is just the solvent, it doesn't make a difference in your case.
7-2-2011 at 21:08
by: Cuauhtemoc
Oxidation of Ethanol to Ethanal?
You're still in highschool right?
A mechanism explains step-by-step what is going on with the molec ...
7-2-2011 at 20:31
by: Cuauhtemoc
How to approximate H2O2 concentration??
If you just want a very rough estimate, you don't even need a burette, just see how much ...
13-1-2011 at 19:06
by: Cuauhtemoc
Make Potassium (from
Well, that's an advantage of living in Brazil
9-1-2011 at 20:04
by: Cuauhtemoc
Safer Charge Designs
I'm sorry but that look dangerous, if your design contain any flaws, especially with the spring, it ...
4-1-2011 at 06:30
by: Cuauhtemoc
Bachelors Degree
[rquote=197243&tid=15023&author=ADP]Three years ago I was seriously on path to pursuing a ba ...
4-1-2011 at 06:21
by: Cuauhtemoc
Yeah, not trying to bash anyone, but bombs are one of the stupidiest things to do in an amateur lab. ...
28-12-2010 at 02:20
by: Cuauhtemoc
Cesium from CsCl
Hm, after the sucess with "pok's" method for Potassium, maybe you guys should try with NaOH and then ...
25-12-2010 at 00:26
by: Cuauhtemoc
Pretty Pictures (1)
[rquote=195664&tid=14644&author=blogfast25][rquote=195627&tid=14644&author=bfesser]Y ...
22-12-2010 at 18:12
by: Cuauhtemoc
Make Potassium (from
I see, I was thinking about using Kerosene, which is also mentioned in the patent. Although I need t ...
17-12-2010 at 23:43
by: Cuauhtemoc
Make Potassium (from

Good experiment, I will be trying it soon with different solvents, I don't think I can get Sh ...
17-12-2010 at 21:52
by: Cuauhtemoc
aspirin to benzaldehyde?
Toluene is not a drug precursor, but it can obviously be used by "cookers" as a solvent to get ephed ...
23-8-2009 at 20:12
by: Cuauhtemoc
Scientific calculators
I got a 50g from HP, it's kinda expensive but it's pretty complete. Too bad some professors don't le ...
13-8-2009 at 09:02
by: Cuauhtemoc

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