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Solid fueled gas generator fire extinguishers?
It's pretty dumb in my opinion, doesn't work with even a bit of wind. ...
20-11-2021 at 03:34
by: Deathunter88
sulfur charring?
Yes, you can see the effect more clearly if you pour the molten sulfur into cold water. What you get ...
18-8-2021 at 20:12
by: Deathunter88
does flash powder make nitrogen dioxide when burning?
ShotBored is right, ice fountains have nitrocellulose, not flash powder.
25-5-2021 at 10:35
by: Deathunter88
How to dry recrystallized KNO3?
KNO3 is not hydroscopic, you can dry it in the open.
22-5-2021 at 21:58
by: Deathunter88
Making Sodium, a new method?
Unless you have the magnesium powder and dioxane, just buy it, it will be cheaper and less work. It' ...
15-5-2021 at 23:15
by: Deathunter88
RFNA and Vacuum Distillation of H2SO4
Just have one stir bar you use for sulfuric acid. It will still work for stirring since once it beco ...
29-4-2021 at 07:21
by: Deathunter88
Trying to get potassium permanganate out of solution, keeps turning to MnO2
Concentrated forms of KMnO4 will almost always decompose (commercial quality or otherwise). If you d ...
17-4-2021 at 19:06
by: Deathunter88
Alcohol 99,9%
In the US the green label Kleenstrip Green Denatured Alcohol is 95% ethanol. The regular red label i ...
10-4-2021 at 16:11
by: Deathunter88
intent to possess 30 ml methylmercury = 12 yrs prison
[rquote=657876&tid=157277&author=unionised][rquote=657827&tid=157277&author=Texium ( ...
10-4-2021 at 04:00
by: Deathunter88
Sulfur in my KCLO3 flash - Do I need it ?
If you're in the US, just get the correct chemicals so you don't blow your fingers off. There's a re ...
7-4-2021 at 19:54
by: Deathunter88
Peroxide Concerns - Please Help
Chillax guys, unless you see a chunk of peroxide it's not going to blow your house up. It's not a bo ...
29-3-2021 at 18:15
by: Deathunter88
Quickly drying mineral oil or storing sodium without mineral oil?
Are you sure your mineral oil is that wet? I find it hard to believe a significant amount of water c ...
27-3-2021 at 00:01
by: Deathunter88
What on earth.....
Brass cartridge case neck annealer?


I should elaborate, it's used in re ...
24-3-2021 at 22:04
by: Deathunter88
Radioactive Minerals
Probably an unpopular opinion but I feel you need at least a 2" pancake detector to have a fun time ...
21-3-2021 at 20:45
by: Deathunter88
Hand vs. NaK
I feel like this has as much "experimentation" as a lot of other bottom of the barrel viral youtube ...
18-3-2021 at 11:49
by: Deathunter88
Making KMnO4 ? ...
24-2-2021 at 02:20
by: Deathunter88
What is white spirit?
White spirit(UK)=mineral spirits(US)=aliphatic hydrocarbons with BP between around 150-250C

Shell ...
19-2-2021 at 16:46
by: Deathunter88
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate to Sodium Nitrate to Nitric Acid
15.5-0-0 is pure calcium nitrate. Calcium ammonium nitrate is usually a mix of ammonium nitrate and ...
23-1-2021 at 16:40
by: Deathunter88
Sulphuric acid
[rquote=652887&tid=156876&author=macckone]agree with outer_limits, it depends on the reactio ...
10-1-2021 at 17:15
by: Deathunter88
Removal of caked on MnO2 from round bottom flask?
[rquote=651716&tid=156773&author=DraconicAcid][rquote=651714&tid=156773&author=wg48t ...
19-12-2020 at 23:37
by: Deathunter88
Need help finding a non flammable low temp boiling liquid
Just use a normal freezer.
19-12-2020 at 17:47
by: Deathunter88
Loudwolf “Sodium Thiosulfate, anhydrous”: WHAT IS IT?!
Nothing wrong with it. 43C is for the pentahydrate, you have the anhydrous version which melts with ...
12-12-2020 at 06:06
by: Deathunter88
Resistance of PVC tubing to common ether vapors
I disagree with macckone. By the time any vapors get to the duct it should be sufficiently dilute to ...
29-11-2020 at 21:43
by: Deathunter88
Do not keep illegal drugs for personal use in your house, if you do chemistry as a hobby
No shit.
27-11-2020 at 14:25
by: Deathunter88
5-atz purchase in the US? Would authorities care?
Mixing binary components together constitutes manufacturing explosives. Persons manufacturing explos ...
26-11-2020 at 18:12
by: Deathunter88
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