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HotPlate Branding
[rquote=640598&tid=155794&author=Brightthermite]Hey all I am fairly new to purchasing actual ...
13-7-2020 at 18:17
by: Deathunter88
Purchasing from research suppliers
The only one I know for sure will sell to individuals is Spectrum Techniques. All of their disk sour ...
12-7-2020 at 19:58
by: Deathunter88
Orange-limonene reaction and sulfuric acid, color chemistry
You should probably brush up your knowledge before going around yapping (look up Dunning–Kruger ef ...
30-6-2020 at 19:44
by: Deathunter88
Disappointing results with 3A molecular sieves
Most molecular sieves from China are fake - they are not designed to dry liquids, rather they are pl ...
21-6-2020 at 21:22
by: Deathunter88
15%hydrogen peroxide
Nice troll. Might want to change the mask, alcohol deactivates the electrostatic charge responsible ...
20-6-2020 at 15:03
by: Deathunter88
How is acetaldehyde even shipped?
Maybe learn a thing or two about vapor pressure. Things don't just "explode" when it gets past their ...
19-6-2020 at 18:18
by: Deathunter88
Anti bike theft agent
Where did you get that gallium or superglue would stop an angle grinder at all? Seems unlikely to me ...
29-5-2020 at 07:29
by: Deathunter88
Fire services department found "dangerous" goods in hardware store
[rquote=636580&tid=155438&author=CELamCheng](sorry if shouldnt appear in here can del post)
21-5-2020 at 06:58
by: Deathunter88
annealing of 50cm chromatography column, ideas?
You're only going to make it worse. Chromatography columns aren't heated so it will be fine.
1-5-2020 at 01:38
by: Deathunter88
Safety of ball milling commercial smokeless powder.
[rquote=634656&tid=155178&author=Fulmen]Well, any energetic compound will display some level ...
23-4-2020 at 20:24
by: Deathunter88
Emergency substitutes for bleach and rubbing alcohol?
Iso-heat contains additives not listed in the SDS that make it a dark yellow solution that smells so ...
10-4-2020 at 22:35
by: Deathunter88
Political message in signature?
Also a great way to get the forum banned in China.
23-3-2020 at 01:22
by: Deathunter88
Low denisty organic fluids for making immiscible bi-layers.
Mineral oil?
19-3-2020 at 00:57
by: Deathunter88
Aluminum Powder of Specific Sizes
[rquote=632769&tid=155026&author=MineMan]I did. They don’t have those sizes. Oh well. [/rq ...
18-3-2020 at 00:44
by: Deathunter88
Cerium pyrophoricity
Ferrocerium rods contain a large percent of cerium, and those don't catch fire spontaneously. You wi ...
15-3-2020 at 00:25
by: Deathunter88
Aluminum Powder of Specific Sizes
Look at firework hobbyist sites, here are a few: ...
15-3-2020 at 00:23
by: Deathunter88
Distinguishing plastics without analysis?
Looks like polycarbonate to me, can you send a clearer picture.
15-3-2020 at 00:20
by: Deathunter88
Ammonium Nitrate Source ...
7-3-2020 at 20:32
by: Deathunter88
Ethylene / Propylene glycol as disinfectants ?
[rquote=632149&tid=154984&author=RedDwarf]Other papers I saw were citing the use of vapouris ...
5-3-2020 at 19:27
by: Deathunter88
Limonene Chemistry
[rquote=631808&tid=154953&author=GreenJames]I recently bought a bag of oranges for food, how ...
28-2-2020 at 18:16
by: Deathunter88
[rquote=631647&tid=154939&author=Syn the Sizer]This may be a stupid question but I am going ...
26-2-2020 at 01:22
by: Deathunter88
RBF heating blocks for hot plates
[rquote=631414&tid=154906&author=SWIM]You're right.
BP is only 2400 degrees C

This galli ...
23-2-2020 at 02:17
by: Deathunter88
machine for grinding cement?
Ball mill (like the ones for black powder production).
9-2-2020 at 12:56
by: Deathunter88
Stir plate magnet strength?
Check your stir bar first, they get demagnetized over time.
9-2-2020 at 12:53
by: Deathunter88
Why can't I find amorphous P on ebay?
[rquote=627427&tid=154527&author=draculic acid69]I assume it's a ridiculously small amount p ...
4-12-2019 at 17:07
by: Deathunter88
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