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2,3-Dibromopropanoic acid from Acrylic acid
yep, as said above chloroform and dichloromethane are the perfect solvent. YOu can easily wash with ...
4-5-2017 at 08:51
by: DrMethyl
Preperation of isbutyl nitrite

Im using HCL, i have read that H2SO4 wor ...
4-5-2017 at 08:38
by: DrMethyl
Diethyl Ether from Denatured alcohol?
[rquote=481267&tid=73612&author=DIBALL]Okay I just found the safety sheet and it says that i ...
4-5-2017 at 07:54
by: DrMethyl
synthesis of p-nitro-benzaldehyde
I suggest you :

Starting from benzyl alcohol then nitration to make the ortho and para isomers. ...
4-5-2017 at 07:28
by: DrMethyl
I can order chemicals from acros or sigma-aldrich for you !!
I can order chemicals form Sigma-Aldrich/Acros/Merck for you !!!

Hello everybody !

When I w ...
4-5-2017 at 07:12
by: DrMethyl
Al/NiCl2*6H2O: OTC hydride-like reactivity
Hello, very very interesting info !

I think it works the same way as Al/Cu or even Al/Hg.

I wo ...
13-4-2016 at 01:24
by: DrMethyl
Simple(er)Aluminum Isopropoxide prep experiment for later this week.
Here is an easy way to make aluminium isopropoxide. The synth comes from 420chan board.

Workup of ...
7-4-2016 at 10:10
by: DrMethyl
Oxidation of tertiary alcohol by KMnO4
KmnO4 is a powerful oxidant, it probably burned your alcohol to give several by product.
7-4-2016 at 10:06
by: DrMethyl
I can order chemicals form Sigma-Aldrich/Acros/Merck for you !!!

Every order have been shipped and received.

I will place a second order in april 2016, so ...
7-4-2016 at 09:57
by: DrMethyl
Fétizon Reagent regeneration ?

I prepared the Fétizon reagent for the oxidation of alcohol to ketone/aldehyde this way : ...
7-3-2016 at 05:02
by: DrMethyl
Alkoxide formation - Sodium hydride vs Sodium metal
When you use NaH you don't need to wash it up with solvent before use unless the mineral oil fuck up ...
26-2-2016 at 14:42
by: DrMethyl
Collidine vs Pyridine
hello, I've used collidine to trap methyl iodide. Collidine is more basic and nucleophile because of ...
27-1-2016 at 13:34
by: DrMethyl
Niacin Chlorochromate (NCC??) for oxidation of alcohols
This is a known reagent used as a less rective alternative to PCC, its called 3CPCC. Try to look und ...
27-1-2016 at 13:28
by: DrMethyl
Acetic acid not neutralised by ammonia?
[rquote=435687&tid=65070&author=optragon]there is quite some acetic acid left over [u](deter ...
27-1-2016 at 13:23
by: DrMethyl
Hofmann Rearrangement of 3,4,5-trimethoxybenzamide
Hello, nice work indeed !

Dont worry, you often have less yield than in the paper.. byko3y is ri ...
27-1-2016 at 13:20
by: DrMethyl
Lithium Aluminium Hydrid (LiAlH4) for sale !!!

I have some LiAlH4 in stock and I will place a new order, so if you are interested, please ...
19-1-2016 at 11:22
by: DrMethyl
Ordering chemicals as a graduate student?
In my company sometimes I have paid with credit card, but it's very rare to do so. Payment is usuall ...
19-1-2016 at 10:46
by: DrMethyl
I can order chemicals form Sigma-Aldrich/Acros/Merck for you !!!
The order is still pending, I will place the order at acros friday, the 30.01.2016.

Until this da ...
19-1-2016 at 10:42
by: DrMethyl
synthesis of methyl iodide from methanol, HCl and sodium iodide?
I don't understand why you need BH4 to make MeI ???

You don't need to work with elemental P, MeI ...
19-1-2016 at 06:23
by: DrMethyl
Hydrochlorination of alk-1-ene?
[rquote=434841&tid=64979&author=blogfast25][rquote=434834&tid=64979&author=Magpie]I ...
12-1-2016 at 11:42
by: DrMethyl
Accidental Ethyl Salicylate

Methyl salicilate will be probably present because of the wintergreen smell but remember it's ...
9-1-2016 at 07:04
by: DrMethyl
L-tryptophan decarboxylation
4:40 distillation head temp reads 95C and Acetophenom ...
9-1-2016 at 06:58
by: DrMethyl
I can order chemicals form Sigma-Aldrich/Acros/Merck for you !!!
[size=5][b]IMPORTANT : There is a mistake in the e-mail adress, it's : [/b][/s ...
9-1-2016 at 05:40
by: DrMethyl
Heidolph stirrer/heater + themperature regulator for sale !!

I have only one left in stock. Price is the same : 200 USD + Shipping

8-1-2016 at 07:46
by: DrMethyl
Condensation of Mandelic acid ester with Guanidine

I think you maybe killed the guanidine with NaOMe by transforming it into some kind of carba ...
2-12-2015 at 12:47
by: DrMethyl
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