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Building a Better Battery- electrochemistry with a precipitate.
the idea of using a very insolble salt in a cell is the reason the caromel cell produces such a stab ...
3-5-2014 at 12:44
by: Galinstan
Determining the concentration of methoxide solution
titrations don't have to be performed in aquas solution you could do do the titration in methanol us ...
11-4-2014 at 12:28
by: Galinstan
Determining the concentration of methoxide solution
surely a simple acid base titration will work just use an indicator like phenalthalien and see how m ...
11-4-2014 at 07:06
by: Galinstan
2NaCl + H2SO4
the sodium IONS don't stop the bisulphate ion from forming but the bisulphate ion is in it's self qu ...
8-4-2014 at 11:43
by: Galinstan
H2SO4, NaOH, and S - Unknown Product
without any further evidence it would seem a reasnable first guess as the oxidation states of the su ...
6-4-2014 at 12:18
by: Galinstan
The Short Questions Thread (4)
all you will get is all the ions present in a solution and if the Cl- ion is in high enough concnetr ...
6-4-2014 at 06:01
by: Galinstan
Water Polarity
of coarse the physics behind these phenomana matters if we didn't understand the reason thing happen ...
4-4-2014 at 05:05
by: Galinstan
Kolbe Schmitt mechanism
From what i can see the sodium salt gives the ortho product and the potassium salt gives a larger fr ...
27-3-2014 at 15:54
by: Galinstan
Metal Bellows Vacuum Pump
i'm not very familiar with MB pumps but i would imagine the reason there not used very often is if t ...
27-3-2014 at 13:14
by: Galinstan
Reaction rates
to determine the rate with respect to the magnesium just change the mass of magnesium used while kee ...
27-3-2014 at 07:32
by: Galinstan
Testing purity of Potassium Iodide
take a small sample of your KI and convert it to iodine then dissolve it in an excess of a KI soluti ...
26-3-2014 at 08:12
by: Galinstan
Experiment with balloon filled with charged gas
as draconicacid said the helium ions will strip electrons off the first particle they come in to con ...
25-3-2014 at 14:33
by: Galinstan
ethyl acetate catalyst
hydrochloric acid will not work very effectively as the HCl is a disssolved gas so when heating it w ...
25-3-2014 at 13:21
by: Galinstan
Uses for polyethylene glycol
i can't see there being many interesting reactions to do with such a stable polymer as this, althoug ...
24-3-2014 at 11:06
by: Galinstan
What sort of base is strong enough to deprotonate aldehydes but not ketones?
deprotonate a ketone? a carbonyl group doesn't have a hydrogen on it. do you mean a hydrogen on an a ...
23-3-2014 at 07:10
by: Galinstan
Nitration of benzoic acid
i agree with Cheddite cheese although if you nitrate toluene you will get a mixture of ortho AND par ...
20-3-2014 at 08:23
by: Galinstan
Alternate ways to make Copper Sulfate?
@ TheChemiKid you can boil sulphuric acid with copper in it all day and it won't make any copper sul ...
1-3-2014 at 17:43
by: Galinstan
Photochemical weakening/breaking of Carbon-Chlorine bonds.... mechanism of action?
the williamson ether synthesis works using an SN2 mechanism not a radical one so attempting to make ...
25-2-2014 at 15:38
by: Galinstan
iododbenzene could be made via a sandmeyer reaction this would invole taking analine and making a di ...
24-2-2014 at 15:08
by: Galinstan
Help with Atomic Orbital Problem
why is this called help with atomic orbital when it obviously has nothing to do with them, and you a ...
19-2-2014 at 13:43
by: Galinstan
Synthesis of Acetaldehyde using Sodium Dichromate
i doubt it, when i made ethanal i simple put all the reagents in a RBF and distilled and then distil ...
15-2-2014 at 11:45
by: Galinstan
Synthesis of Acetaldehyde using Sodium Dichromate
distill off your product as it is being formed and avoid using excess dichromate.
14-2-2014 at 12:21
by: Galinstan
Accidentally got a H2O2 burn. Help me figure out why this was so effective.
sorry to speculate so widely without any evidence but if the CO2 dissolves and forms carbonic acid c ...
8-2-2014 at 07:50
by: Galinstan
Another fairly iomple way to anailne is the hoffman rearrangement on benzanamide which i have never ...
6-2-2014 at 08:53
by: Galinstan
New possible efficient and clean electrolytic hydrogenation/reduction of aromatic compounds
Firstly you havn't given any evidence to support that hydrogen can be reduced to the hydride ion at ...
13-1-2014 at 06:01
by: Galinstan
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