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Ultrasonic cleaner substituting a centrifuge in function
Unionised is not quite correct on this (although for almost all practical purposes is) :

If a sol ...
20-10-2020 at 22:27
by: Harristotle
Ferric ammonium citrate synth failed
Check you are using ferricyanide and not ferrocyanide.
Check that you are using amonium ferric citr ...
14-8-2020 at 03:02
by: Harristotle
Resonance between reagents?
Well DNA is somewhat conductive due to orbital overlap of delocalised electrons in the stacked rings ...
22-7-2020 at 05:56
by: Harristotle
Need Phosphate Buffered Saline
If you want to make, you need to achieve the following:

[PO[sub]4[/sub] -oids] = 11.8mmol/L
[Na[ ...
13-7-2020 at 22:56
by: Harristotle
Blowing 100k on science equipment
Hi j_sum1, this is the space that I work in.

I reckon a class set of colourimeters and pipettes a ...
3-7-2020 at 05:34
by: Harristotle
looking for biochemistry experiments i can do at home. need to spark a passion
[rquote=637731&tid=154849&author=ThoughtsIControl]Does anyone have good sources for microbia ...
18-6-2020 at 04:43
by: Harristotle
Sulphur candles
I have made sulfur candles for treating a hive after it had wax moth.
I melted sulfur (Gardening) ...
1-3-2020 at 05:30
by: Harristotle
My daughter is breeding flies - and the smell is awful! Help!
So, the off smells are likely to be cadaverine or putrescine, aliphatic amines.

A broad area dish ...
1-3-2020 at 05:20
by: Harristotle
looking for biochemistry experiments i can do at home. need to spark a passion
I reckon there is a lot of possibility for novel microbial fuel cell designs.

In particular, stan ...
10-2-2020 at 05:19
by: Harristotle
Magpie has died
He had a mixture of intellect, generosity, and openness. Magpie reminded me of the best of twentieth ...
14-12-2019 at 05:49
by: Harristotle
Invitation to Participate in a Research Study
Caution -yes.
Also an opportunity to engage with outside our community.
The uni credentials seem p ...
10-12-2019 at 05:05
by: Harristotle
distilled water for diy ph calibration solution ?
potassium hydrogen tartrate is a NIST primary pH standard.

Buy yourself some cream of tartar, mix ...
1-4-2019 at 05:43
by: Harristotle
Culturing of a red flourecent bacteria/algae
Chlorophyll glows red under uv light. Try pointing a 405nm uv laser at a plant, or better, an alga. ...
8-3-2019 at 07:04
by: Harristotle
New element in the collection: Zr
Ubya, it depend how much of the "trace" of Zr 93 is present. That has a half life of 1.5 million yea ...
29-10-2018 at 05:40
by: Harristotle
New element in the collection: Zr
One of Zr isotopes is a beta emitter. You can buy zirconium welding rods, if I recall correctly.

26-10-2018 at 04:52
by: Harristotle
Preparation of magnesium silicate and/or activated alumina (and others) for chromatograpy
I used regular talcum powder, non-scented, purchased from a woodworking shop.

I gave it a wash in ...
13-9-2018 at 04:22
by: Harristotle
Paper Centrifuge
It peaks at 10s of thousands of RPM. It isn't continuous, by any stretch of the imagination.

But ...
27-8-2018 at 02:47
by: Harristotle
Paper Centrifuge
Further thought:
The DNA you isolated has lots of proteins associated with it.

Perhaps, once you ...
27-8-2018 at 02:11
by: Harristotle
Paper Centrifuge
Don't worry Sulaiman.
Mass is very low.

Tape 3 bits of velcro to the card you are spinning, and ...
27-8-2018 at 02:04
by: Harristotle
Cheap radioisotope sources
I'm not quite sure that I agree, Sulaiman.

One place I would really like to see looked at is bioa ...
21-7-2018 at 03:32
by: Harristotle
Silica doped paper chromatograhy
Thanks for this, it is a superb idea.

19-7-2018 at 05:37
by: Harristotle
Is it possible to make a mammalian cell culture lab at home without breaking the bank? + 3 other questions
Hi. I used bicarbonate/citrate (ENO) in dishes to culture fish cells at low temperature, a long time ...
5-7-2018 at 19:17
by: Harristotle
Dung bitumen
I think that this is what you are looking at: ...
4-6-2018 at 03:47
by: Harristotle
Dung bitumen
You may also have come across an old Stick Nest rat nest (Leporillus conditor). They used to produce ...
1-6-2018 at 17:19
by: Harristotle
Recommendations for Geiger Counter or Scintillation Detector
Well, I wrote one for an arduino a long while ago.

I ran the arduino off a 9 volt battery, and ca ...
17-5-2018 at 03:29
by: Harristotle
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