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If you want to set off det cord your main concern should not be how to make the detonator but how to ...
20-6-2018 at 03:07
by: Herr Haber
Extraction of potassium chlorate from old weedkiller
Ahhh... The good old days of sodium chlorate and sugar :)

These were the days when you knew what ...
13-6-2018 at 06:11
by: Herr Haber
Small fridge (1.5-3 cu ft) compressor/cooling system - anyone know about these?
Maybe check the hotels near you if they have a broken mini-fridge ? Or since it's summer, many AC te ...
8-6-2018 at 03:18
by: Herr Haber
EPP 15% Sulphuric acid !
Now they're even taking the most basic chemicals ...
6-6-2018 at 04:27
by: Herr Haber
Series of ETN nitration problems
I did not have any issues in the past. My used ...
3-6-2018 at 16:22
by: Herr Haber
Member number decreasing drastically?
I've been lurking on the forum for several years before creating an account.
What lead me here ? I ...
2-6-2018 at 19:56
by: Herr Haber
Need help for identification of an energetic composition/substance
Polumna is the easiest firecracker to hand make. Usually the composition is plain and simple flash p ...
7-3-2018 at 04:26
by: Herr Haber
Selling Silver Nitrate Profitable
[rquote=507462&tid=80531&author=Sulaiman]St. Valentines Day Massacre comes to mind :o

H ...
15-2-2018 at 09:28
by: Herr Haber
Selling Silver Nitrate Profitable
[rquote=507452&tid=80531&author=VSEPR_VOID][rquote=507439&tid=80531&author=Cryolite. ...
15-2-2018 at 06:34
by: Herr Haber
Selling Silver Nitrate Profitable
Well that's funny.
About 1 year ago I found a silver ring.

I first thought I'd make SA/DS out of ...
15-2-2018 at 06:07
by: Herr Haber
Do you think it is immoral to steal chemicals and equipment?
I have a very famous story that concludes with the theft of energetic materials not being immoral:
12-2-2018 at 06:11
by: Herr Haber
Alternative hobbies that appeal to those with interest in chemistry
[rquote=481077&tid=73573&author=Deathunter88][rquote=481072&tid=73573&author=Cou]I s ...
20-4-2017 at 03:49
by: Herr Haber
Chemistry April Fools
Less than 4 hours from "isnt it very sensitive?" to "I made some" with the iodine extraction include ...
5-4-2017 at 03:19
by: Herr Haber
iS 99% KNO3 fine for most reactions?
I have used 99% KNO3 with (SiO2) anticaking and without.
I havent noticed the slightest difference. ...
4-4-2017 at 05:56
by: Herr Haber
Chemistry April Fools

This is what I got on Saturday from one of my suppliers. ...
3-4-2017 at 02:50
by: Herr Haber
Could you survive a year with only the chemicals you could make from a hydrocarbon feedstock?
Clearly Not Atara:
DIY Chemistry certainly means something to you that it doesnt mean to others :)
29-3-2017 at 03:13
by: Herr Haber
Dark Sulfuric Acid
[rquote=478824&tid=73124&author=highpower48]Last summer I bought a couple 850ml 98% sulfuric ...
27-3-2017 at 03:36
by: Herr Haber
Wonders Of Sodium Carbonate or How to kill an orangutan
[rquote=478992&tid=72715&author=Melgar]Yep. 2 NaHCO3 + heat = 1 Na2CO3 + CO2 + H2O

The a ...
27-3-2017 at 03:29
by: Herr Haber
Storage of volatile solvents?
And how about media bottles with caps that will withstand what you'll be storing ?

1L of DCM left ...
23-3-2017 at 04:09
by: Herr Haber
Can I concentrate my 68% nitric acid in to 90%+?

Only add water to your round bottom flask AFTER the distillation to get rid o ...
22-2-2017 at 04:03
by: Herr Haber
Red Phosphorus (legal uses)
Burn some !

It's not really an experiment but:
- You probably havent seen phosphorus burning yet ...
21-2-2017 at 04:23
by: Herr Haber
Wikipedia metric vs old stuff
Do they at least document the reasons for removing your contribution ?
15-2-2017 at 09:20
by: Herr Haber
Few chemicals to sale
Resorcinol env 100g 0.25€/g

Uhhh, ahhh. NON !
15-2-2017 at 04:08
by: Herr Haber
Science in danger - epa ordered to take down climate change page

Climate change is not a science,

25-1-2017 at 04:27
by: Herr Haber
Split from kickstarting mars terraforming early
[rquote=472707&tid=71812&author=Maroboduus]That assertion is still inaccurate.
P ...
24-1-2017 at 13:16
by: Herr Haber
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