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Nitric Acid and Silver Nitrate
For plated silver HNO3 is very very wasteful.

You're better off with electrolysis and scraping / ...
29-9-2020 at 11:48
by: Herr Haber
Latest chemical order?
20 liters of concentrated bleach
1 liter of 50% benzalkonium chloride

Ready for another lockdown ...
29-9-2020 at 11:31
by: Herr Haber
Even HDPE Bottles Aren't Immune to Chemical Attack
I just received 5 liters of drainer grade that looks grey. Last time it looked much purer.

The gl ...
29-9-2020 at 11:19
by: Herr Haber
Is it too much to ask to wear a mask?
[rquote=645347&tid=156164&author=arkoma][/rquote] ...
27-9-2020 at 11:50
by: Herr Haber
This is mandatory stuff for (amateur) chemists (Safety)
The labspace and investment in hardware + salaries of people now apparently working with him probabl ...
27-9-2020 at 09:53
by: Herr Haber
how to get the maximum heat of a wood stove?
I occasionally visit friends who try to live off the grid as much as they can so wood stoves are qui ...
27-9-2020 at 09:48
by: Herr Haber
Getting a retort. What can I do with it?
Use gas !

Are you certain that's quartz ? I mean... look at the price.

Edit: well, they do s ...
27-9-2020 at 09:31
by: Herr Haber
Thermobaric Composition
I highly doubt it'll have any practical effect in that regard.
Cu thermite is "explosive" partly be ...
27-9-2020 at 07:26
by: Herr Haber
The disappearance of cheap ebay laboratory glassware
I've seen Deschem's packaging in many people's videos. Always makes me smile :)
26-9-2020 at 10:18
by: Herr Haber
Is it too much to ask to wear a mask?
Compare Sweden to ANY of it's neighbours and explain to me what kind of "success" that is. They're d ...
25-9-2020 at 15:02
by: Herr Haber
Quality HOT PLATE STIRRER for sale
My main hot plate is a somehow evolved (digital & ceramic) version of the one you seem to have. ...
25-9-2020 at 14:48
by: Herr Haber
Novelty/Interesting ways of generating continuous light?
Carbide lamps give the best light to appreciate your surroundings.
24-9-2020 at 17:55
by: Herr Haber
Using industrial chemical processes at home
[rquote=645079&tid=156196&author=Fyndium]Cheaply? Unlikely.
Possibly? Sure.

I'm not sh ...
23-9-2020 at 16:30
by: Herr Haber
Using industrial chemical processes at home
I may be wrong but I seem to remember his latest prototypes produced around 200ml / hour

Which is ...
23-9-2020 at 04:36
by: Herr Haber
Using industrial chemical processes at home
I'd say the last three ones are doable in any kind of home.
The first two... Well, I'd rather have ...
22-9-2020 at 17:03
by: Herr Haber
Reaction vessel choosing?
Beakers, flat or round bottom flask depending on the reaction.

I dont use Erlenmeyers as reaction ...
22-9-2020 at 13:47
by: Herr Haber
Is it too much to ask to wear a mask?
Dunno about you but I was a bit annoyed when I saw the obscene margins.

9.90 for 10 in a pharmacy ...
22-9-2020 at 13:40
by: Herr Haber
Reaction Cooling Equipment. What's out there?
A "regular" chiller for aquariums might do the trick if you only need 5c and it would cost you a lot ...
22-9-2020 at 13:23
by: Herr Haber
Amateur chemistry is putting billions at risk!
Why make something new when there's plenty of anthrax spores out there to collect ?
17-9-2020 at 09:35
by: Herr Haber
Is it too much to ask to wear a mask?
Of course !
M marks the Reptilians !

Merkel, Melania, Michael Jackson, Mark Zuckerberg, Mike Pen ...
17-9-2020 at 09:32
by: Herr Haber
Sodium Borohydride in NZ
[rquote=644719&tid=156075&author=B(a)P]These guys ship to Aus so presumably the same is true ...
17-9-2020 at 02:58
by: Herr Haber
Need an adaptor for new vacuum pump
You probably know, but better to repeat again - befo ...
15-9-2020 at 04:40
by: Herr Haber
New chemicals for sale !

[b]1.[/b] To earn a trustworthy collection of r ...
15-9-2020 at 04:12
by: Herr Haber
Maximum temperature for a Volumetric Flask
If it can be autoclaved it can certainly withstand 120 degrees without losing accuracy.
31-8-2020 at 11:41
by: Herr Haber
How dangerous are vacuum distillations really?
I'd worry more about what I'm distilling spilling all over but that's discussed in another topic.

31-8-2020 at 11:27
by: Herr Haber
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