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Reagents for the preparation of acid chlorides: pros and cons
Thionyl chloride is one of my favorite reagents. It always seems to always work really well, and the ...
6-3-2017 at 18:04
by: Kapitan
is nitromethane any good as a solvent
I've used it as a solvent for metal complexes on several occasions. It's in an unusual place where i ...
2-3-2017 at 18:06
by: Kapitan
Vogel's Practical Organic Chemisrty 6th edition
This is great if it's true! I still use the 5th edition from time to time.
9-1-2017 at 17:20
by: Kapitan
Accidental acetone peroxide synthesis?
Yeah, it's totally my fault. I don't know how I missed that part of my safety training! I haven't wo ...
27-6-2016 at 13:34
by: Kapitan
Accidental acetone peroxide synthesis?
Thanks for the quick reply! I know better for next time :)
27-6-2016 at 05:36
by: Kapitan
Accidental acetone peroxide synthesis?
Hi guys.

The other day I was oxidizing an aryl aldehyde to the corresponding acid with nitric ac ...
27-6-2016 at 02:45
by: Kapitan
Sodium Borohydride from chinese supplier
Aw, damn. I was just about to buy some, too. Well, I'll snag some on the next go-round.
21-1-2014 at 18:38
by: Kapitan
The trouble with Buchner funnels
The real problem with buchner funnels is that it's difficult to know if they're clean.

Maybe this ...
17-1-2014 at 06:53
by: Kapitan
L-systems for algorithmic molecule generation
[rquote=284968&tid=23811&author=mayko]I wonder what sort of NMR spectrum these molecules wou ...
17-7-2013 at 19:20
by: Kapitan

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