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I have recently been working on a synthesis of acrolein- this is a powerful lachrymator and particul ...
8-1-2004 at 05:19
by: KaptainKrap
Other store chemicals
Potassium perchlorate is also available in some cases as an oxygenator or something. I'm not su ...
24-9-2003 at 06:33
by: KaptainKrap
Knockout drugs
I have experimented with the production of hypnotic drugs and one I can recommend is a cyclic ether ...
24-9-2003 at 06:08
by: KaptainKrap
It may interest you to know that trichloromethane can be oxidised in air in the presence of light to ...
14-9-2003 at 13:28
by: KaptainKrap

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