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synthesis of potassium picramate with sugar
In a beaker with 1000 ml water dissolve 20 g of picric acid and heat to 80 C with a magnetic stirrer ...
16-12-2003 at 09:35
by: Krypton
easy synthesis of plastic explosives
To make plastic explosives you can use penis-gum to make it.
for instance:
In 40 ml tetrahydrofura ...
16-12-2003 at 08:09
by: Krypton
Trinitrobenzene from benzoic acid
To 20 ml of 96% H2SO4 add slowly 30ml of 90 % HNO3
and than 20 g of benzoic acid. Stirr the mixtur ...
16-12-2003 at 08:07
by: Krypton
Synthesis of chloropicrin from chlorobenzene
To 100 ml 96% H2SO4 add 20 ml 90% HNO3 and
than 10 ml of chlorobenzene. Stirr the mixture at 120 C
16-12-2003 at 08:05
by: Krypton
To all police officers in this forum
You don`t catch me at all times !

:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P: ...
16-12-2003 at 05:56
by: Krypton
Easy Synthesis of MEDINA ?
Dry out the synthesis of MEDINA from dichloromethane and ammonia.

To 25% ammonia solution add sod ...
16-12-2003 at 05:53
by: Krypton
Synthesis of TATB
To 400 ml 25% Ammonia Solution add 20 g of sodium acetate and stirr for 5 minutes. Than add 10 g of ...
16-12-2003 at 05:25
by: Krypton
Synthesis of trinitrotrichlorobenzene
To a reflux condenser add 200 ml 96% H2SO4 and 20 ml, 85 % HNO3 and 10 g of trichlorobenzene and ref ...
16-12-2003 at 05:20
by: Krypton
The synthesis of cyclohexanetetramethanoltetranitrate
give a strong old energetic material, a old
16-12-2003 at 05:11
by: Krypton
HMX by way of nitration of dpt

from what bad reel of film have you
downloaded this document ? ;)
9-6-2003 at 22:02
by: Krypton
all these moving threads
9-6-2003 at 04:25
by: Krypton
all these moving threads
[url=]more flowers[ ...
8-6-2003 at 08:30
by: Krypton
Amateur chemistry and school
I think amateur chemistry is not to making
bombs or explosives more likely for sience
and fun. Eve ...
8-6-2003 at 08:22
by: Krypton


Hopefully you take care to upload crap attacks to the place. :P
6-6-2003 at 20:50
by: Krypton
theoretical energetic materials
Does pernitroadamantane exist ? ;);)

This should be theoretically

tetranit ...
6-6-2003 at 20:45
by: Krypton
theoretical energetic materials
TNNA, TNA, HAHNA was prepared for special applications, with high mp and insensitivity againt heat a ...
5-6-2003 at 16:11
by: Krypton
new ernergetic materials
This was a insinuation to some members in the forum which scattering some topic themes with crap. :m ...
5-6-2003 at 16:06
by: Krypton
I want give only some tips what the people understnd when they read the thread ! :)
I think you hav ...
5-6-2003 at 16:04
by: Krypton
Searching for Beilstein-synthesis of picramic acid
when "all the reactions described in that chapeter are 100% true",
then you don` ...
4-6-2003 at 23:55
by: Krypton
Sucralose Nitrate
Melampyrit is only a special form or stereoisomer of hexanehexol for the microbiology. :mad::P:mad:
4-6-2003 at 23:53
by: Krypton
Blind Angel,

i think so too. :D
4-6-2003 at 15:42
by: Krypton
theoretical energetic materials
"C10(NO2)14 tetradecanitroadamantane"
a dream of a good chemist ? ;)

Prepareded un ...
4-6-2003 at 15:40
by: Krypton
Trinitromelamine is trinitromelamine.
I think important is how maked. ;)

Why should the compound ...
3-6-2003 at 16:31
by: Krypton
theoretical energetic materials
you found a other name for the product. ;)

Double your knowledge with


3-6-2003 at 16:22
by: Krypton
theoretical energetic materials

here the hydrogen free nitrocyclohexane !

[url= ...
2-6-2003 at 15:28
by: Krypton
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