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Animaniacs Bad idea son.

"Detonating Composition To Replace Fulminate Of M ...
20-2-2010 at 09:33
by: Liedenfrost
books on making science equipment
Thanks for the 3 vols Chirophront! your contributions are received with gratitude!
If anyone is won ...
23-1-2010 at 21:51
by: Liedenfrost
Thanks for the help Entropy, but I am looking specifically for the ''Constructing Inexpensive Scienc ...
22-1-2010 at 07:13
by: Liedenfrost
I too am looking for this collection of books, The URL in the original post has become deceased. So ...
22-1-2010 at 06:36
by: Liedenfrost
ammonium nitrate rocket fuel
A friend of mine living in Eastern Europe is having good results with an AN and Aluminium based prop ...
20-11-2008 at 22:40
by: Liedenfrost
Primordial chemicals
[quote][i]Originally posted by Formatik[/i]
Distilling calcium salicylate Ca(C7H5O3)2, gives besid ...
18-11-2008 at 20:10
by: Liedenfrost
Primordial chemicals
I'm sorry Farmatik but that link does not work.
I did try and use the search tab before posting my ...
11-11-2008 at 17:20
by: Liedenfrost
Primordial chemicals
I'm looking for the ancient way (Hilaire Rouelle in 1773) of retrieving urea from urine, I found an ...
10-11-2008 at 01:26
by: Liedenfrost
Strange uses for energetic materials
I've heard of some DIY chemists using Picric acid for weed killing.
2-6-2008 at 14:28
by: Liedenfrost
Argon Flash
I'm actually trying to find more data on ''argon flash'' at the moment but basically a vessel filled ...
30-5-2008 at 10:35
by: Liedenfrost
I do Medicinal Chem in Trinity College in Dublin and although I don't live in Dublin I rent a place ...
20-4-2008 at 15:59
by: Liedenfrost
Loads of glassware, vac pumps, heating mantles for sale
Could you give me a quote for the following including shipping costs to Ireland.
500ml Separating f ...
2-3-2008 at 13:45
by: Liedenfrost

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