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Mistaken Identity
Dawt, your neighbor must be a complete moron. Pepper plants look nothing like
weed. Sounds like w ...
15-1-2022 at 12:09
by: MadHatter
My brother-in-law is still waiting on 2 items ordered the 1st week
of this month and this is domest ...
25-12-2021 at 16:23
by: MadHatter
Greedy assholes - shippers taking advantage of Christmas/COVID-19.
They exist.
24-12-2021 at 11:22
by: MadHatter
Merry Christmas to all members of the board from
the frozen arctic of the east coast known as Maine ...
23-12-2021 at 17:26
by: MadHatter
I guess I got lucky. I shipped to my Secret Santa recipient 1st class USPS.
From Maine to Europe w ...
22-12-2021 at 19:45
by: MadHatter
This is the basic source I sometimes go to for solub ...
15-12-2021 at 10:15
by: MadHatter
Fire Lance
That's what a former roommate of mine called it. He
was a locksmith. He said they use a hollow tu ...
14-12-2021 at 12:18
by: MadHatter
Vintage Weighing Scale
Pictures ?
10-12-2021 at 17:09
by: MadHatter
I should've said that NCl[sub]3[/sub] can be produced if attempting to produce
NH[sub]4[/sub]ClO[su ...
9-12-2021 at 09:58
by: MadHatter
Modified equation
woelen, you're probably right about the equation considering you
noticed chloramine. I should've r ...
8-12-2021 at 19:06
by: MadHatter
Cyanuric Acid
C[sub]3[/sub]H[sub]3[/sub]N[sub]3[/sub]O[sub]3[/sub] + 3Ca(OCl)[sub]2[/sub] ---> 3CaCO[sub]3[/sub ...
7-12-2021 at 23:03
by: MadHatter
Too Dangerous/Unstable
NCl[sub]3[/sub], NI[sub]3[/sub], sulphur or phosphorus with chlorates and ALL
hypergolic mixtures. ...
7-12-2021 at 10:54
by: MadHatter
Hexamine sublimates at 280C. I can't find any references
to decomposition in boiling water.
6-12-2021 at 22:39
by: MadHatter
Ammonium Nitrate/Sulphate
The same technique, in theory, could be used to separate that 45/55 mix.

In step 2 add [b]46%[/b] ...
6-12-2021 at 22:15
by: MadHatter
Witch's Mix
C[sub]3[/sub]Cl[sub]3[/sub]N[sub]3[/sub]O[sub]3[/sub] + 3Ca(OCl)[sub]2[/sub] ---> 3CaCO[sub]3[/ ...
6-12-2021 at 21:13
by: MadHatter
Dr. Bob's Stocking Stuffers
Dr. Bob, thank you very much for the stocking stuffers. A relative
is looking at the 1 ml syringes ...
30-11-2021 at 14:43
by: MadHatter
Removing the blades will do nothing for you. The vessel
containing the suspension needs to be spin ...
24-11-2021 at 13:15
by: MadHatter
Tracking indicates that my Secret Santa recipient received the
gift this morning. 2 weeks from pur ...
17-11-2021 at 08:47
by: MadHatter
Secret Santa Recipient
Package on its way to my Secret Santa recipient as of
today, 3:37 PM EST. 1st class and I found th ...
9-11-2021 at 13:24
by: MadHatter
High Efficiency Condenser
Recent acquisition: Davies double jacket(300 mm) condenser
8-11-2021 at 11:42
by: MadHatter
Woelen, I'm with you on Cr[sub]2[/sub]O[sub]3[/sub]. I buy mine from a pottery shop.
BTW, if you w ...
8-11-2021 at 10:45
by: MadHatter
Secret Santa 2021
Just ordered for my Secret Santa recipient.

3-11-2021 at 01:40
by: MadHatter

This may be the reason the v ...
2-11-2021 at 09:49
by: MadHatter

This should be of some help. It's a cycling proce ...
14-10-2021 at 11:42
by: MadHatter
Secret Santa
All signed up. Pair me up with someone at your convenience.
10-10-2021 at 08:27
by: MadHatter
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