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Restoration of FTP service
I'm working a temporary job. About another 2 weeks and I'll have to search all
over again. My roo ...
15-1-2013 at 13:44
by: MadHatter
To All Regarding FTP
Until I get some reasonable employment, the FTP is out of service. I''m posting from
a public lib ...
25-11-2012 at 10:51
by: MadHatter
I've used cheap sparklers to ignite thermite. Use a propane or MAPP gas torch to ignite
the sparkl ...
4-9-2012 at 10:12
by: MadHatter
New Job
I'm going to orientation for a new job tomorrow. With any luck the FTP will be
back in operation s ...
4-9-2012 at 10:06
by: MadHatter
Internet Access
I currently do not have internet access from home at this time do to financial problems.
When I get ...
25-8-2012 at 06:18
by: MadHatter
Houston we have a prolem with the FTP !
My newer computer, the fucking eMachine just croaked ! I don't know why just yet.
Any FTP users in ...
18-5-2012 at 10:17
by: MadHatter
A Cautionary Tale
Recently, I had to evict my drunken, trouble making room mate. He likes to get drunk
and insult me ...
5-5-2012 at 17:19
by: MadHatter
Guilty Verdict
Predictable. Expect Art to appeal. Apparently he tried to call last
night while I was at work. I ...
13-3-2012 at 05:33
by: MadHatter
Telephone Call From Art
I spoke with him yesterday evening from 4:37 to 4:52 PM. This case is getting more
interesting. A ...
11-3-2012 at 12:22
by: MadHatter
I just noticed that the domain has expired. Coincidence with this trial ? What was there
never ha ...
8-3-2012 at 11:35
by: MadHatter
Arthur Carnes
I spoke with Art from 9:45 to 10:00 PM EST, this evening. Closing arguments begin tomorrow.
There ...
7-3-2012 at 19:57
by: MadHatter
Keeping My Fingers Crossed
So far, the internet connection has stayed up all day but that may not hold. Tropical storm Lee
is ...
2-9-2011 at 23:33
by: MadHatter
Glass Lid
Found one although the rubber ring is missing. This one also contains aluminum powder.
The lessons ...
2-9-2011 at 23:13
by: MadHatter
Chemical Storage
While not mason jars, I found these in a consignment store several years ago. You can
see how it s ...
2-9-2011 at 22:50
by: MadHatter
I spoke too soon
The connection lasted all of 3 hours. Still unstable. :mad:

O.K. Just home. Let's try this ag ...
1-9-2011 at 05:55
by: MadHatter
Hurricane Irene
The FTP is still down as of this message. It took 2 days to get the power restored. Comcast
is st ...
31-8-2011 at 11:14
by: MadHatter
While I was out a thunderstorm interrupted the power and the computer shutdown.
Hopefully, no more ...
7-8-2011 at 15:00
by: MadHatter
Last night, June 9, a vicious thunderstorm knocked out the power for hours after a record breaking
10-6-2011 at 03:09
by: MadHatter
I have 5 nephews and 8 nieces. They've always liked my pyrotechnic delights. Now, I
have 2 great- ...
29-4-2011 at 13:20
by: MadHatter
Power Wink
Happened a couple hours ago. Sorry for the disruption. It's amazing it didn't happen
more often. ...
29-4-2011 at 13:00
by: MadHatter
FTP Outage
It happened earlier this evening due to thunderstorms and I wasn't at home. Expect
problems the ne ...
24-4-2011 at 16:09
by: MadHatter
Power Wink
APRIL 1, 2011 - Power wink at 3:28 AM. My apologies. Is this BGE's idea of APRIL Foo ...
31-3-2011 at 23:34
by: MadHatter
How The Doodle Works
Cursor up or down = flame up or down

Cursor left to right:

yellow > orange > ...
31-3-2011 at 17:14
by: MadHatter
FTP Back On Newer Computer
The new CPU fan has been installed and the server is back on the eMachine. Pain in
the ass, I know ...
3-3-2011 at 13:38
by: MadHatter
FTP Back Up
There was a glitch with the firewall settings but the FTP is back up running on
the older computer. ...
28-2-2011 at 16:26
by: MadHatter
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