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Vacuum regulation
There are vacuum regulators on some rotovaps.
Maybe you can get such a vacuum regulator, a used one ...
11-6-2024 at 12:18
by: Mateo_swe
Determining the actual % of H2O2
So i have 2 old bottles of H2O2, originally about 32-35%.

Can i determine the actual % by density ...
11-6-2024 at 11:50
by: Mateo_swe
Neon sign transformer circuit
I would recommend getting an old style neonsign transformer, they are much more roboust.
I went to ...
7-6-2024 at 03:23
by: Mateo_swe
Fume Hood Construction
For stopping the vertical part one can use couterweights and some pullys so it balances out.
Not th ...
7-6-2024 at 01:58
by: Mateo_swe
Knowing when to anneal glass: Checking for stress and avoiding cracking
I have several times broken fritted filter funnels when cleaning them.
Sometimes not even hitting t ...
7-6-2024 at 00:36
by: Mateo_swe
Relatively cheap 125ml and 250ml all-glass Kipp's Apparatus
They are also availiable from india if you search online.
I always wanted one but it´s not somethi ...
29-5-2024 at 03:03
by: Mateo_swe
DIY melting point apparatus
I think it´s important that the temperature measuring element is very close to the sample and of ca ...
29-5-2024 at 03:00
by: Mateo_swe
Sodium benzoate + ammonium chloride → Ammonium benzoate + Salt?
If you compare you experiment with the one above made by SplendidAcylation there are some difference ...
29-5-2024 at 02:35
by: Mateo_swe
Synthesis of benzene from PET water bottles
Are this just for an intresting method of doing something with old PET bottles?

There is an easy ...
29-5-2024 at 02:14
by: Mateo_swe
I cant find a problem of my heating mantle
If you have measured the heating element with one lead disconnected and got around 100ohms then your ...
24-5-2024 at 04:34
by: Mateo_swe
Diethylether (sulfuric acid saving method)
According to the included paper alcohol + anhydrous ferric sulphate is most effective with a yield o ...
24-5-2024 at 01:51
by: Mateo_swe
DIY Divided electrochemical cell with stirring and cooling
Maybe try a pre-made membrane, then you have something to compare against with your DIY membranes.
6-5-2024 at 14:56
by: Mateo_swe
Homemade and Repurposed Lab Gear
Anyone of you are using the replacement heating mantle sleeves?
Like the one in Organikum´s post a ...
6-5-2024 at 14:16
by: Mateo_swe
Making rubies using microwave
I would like to get a small ruby vee-bearing for a very low friction DIY pulsemotor.
I wonder if ma ...
17-4-2024 at 07:14
by: Mateo_swe
Laboratory preparation of metallic beryllium on video!
Too bad one cant understand what is said as i cant understand Russian language.
I have a piece of b ...
17-4-2024 at 07:03
by: Mateo_swe
Powerful ozonizer, is it possible at home?
Well, the sellers of these things do often claim better numbers than can be had.
And they always as ...
17-4-2024 at 03:58
by: Mateo_swe
ITER: A useful nuclear fusion experiment or a waste of money ?
ITER is a huge waste of money, thats my oppinion.
The idea that going bigger will solve problems an ...
17-4-2024 at 03:29
by: Mateo_swe
What is needed to store synthesised gasses in gas cylinders
The guy in this YT video makes hydrogen and stores it under pressure in tanks.
Seems like he uses a ...
11-4-2024 at 13:37
by: Mateo_swe
Lighting solid steel on fire with a propane torch
Stainless steel burns if hot enough and burns good if oxygen is supplied.
We have some thermal lanc ...
11-4-2024 at 13:28
by: Mateo_swe
What is needed to store synthesised gasses in gas cylinders
There are videos of storing various gases in diffenent cylinders on youtube.
I dont have exact vide ...
10-4-2024 at 03:59
by: Mateo_swe
Powerful ozonizer, is it possible at home?
There are these ozone generators found on ebay and similar sites.
This one is advertised as 28g/h a ...
10-4-2024 at 03:55
by: Mateo_swe
Hardware Store source for carbon tubes/electrodes
I would think it´s better to buy a precious metal electrode for electrochemical experiments.
They ...
10-4-2024 at 03:18
by: Mateo_swe
Obtaining Benzaldehyde
Benzaldehyde is avaliable on ebay if you are in Europe or UK.
Just search for benzaldehyde or Bitte ...
10-4-2024 at 03:04
by: Mateo_swe
Extracting the alkaloid scopolamine from datura stramonium seeds?
I think you should see this VICE documentary about scopolamine before you make up your mind about tr ...
10-4-2024 at 02:54
by: Mateo_swe
Stainless Steel Reaction Vessels
There are these "Hydrothermal Autoclave Reactor" made of stainless steel that is used for chemical r ...
10-4-2024 at 01:24
by: Mateo_swe
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