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Chlorine is destinct as a smell
well the gas coming from the reaction, besides smelling like chlorine it also acts like chlorine by ...
29-1-2005 at 16:00
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
Can u prove this?
Ahh, but you missed one point in that when the H2O2 is added to the PCP we have chlorine being relea ...
29-1-2005 at 15:53
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
getting back on track to DPPP
Lets get back to planet earth shall we. Chemsyth has stated that phorone comes from HCl on acetone a ...
29-1-2005 at 15:40
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
There are two general methods for the preparation of mesityl oxide: the action of condensing agents ...
29-1-2005 at 15:21
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
Read what others have posted painfull.
look up mesityl oxide and you will see t ...
29-1-2005 at 15:15
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
Antisocialite Painkilla
Evidence is mounting up against you painfull.

Could you please look at the chemsynth website bef ...
29-1-2005 at 14:45
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
YES I KNEW Phorone is a DEAD end
HCl was heated to 100c.

Some people are claiming that 1:1 concentrated HCl to acetone does not ...
29-1-2005 at 14:09
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
Phorone made
alrighty something strange is going on here, I just did another synth this time Hot 35%HCl to Aceton ...
29-1-2005 at 00:04
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
I understood this point.
Yes but why did you claim that if DPPP detonates at 9km/sec it would drill a hole in .75" steel ...
28-1-2005 at 18:55
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
?What did you use to nutralize it with?
What did you nutralize your liquid with?

I am at a loss as to what is happening here.
Some of y ...
28-1-2005 at 16:23
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
what quote?
Mesitylene and Mesityl oxide according that chemsynth site form around phoron, especially during the ...
28-1-2005 at 16:07
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
NEw results
I don't know what this is but I have made something different that is dark green !

150ml of ...
28-1-2005 at 15:49
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
yellow colour has already been explained
Painkilla during all of our synth methods the yellow colour is coming from mesityl oxide which is no ...
28-1-2005 at 01:00
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
I want to give the film can test a try before you nail the coffin
I will try the film can test again, this time with my filtered stuff and see if it doesn't punc ...
27-1-2005 at 16:26
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
Ok, maybe so but...
The steel plate is 2mm thick, and the charges were 5g AP and DPPP toped with 1 1/2 g AP, the lead bl ...
27-1-2005 at 12:20
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
Sorry for my outburst Joey but..
Yes Rosco the crackling sound is mesityl oxide decomposing and not the DPPP. The material I have is ...
27-1-2005 at 11:20
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
Well I wouldn't pretend I was a server admin either.

Anyway, we are trying very hard to ru ...
27-1-2005 at 00:40
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
2mm thick? I think you mean 2cm?
what!! you have got to be kidding and you were using a film canister? .. well , Then why would a .22 ...
26-1-2005 at 23:57
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
I can't see the picture clearly.
I don't see anything. can you maybe take a higher res picture.

point 2# Joey if you compress ...
26-1-2005 at 23:34
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
video thoughts pt2
1) Video belongs to Pyroz not me.

2) That distortion was most defently a high speed shockwave as ...
25-1-2005 at 23:55
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
.. I don't understand
[quote][i]Originally posted by WaveFront[/i]
Want data? Repeat the same experiment with AP

Want ...
25-1-2005 at 08:34
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
Butane cylinder is Aluminum not steel
Chemeleo I think pretty sure pyroz did say the can was Al not steel.
The pot was 4mm steel that I d ...
24-1-2005 at 14:57
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
Lets get down to the recent video and thoughts?
Thank you chemelo..
I appreciate your kindness very much. I really wanted someone to analyize the v ...
24-1-2005 at 14:45
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
Oh ok Rosco, I though you said it woulden't detonate?
Rosco, earlier I was under the impression that I was full of it for claiming this material would det ...
22-1-2005 at 08:51
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
15-20mg DPPP?...
Geeze would you look at that. Rosco I think we have totally different material than what you got if ...
21-1-2005 at 22:34
by: Matsumoto_Hideki
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