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Have any of the sciencemadness members discovered anything?
I've discovered some stuff (syntheses and properties of new compounds, for example) but I did the wo ...
24-7-2017 at 04:08
by: Metacelsus
Need an easy synthesis of Perchloric acid
Distillation is the best way, especially because potassium perchlorate is relatively insoluble (so s ...
18-7-2017 at 14:24
by: Metacelsus
Isoamyl bromide from isopropanyl bromide?
I doubt that route is feasible. Even if you could get the reaction to work, it would be hard to stop ...
18-7-2017 at 03:54
by: Metacelsus
Where can I find a 0-760mmhg vacuum gauge in the USA?
You could just make a scale reading in mmHg, and attach it to whatever gauge you want.
11-7-2017 at 12:05
by: Metacelsus
Biological Waste Disposal
First, I assume these are aqueous solutions.

If the concentrations are low enough, I don't think ...
5-7-2017 at 16:25
by: Metacelsus
substution reaction between ethylbromide and nitropropane
Come on, Melgar, you forgot the ??? and "sell as lakefront property" steps.

And for the O ...
3-7-2017 at 14:48
by: Metacelsus
difference between NAC ester and NAC amide
Yes. The resulting sulfonic acid is known as cysteic acid. Many common oxidizing agents (most notabl ...
30-6-2017 at 13:54
by: Metacelsus
add nitro groups to acetylene (ethyne)?
One could conceivably prepare the compound by reaction of a salt containing the acetylide dianion (s ...
29-6-2017 at 13:06
by: Metacelsus
Electrodes don't decrease significantly after electrolysis
Is the 70 grams dry, and free of sodium chloride? For silver, 5 grams of metal (107.9 g/mol) should ...
24-6-2017 at 04:54
by: Metacelsus
Mannich reactions with sulfur
Really, making that compound is a bad idea. Don't say you haven't been warned.

In any case, I wou ...
15-6-2017 at 09:40
by: Metacelsus
Interesting benzyl chloride synth I discovered
I would assume so, since it's used as an initiator for polymerization. Of course, you should be care ...
10-6-2017 at 03:55
by: Metacelsus
Acetone acetals as fuels?
Acetone would form ketals, not acetals. Still, this is a good idea.

In any case, there needs to b ...
10-6-2017 at 03:53
by: Metacelsus
Chlorate cell first attempt
Yes, usually the heat is provided by the waste heat from the electrolysis.

If you want to increas ...
3-6-2017 at 04:40
by: Metacelsus
Re-usability and practical experience with nickel boride reductions.
Nickel boride will reduce conjugated alkenes, from personal experience (the specific example was a s ...
3-6-2017 at 04:39
by: Metacelsus
chromatography - polarities
From personal experience, ionizable compounds such as amines and carboxylic acids elute much more sl ...
30-5-2017 at 05:13
by: Metacelsus
Does anybody work in the "chemistry field"?
[rquote=484155&tid=74225&author=zts16]I'm an undergraduate, but I have a job in a research l ...
28-5-2017 at 05:02
by: Metacelsus
Chemical reduction of copper nitrate
That's a waste of copper. You could just evaporate the excess nitric acid, or neutralize it with a b ...
27-5-2017 at 05:00
by: Metacelsus
Oleandrin from Milkweed?
I would try a Soxhlet extraction with isopropanol first. I found a patent describing the extraction ...
27-5-2017 at 04:57
by: Metacelsus
tlc polarity
Hexanes/ethyl acetate does not separate to any detectable degree when traveling up a TLC plate (assu ...
26-5-2017 at 05:34
by: Metacelsus
is it time to refuse EU and UK help with EN?
I think it's a typo, and was supposed to be EM (energetic materials).
24-5-2017 at 14:54
by: Metacelsus
Sciencemadness turns 15 today
Judging by the date the first members joined, Sciencemadness is 15 years old today. Happy Birthday, ...
19-5-2017 at 12:47
by: Metacelsus
Phenylpiperazine Formation From Aniline
I suggest you read this:
17-5-2017 at 11:12
by: Metacelsus
homemade soap with potassium alkanoyl 1-lactylates?
How stable are those lactylate esters with respect to hydrolysis? Storage stability is a required ch ...
15-5-2017 at 10:20
by: Metacelsus
Molten Sodium Sulfide Electrolysis

Look in the "Properties" table. The anhydrous meltin ...
29-4-2017 at 04:03
by: Metacelsus
synthesis of NAC methyl ester
They use it [i]because[/i] water is produced in the synthesis. It's an equilibrium reaction, so if t ...
27-4-2017 at 04:22
by: Metacelsus
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