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Manganese dioxide flammable?
Strictly speaking, that is true, since flammable refers to liquids with flash point below 100 °F (a ...
25-9-2017 at 19:13
by: Metacelsus
People freaking out about chemicals on Amazon

A good rebuttal:
htt ...
21-9-2017 at 16:26
by: Metacelsus
How to remove salt from putrescine dihydrochloride?
Treatment with sodium hydroxide should work fine. When you attempted it before, what procedure did y ...
18-9-2017 at 16:06
by: Metacelsus
Energy to Protein Biochemistry
Vmedvil: You seem very interested in biochemistry, but your knowledge is still incomplete. If you wa ...
9-9-2017 at 11:21
by: Metacelsus
Chlorine from cell
The two obvious things would be to raise the pH or lower the temperature.
9-9-2017 at 05:17
by: Metacelsus
What did I make from bromoethane that smells fruity/flourescent?
What do you mean by "smells fluorescent"?
8-9-2017 at 20:17
by: Metacelsus
How to make Cats Glow in the Dark
As described, this plan would not work.

Firefly luciferase does not produce light on its own. It ...
6-9-2017 at 16:34
by: Metacelsus
Safe Disposal of Sodium Chlorite
[rquote=491352&tid=76404&author=MrHomeScientist] Are you suggesting that arsenic might have ...
5-9-2017 at 10:11
by: Metacelsus
From THF to BDO
I have occasionally observed THF ring opening in the presence of thiolate nucleophiles. The reaction ...
2-9-2017 at 16:35
by: Metacelsus
Na2CO3 + charcoal makes Sodium revisited
It produces CO. See:

The net reac ...
29-8-2017 at 16:40
by: Metacelsus
SO3 Succes with basic set up!
clearly_not_atara: The process for thionyl chloride involves reacting SO3 and SCl2.

XeonTheMGPony ...
28-8-2017 at 13:19
by: Metacelsus
Tour My Lab
[rquote=491067&tid=4777&author=Melgar]Bonus points to whoever can deduce the most from from ...
26-8-2017 at 05:27
by: Metacelsus
[rquote=490868&tid=76264&author=Fulmen]undergoes phase changes that can cause grains to crum ...
22-8-2017 at 17:55
by: Metacelsus
Pictures, as promised
Unfortunately, the sky was cloudy. However, it wasn't cloudy enough to completely obscure the eclips ...
22-8-2017 at 07:02
by: Metacelsus
Solar Eclipse 2017
Today, I'm driving down to near Columbia, MO, where I will watch the eclipse tomorrow. Hopefully the ...
20-8-2017 at 05:30
by: Metacelsus
Acoustic Levitator for cheap
For that experiment, I suspect that any observed effects would be mainly caused by Earth's magnetic ...
19-8-2017 at 19:18
by: Metacelsus
New to Forum/Questions about the synthesis of Butyramide
See: ...
12-8-2017 at 03:44
by: Metacelsus
Encrypted Lab Notebook
I've got full-disk encryption set up on my computer. Besides that, the lab notebook file itself isn' ...
6-8-2017 at 18:16
by: Metacelsus
Hydrolysis of amino-benzoate esters in Benzyl Benzoate
Copper(II) forms an insoluble complex with anthranilic acid. You could try precipitating copper anth ...
29-7-2017 at 04:40
by: Metacelsus
Hydrolysis of amino-benzoate esters in Benzyl Benzoate
You might be able to separate the mixture beforehand using vacuum distillation. Under atmospheric pr ...
28-7-2017 at 14:39
by: Metacelsus
What is a good first project for someone with college-level chemistry knowledge, but no lab equipment?
Two projects come to mind:
1) Making rayon using Schweizer's reagent
2) Making benzocaine (toluene ...
27-7-2017 at 17:55
by: Metacelsus
Have any of the sciencemadness members discovered anything?
I've discovered some stuff (syntheses and properties of new compounds, for example) but I did the wo ...
24-7-2017 at 04:08
by: Metacelsus
Need an easy synthesis of Perchloric acid
Distillation is the best way, especially because potassium perchlorate is relatively insoluble (so s ...
18-7-2017 at 14:24
by: Metacelsus
Isoamyl bromide from isopropanyl bromide?
I doubt that route is feasible. Even if you could get the reaction to work, it would be hard to stop ...
18-7-2017 at 03:54
by: Metacelsus
Where can I find a 0-760mmhg vacuum gauge in the USA?
You could just make a scale reading in mmHg, and attach it to whatever gauge you want.
11-7-2017 at 12:05
by: Metacelsus
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