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Invitation to Participate in a Research Study
Sounds interesting. I will participate.
4-12-2019 at 05:17
by: Metacelsus
What would the procedure for Benzidine to aniline look like?
In particular, the benzidine is metabolically acetylated and oxidized to an N-hydroxy compound, whic ...
27-11-2019 at 05:18
by: Metacelsus
Christmas is approaching , any ideas ?
[rquote=626406&tid=154448&author=j_sum1]Red and green flames using copper / boric acid / bar ...
26-11-2019 at 12:31
by: Metacelsus
1-chloro-2-propanone (chloroacetone)
1) What's the beautiful red compound formed when chloroacetone is added to NaOH?

From experience: ...
25-11-2019 at 17:11
by: Metacelsus
Wolff-Kishner reductions are for ketones and aldehydes, not amides. Your plan is doomed to fail.

21-11-2019 at 04:50
by: Metacelsus
Energetic precipitate from the reaction of ascorbic acid/Cu(II) and sodium nitrite
[rquote=626130&tid=154430&author=nitro-genes]Since all of the copper was removed from the re ...
17-11-2019 at 05:17
by: Metacelsus
Thionyl chloride from batteries
A laptop battery almost certainly won't have SOCl2 (or even any metallic lithium). Only non-recharge ...
13-11-2019 at 04:31
by: Metacelsus
Tried to synthesise Disodium hydrogen phosphate from red phosphorus and sodium hydroxide
Yes it should produce the salt (the initial product would be P2O5 which would then dissolve).

But ...
12-11-2019 at 20:08
by: Metacelsus
Troubleshooting Zn/HCl reduction of nitrostyrenes
Some years ago I tried that same procedure exactly as written. It didn't work (although the starting ...
12-11-2019 at 20:03
by: Metacelsus
Thiosulfate Dietary Supplement?
Supposedly oxidation contributes to health issues ...
11-11-2019 at 05:00
by: Metacelsus
Questions about extraction methods
None of them except maceration (and Soxhlet extraction, if you have the apparatus) are simple.

Th ...
10-11-2019 at 05:52
by: Metacelsus
Glycated hemoglobin, HbA1c levels
Hmmm, maybe some water was lost by the time of the third measurement, and the concentration was ther ...
6-11-2019 at 17:33
by: Metacelsus
Oxidising uric acid?
Not a nitrosamine but a nitroamine (N-NO2). Nitrosamines have formula N-NO

I don't know of any go ...
31-10-2019 at 18:46
by: Metacelsus
Glycated hemoglobin, HbA1c levels
The reaction is Schiff base formation followed by ...
30-10-2019 at 03:27
by: Metacelsus
Readily Available Chemicals Website: Version 2
I archived it here:

edit: not sure if that also archived the subpages

[E ...
29-10-2019 at 19:14
by: Metacelsus
Why some compounds may disappear in TLC?
Sometimes compounds react with silica gel and decompose.
29-10-2019 at 04:37
by: Metacelsus
Synthesis of a Highly Fluorescent Boron subporphyrazine
Very cool! And I'm glad your GF likes science :D

Is the blue solution fluorescent?
26-10-2019 at 04:05
by: Metacelsus
high sensitivity low explosives
[rquote=624897&tid=154209&author=Pyro_cat]Off topic but its on my pyro bucket list, never go ...
24-10-2019 at 06:48
by: Metacelsus
The Short Questions Thread (4)

Is 70%-80% sulfuric acid any usef ...
24-10-2019 at 06:46
by: Metacelsus
PTFE filters? What are they for?

[b]" D - Severe"[/b]
21-10-2019 at 15:13
by: Metacelsus
Extraction microrna From Humans Plasma
Trizol should work, but under some conditions low GC miRNAs could be lost. Make sure to use appropri ...
21-10-2019 at 04:02
by: Metacelsus
2019 Secret Santa
Wow, so much bumping in this thread. You guys should really add some boiling chips :D

I'll partic ...
20-10-2019 at 07:09
by: Metacelsus
University lab manuals from around the world
For some reason SM isn't letting me upload attachments :(

edit: ok, it works now. Here they are. ...
19-10-2019 at 11:43
by: Metacelsus
Preparation of ammonium azide
The product is isolated by sublimation (which seems a bit crazy to me, to be honest). Reacting them ...
18-10-2019 at 04:28
by: Metacelsus
bioreduction of ketones to chiral alcohols with carrot slices
Then I distilled the solvent off and was left wi ...
17-10-2019 at 05:13
by: Metacelsus
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