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toluene --> benzaldehyde
In the local supermarkets Bitter Almond flavoring says it contains Benzalhyde, alcohol and water. I ...
15-7-2004 at 10:54
by: MnkyBoy
toluene --> benzaldehyde
Was the Tol free of thiotolenes? (Found in comercial grade Tol)? As they will inhibit or hinder the ...
14-7-2004 at 09:33
by: MnkyBoy
Metal melting propane furnace construction
Good old sewage pipe...That is whay my melting pots be made of, only I welded on a 5 mm thick plate ...
31-5-2004 at 22:20
by: MnkyBoy
I must find the pics of a simular set up I had going, except inplace of the lamp I had two carbon el ...
23-2-2004 at 00:30
by: MnkyBoy
electrolytic chlorinations
Very nice unit Orgy...For some reason it doesn't suprise me though...But again good work (as us ...
23-2-2004 at 00:24
by: MnkyBoy
The Pet Store
Pet stores are great, but ANYTHING one finds in the aquarium section needs to know what is ment by & ...
23-1-2004 at 17:56
by: MnkyBoy
Battery Chargers
If using a car battery charger, dont do so directly. Connect the charger to a battery that it was i ...
11-4-2003 at 07:01
by: MnkyBoy
standard reduction potentials .pdf file
Orgy, Orgy, Orgy...Your vast collection of knowledge never seems to amaze me.
5-4-2003 at 20:32
by: MnkyBoy

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