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Making ice in winter to cool the house in summer
You'll also lose water to evaporation in an open system. Even when cold!
21-8-2019 at 06:53
by: MrHomeScientist
Calcium and chromate
Good job sticking with it and performing your own testing! It's very rewarding to figure out problem ...
21-8-2019 at 06:51
by: MrHomeScientist
State of Aluminum for use in aluminum amalgam
The surface area of the starting aluminum would only affect the speed of amalgam formation. It would ...
21-8-2019 at 06:49
by: MrHomeScientist
What caused these salt crystals to appear
DraconicAcid is correct. The fine mist caused by bubbling carries salt around. A regular distillatio ...
21-8-2019 at 06:46
by: MrHomeScientist
Avogadro's number
Great post! This inspired me to do some research, and I found a few other ways of experimentally mea ...
20-8-2019 at 13:01
by: MrHomeScientist
Acid Storage Suggestions needed
Teflon is definitely the way to go. You can also wrap the threads in PTFE plumber's tape for extra s ...
20-8-2019 at 08:40
by: MrHomeScientist
Getting Hydrogen Peroxide 30%
Baquashock (or Baquacil? Can't remember which one) is a pool chemical that is 27% H[sub]2[/sub]O[sub ...
15-8-2019 at 05:56
by: MrHomeScientist
How to make a 1 Mole Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) solution.
[rquote=620362&tid=152994&author=nezza]The best way if you have the equipment/expertise is t ...
14-8-2019 at 06:59
by: MrHomeScientist
Looking for Dyes
I am looking for the following dye solutions:

Safranine (CAS# 477-73-6) 0.10 mM
Resazurin (CAS# ...
12-8-2019 at 12:08
by: MrHomeScientist
How to make a 1 Mole Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) solution.
I think that method is a good idea, but it goes a little far in my opinion. Dissolving that much NaO ...
12-8-2019 at 06:59
by: MrHomeScientist
Storing solid chemicals in plastic, wood, paper or metal box?
Consider the worst case: if all your bottles break open simultaneously. Make sure your secondary con ...
25-7-2019 at 07:18
by: MrHomeScientist
Why is my zinc powder not powder???
No, my zinc powder has the same thing. Mossy zinc is pretty distinct and quite different.

I suspe ...
24-7-2019 at 11:39
by: MrHomeScientist
Uranium powder found among other oddities in OK traffic stop
Sounds like a Syfy original movie. Starring Ron Perlman!
12-7-2019 at 12:07
by: MrHomeScientist
Will metals and chemicals in tissue paper contaminate my experiments?
Depends on the precision and purity required for your experiments.
11-7-2019 at 09:50
by: MrHomeScientist
CuCl2+CH3OH+DCM=blue flame?
I've never had good luck producing blue. Every other color is easy, but the ones I've tried that are ...
11-7-2019 at 08:06
by: MrHomeScientist
Future-gazing: available now, restricted tomorrow?
The other complication with bleach is that it's unstable, and you don't know how long it's been sitt ...
10-7-2019 at 12:03
by: MrHomeScientist
Mechanochemistry - is it a way?
Very cool, thanks for the info. What is the advantage of this method? Are these compounds difficult ...
10-7-2019 at 10:07
by: MrHomeScientist
Mechanochemistry - is it a way?
Interesting, I hadn't heard of that field. So you simply mill together mixtures of powdered elements ...
10-7-2019 at 08:26
by: MrHomeScientist
Dangers of 0.1N NaOH in Eye?
[quote]I was wearing safety glasses but somehow it managed to precisely fly up and over the top edge ...
4-6-2019 at 10:24
by: MrHomeScientist
Purifying calcium/ammonium nitrate fertilizer, how to determine product?
Unfortunately using sodium bisulfate will only result in dilute nitric acid. This is because when di ...
29-5-2019 at 06:13
by: MrHomeScientist
How to accurately determine NH3 concentration?
Don't pipette anything by mouth! Why would anyone do this anymore?

Edit to be more on topic: Ag ...
23-5-2019 at 10:27
by: MrHomeScientist
sharing Awesome Chemical Pictures (Read first comment)
Very nice! I'm also curious what it would look like next to CrO[sub]3[/sub]. Is it an intermediate b ...
20-5-2019 at 06:34
by: MrHomeScientist
Make Potassium (from
Not at all. I haven't watched every video though; does he succeed with menthol in one of them? That ...
15-5-2019 at 06:23
by: MrHomeScientist
Make Potassium (from
Has anyone else reported success with menthol? I don't recall that being used for this before.
It's ...
15-5-2019 at 05:51
by: MrHomeScientist
Determning purity of OTC sodium hydroxide
Also note that "baking powder" and "baking soda" are two very different things. Something my girlfri ...
7-5-2019 at 10:02
by: MrHomeScientist
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