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I need a mentor for starting a synthesis company in the UK
[rquote=492484&tid=76931&author=hexabio]QA/QC will be the bulk of my work.[/rquote]
Which m ...
18-9-2017 at 12:17
by: MrHomeScientist
What are "synthetic iron oxides"
What is these synthetic oxides used for? I wonder why they would claim it to be iron oxide when clea ...
14-9-2017 at 06:44
by: MrHomeScientist
How good is this way to make alum?
I did the same process in one of my videos, but as nezza said once you add the sulfuric acid and eve ...
13-9-2017 at 10:23
by: MrHomeScientist
ways to liquidify chlorine at home?
I'd contend that ammonia is almost as bad as chlorine, really. For me at least, one whiff of even fa ...
8-9-2017 at 06:58
by: MrHomeScientist
Safe Disposal of Sodium Chlorite
[rquote=491301&tid=76404&author=AJKOER][rquote=491297&tid=76404&author=XeonTheMGPony ...
31-8-2017 at 08:09
by: MrHomeScientist
Aqua regia scrubber
Obligatory HF warning: Forget about working with HF. It is one of the most dangerous chemicals there ...
28-8-2017 at 06:11
by: MrHomeScientist
Growing Crystals in Gels
Neat! Very interesting results. I don't have any tartaric acid, so I was looking into a way to make ...
25-8-2017 at 13:10
by: MrHomeScientist
Trouble with molten sodium hydroxide electrolysis
Copper selenide coating on black iron pipe, you say? Do you have a source? That seems like a somewha ...
23-8-2017 at 09:29
by: MrHomeScientist
in which way could diamond powder/dust be turned solid
They already are worthless; the diamond cartels create artificial scarcity to drive up prices. There ...
18-8-2017 at 06:36
by: MrHomeScientist
Melting fine bismuth powder
I had the same troubles and the same thought. The requirements for such a flux would be:
- Lower de ...
16-8-2017 at 06:07
by: MrHomeScientist
Growing Crystals in Gels
Thanks for that, [b]pantone159[/b]! I'll have to look into trying this when I get back from some wor ...
24-7-2017 at 10:48
by: MrHomeScientist
Geothermal energy, is that where its at ?
The craziest part about that is I can't tell where the gif loops back around.
24-7-2017 at 07:00
by: MrHomeScientist
Growing Crystals in Gels
I found this really neat demonstration kit from Flinn - [url= ...
23-7-2017 at 13:18
by: MrHomeScientist
stannous chloride
[rquote=467898&tid=70988&author=Boffis]I used to think that the yellow colour in hardware st ...
19-7-2017 at 07:03
by: MrHomeScientist
Drizzle - kitchen soxhlet appliance
Yep I agree, the mention of cannabis as the only "herb" (and it featuring prominently in the picture ...
18-7-2017 at 07:57
by: MrHomeScientist
Old post etiquette?
Generally we prefer collecting all information on a topic in a single thread, so it's easier to find ...
18-7-2017 at 07:47
by: MrHomeScientist
Heating mantle
If I want to heat, say, a 100mL flask in that, could I just add in some filler like copper BBs? Or i ...
18-7-2017 at 07:38
by: MrHomeScientist
Acid Attacks in UK: Here We Go Again
Better start hoarding your vinegar and lemon juice!
14-7-2017 at 07:02
by: MrHomeScientist
Street drug analysis / harm reduction
Legalizing and Decriminalizing are very different things. The Oregon bill only proposes to "[reduce] ...
11-7-2017 at 11:32
by: MrHomeScientist
tiles and grout in a fume cupboard
I'd bet money on grout being some kind of carbonate, which would react with acids.

When tiling my ...
10-7-2017 at 12:07
by: MrHomeScientist
Cu(II) coordinated with Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
Both acids are sold at hardware stores: HCl as a concrete etchant (muriatic acid), and H<sub>2 ...
10-7-2017 at 10:45
by: MrHomeScientist
Where is Blogfast25 ?
Wow that is all just awful. I feel terrible for Gert. He's been a great influence on me and has help ...
10-7-2017 at 07:43
by: MrHomeScientist
Supposed chemists assume a home still and sulfuric acid is a meth lab
[b]macckone[/b], do you have a reference for your fire code information? Is that a federal thing or ...
7-7-2017 at 05:46
by: MrHomeScientist
For sale: Sodium metal 99,99% in glass ampoules
I would also love small ampoules of Rb and Cs. Your price per gram is excellent!
6-7-2017 at 07:43
by: MrHomeScientist
For sale: Sodium metal 99,99% in glass ampoules
I just received my ampoule today, and I have to second woelen on the quality: it's gorgeous! Perfect ...
27-6-2017 at 14:26
by: MrHomeScientist
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