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Maximizing chloroform from the haloform reaction
I judged a cool science fair project a while back where he measured the concentration of hypochlorit ...
28-3-2017 at 11:49
by: MrHomeScientist
How can i safely dispose of my lump of sodium?
[rquote=478397&tid=72991&author=Booze]Maybe you should toss the whole thing in a river or so ...
28-3-2017 at 08:17
by: MrHomeScientist
Selling: Rhodium rod
With the dimensions listed on the tag, that's about 1.2 ozt. At around $900/ozt currently, it's wort ...
24-3-2017 at 12:04
by: MrHomeScientist
Am241 beads
That actually sounds pretty simple to build, at least for a demonstration. Here's a quote from [url= ...
21-3-2017 at 05:43
by: MrHomeScientist
Quick question on a potassium chlorate cell
Just out of curiosity, what are people making such large quantities of chlorates for? Resale? Rocket ...
20-3-2017 at 13:10
by: MrHomeScientist
Storage of volatile solvents?
The most important thing to consider for solvent storage is the cap on the bottle. That is the only ...
20-3-2017 at 11:49
by: MrHomeScientist
Suggestion for keeping a good source open
15-3-2017 at 11:00
by: MrHomeScientist
Black phosphorus storage.
[rquote=477682&tid=72922&author=PirateDocBrown]If I can ampoule bromine without evaporating ...
14-3-2017 at 11:22
by: MrHomeScientist
CaO + al yields Ca metal ?
If carried out in a reactor under inert atmosphere, it should be possible to collect the Ca formed. ...
13-3-2017 at 12:05
by: MrHomeScientist
Attempted to Reduce Copper Sulfate with Carbon - Ideas?
When I tried this reaction, I used (basic) copper carbonate made from copper sulfate and baking soda ...
13-3-2017 at 11:43
by: MrHomeScientist
? How to recover waste mercury compounds ?
I believe mercury amalgamates with copper though, or at least sticks to it. My dad used to coat copp ...
9-3-2017 at 08:38
by: MrHomeScientist
Coming out to your chemistry teacher as a home chemist
I bought mine a while back from rgbco on eBay. They currently have a 5g pellet for $185: http://www. ...
9-3-2017 at 07:25
by: MrHomeScientist
Portable Lab
An alternative method that keeps fumes to a minimum is by using electrolysis, which I covered in a 2 ...
7-3-2017 at 13:42
by: MrHomeScientist
Camera Selection, Filming Pyrotechnics
IMO phone cameras are good for home videos, but bad for YouTube. Very shaky and generally poor quali ...
2-3-2017 at 11:19
by: MrHomeScientist
Experiment ideas for a beginner.
I think it is supplied as algae and root control, those being "pest" plants in ponds and septic syst ...
1-3-2017 at 08:30
by: MrHomeScientist
Extraction of ethanol from gasoline
From the discussion it sounds like distilling ethanol from gasoline is legal (being a mixture), but ...
28-2-2017 at 11:34
by: MrHomeScientist
Br2 in DCM
Sensitization is definitely a possibility. I've become much more sensitive to smells since getting i ...
23-2-2017 at 06:42
by: MrHomeScientist
Diethylamine from Deet
I looked into this at one point too, to make a thermochromic compound at home. I did try it at work ...
23-2-2017 at 06:32
by: MrHomeScientist
Experiment ideas for a beginner.
I found my copper sulfate in a big 5lb tub from a "do-it-yourself" pest control place. Now I see it ...
22-2-2017 at 09:08
by: MrHomeScientist
Thought experiment: what happens when you put a blob of water on a surface made of sodium?
I recall reading/seeing somewhere that sodium into water will sometimes catch fire and explode, whil ...
21-2-2017 at 07:44
by: MrHomeScientist
Disposal of Na from a breeder reactor
Do we know what the purpose of crushing the barrels is? It introduces so many risks and hazards it s ...
21-2-2017 at 07:09
by: MrHomeScientist
Achtung baby: hasta la vista!
Glad to see you survived! I await the details with bated breath. Sorry to see you get embroiled in l ...
17-2-2017 at 10:32
by: MrHomeScientist
Preparation of Chrome Yellow and Chrome Orange
Thanks for answering! To be honest I hear a lot of people (especially on YouTube) talking about 'pro ...
17-2-2017 at 08:53
by: MrHomeScientist
Preparation of Chrome Yellow and Chrome Orange
Beautiful colors!

You mentioned disposal was important, but didn't elaborate on how you did it (f ...
17-2-2017 at 06:34
by: MrHomeScientist
What is D.P.M
Rather alarming that he is giving this out as medicine and doesn't even know what it is.
14-2-2017 at 20:52
by: MrHomeScientist
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