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Cannabis Distillate for personal medical use
Everything you ever wanted to know and more about Butane extractions, super critical CO2 extractions ...
17-10-2018 at 07:30
by: Muffn Man
absolutely HUGE chem glassware sale.
[rquote=492873&tid=77012&author=Vosoryx]I live close to the border, it's a shame I don't kno ...
25-9-2017 at 04:37
by: Muffn Man
Chemistry Supply store in GTA Ontario
2485 Milltower Court
Mississauga, ON
Waterloo, ON
4-1-2017 at 05:58
by: Muffn Man
Chemistry Supply store in GTA Ontario

I can't recall if they are in Mississauga or Scarborough, sorry.
29-12-2016 at 06:26
by: Muffn Man
reputeable source for concentrated HNO3, with goog to fair prices, and reasonable delivry times (OTHER THAN Elemental Scientific
If you are close to a large city, check out hydroponics stores or online hydro shops too. Not all wi ...
9-6-2016 at 04:42
by: Muffn Man
'Sugru': anyone any experience with this?
I don't disagree that many Instructables are junk. This one, however, doesn't strike me as being one ...
1-6-2016 at 04:35
by: Muffn Man
Oogoo, the DIY Sugru
Check this out:

"Corn sta ...
31-5-2016 at 07:56
by: Muffn Man
Free glass reagent bottles- Ottawa, Canada
I happen to know that there are 8 fewer bottles currently available than in that picture...

She s ...
5-4-2016 at 08:21
by: Muffn Man
Hello Captain Cook and welcome to the board!

I am in Ottawa, Ontario. I have ordered from Alchem ...
1-3-2016 at 05:07
by: Muffn Man
Selling my lab
When I bought his two micro kits and some other stuff, he took a long time to get the order together ...
15-9-2014 at 05:26
by: Muffn Man
Lab frame assemblers
Came across these and I think that they are the cat's meow...
14-9-2014 at 18:39
by: Muffn Man
Picture of overhead stirrers
Here is a picture that Dr. Bob sent me a while back. You will get a good idea of what he has availab ...
9-7-2014 at 10:35
by: Muffn Man
Fix or toss
Wikipedia says:
The Common Core State Standards Initiative is an educational initiative in the Unit ...
11-6-2014 at 12:05
by: Muffn Man
A few ideas
First off, to avoid embarassment of looking into skips: ...
5-6-2014 at 07:04
by: Muffn Man
Glass adapter pieces to put a flask under pressure?
"Pressure cookers are typically rated for 15 PSI, not 40."

Pressure cookers are [i][b]regulated [ ...
31-5-2014 at 12:10
by: Muffn Man
Glass adapter pieces to put a flask under pressure?
I think that glassware is better at vacuum than pressure. The rounded shape acts much like an arch m ...
31-5-2014 at 09:19
by: Muffn Man
Glass adapter pieces to put a flask under pressure?
I know you said glass, but I don't know of any glassware that will withstand pressure as opposed to ...
30-5-2014 at 13:53
by: Muffn Man
Foam drawer liner
I saw this and thought that it was a great idea. Make a drawer liner/tray from an old T-shirt and so ...
21-5-2014 at 08:22
by: Muffn Man
I have not ordered from Alphachem, but I know that when I got some H2SO4 from New Horizons, I was ch ...
29-4-2014 at 07:23
by: Muffn Man
Science equipment looking for a home
I used to look at SciPlus all the time until I went to order from them... They do not ship to Canada ...
23-4-2014 at 09:37
by: Muffn Man
Hot Box
PID is the easiest way to go. If you like learning and have a lot of time on your hands, though, an ...
10-4-2014 at 06:28
by: Muffn Man
Hot Box
I have seen smallish setups that use incandescent light bulbs for heat. Just keep them under a cooki ...
10-4-2014 at 04:35
by: Muffn Man
Inexpensive Mercury For Sale
Oops, I mistook "export" as meaning the same as shipping.

[Edited on 3-4-2014 by Muffn Man]
2-4-2014 at 18:54
by: Muffn Man
Magnesium Metal from scrapyard
I saw an episode of MacGuyver a long time ago where he got magnesium from wheelchair wheels/spokes. ...
1-4-2014 at 14:39
by: Muffn Man
Glassware and supplies
I would be willing to bet that Dr.Bob can provide you with most of that stuff cheaper. It would like ...
20-3-2014 at 14:39
by: Muffn Man
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