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PCB etchant
I have successfully made printed circuit boards at home -- here are some of my notes for doing so:
21-10-2015 at 16:31
by: NeutralIon
Ideal Container for Electrolysis
I've had good results making chlorates in plastic paint mixing containers -- generally found in the ...
10-1-2015 at 13:33
by: NeutralIon
Stannous Sulfate
Tin metal in a solution of CuSO4 -- use an excess of Sn to insure the reaction goes to completion, w ...
5-6-2013 at 16:29
by: NeutralIon
DJ's suspended due to the "hazards" of DHMO
Check this out:

[url= ...
3-4-2013 at 13:44
by: NeutralIon
Saw a product called "BluApple" in the grocery store today. Intended to absorb ethylene gas to prev ...
1-9-2012 at 13:39
by: NeutralIon
dry ice
For the results of such an "experiment" check this out: ...
1-3-2012 at 17:58
by: NeutralIon
Iron Oxide question
[rquote=191201&tid=14731&author=ldanielrosa]The beauty of CuCl2 is you can slake it with bak ...
26-10-2010 at 15:47
by: NeutralIon
KCl and HCl questions (New member here)

It seems quite a waste to put KCl on ice wh ...
24-10-2010 at 16:03
by: NeutralIon
Iron Oxide question
[rquote=191036&tid=14731&author=Arthur Dent]
I will be using the Fe2O3 eventually to make s ...
24-10-2010 at 12:16
by: NeutralIon
KCl and HCl questions (New member here)
1) I'm planning on using KCl in various syntheses ...
24-10-2010 at 12:03
by: NeutralIon
Safely decomposing hydrogen peroxide in solution?
You might consider skipping the H2O2 and regenerating your etchant with air -- this will avoid dilut ...
26-7-2010 at 15:46
by: NeutralIon
Controlled substances/grandfathered?
no trouble, just a quick, mostly painless solution ...
20-10-2009 at 12:32
by: NeutralIon
Why does Fusion work?
[rquote=157559&tid=12396&author=tom haggen] The dating of the universe and the earth is a co ...
13-7-2009 at 11:58
by: NeutralIon
Bad Chemistry on TV
Bromic --

I think you are right -- I somewhat overestimated the amount of vinegar needed.

But ...
14-5-2009 at 10:34
by: NeutralIon
Bad Chemistry on TV
Its really amazing what they can do with chemicals on TV!

The episode of CSI:Miami last night had ...
12-5-2009 at 13:09
by: NeutralIon
No more sodium from ebay
Citric acid is generally available in the US from places that sell to amateur winemakers [a worthwhi ...
24-4-2009 at 13:54
by: NeutralIon
manganese dioxide batteries
If these batteries were old and discharged there probably won't be much MnO2 as it will have been re ...
11-4-2009 at 12:35
by: NeutralIon
Ice bath cooled by Peltier devices
Typically a Peltier junction can achieve a Delta-T of 40 to 50°C under no-load conditions. By that ...
15-3-2009 at 13:34
by: NeutralIon
Hydrogen Sulfide: Generation and Storage
Another option: According to Merck thioacetamide, C2H5NS, can be made by heating Al2S3 with ammoniu ...
29-6-2008 at 15:38
by: NeutralIon
Bismuth from its Subsalicylate (Pepto-Bismol®)
Why go to so much trouble to get Bi? Just get some Bi fishing sinkers [sold as an environmental fri ...
28-12-2006 at 13:53
by: NeutralIon
Lead Tin Bismuth Alloys
Indium Corp. makes several low temperature Bi/Pb/Sn alloys, for example:
#38 52.5% Bi, 32% Pb, 15.5 ...
15-7-2006 at 16:18
by: NeutralIon
Crystal Growing
I did some crystal growing years ago when I was in high school -- kind of a extra credit chemistry p ...
21-3-2006 at 18:29
by: NeutralIon
Cu + HCl + H2O2; Solution color

Basically the Cu2+ ion acts as an oxidizer to oxidize the Cu metal to Cu+ [and the C ...
27-2-2006 at 17:00
by: NeutralIon
Cu + HCl + H2O2; Solution color
I have found the reaction between the various Cu oxidation states to be of practical use in the etch ...
26-2-2006 at 12:35
by: NeutralIon
Separation of NaCl and KCl
A couple of other sources for KCl that might be easier to purify:

From a garden supply/ agricultu ...
27-8-2005 at 16:30
by: NeutralIon
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