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Nitric Acid and Silver Nitrate
This video is a simple way to prepare nitric acid
And ...
22-2-2017 at 11:00
by: NitratedKittens
Disolving and purifying silver
No, I think the only acid which can dissolve elemental silver is nitric acid, once dissolved you cou ...
22-2-2017 at 10:56
by: NitratedKittens
The Short Questions Thread (4)
Alright then, over the next week i will repeat the procedure while taking pictures then post
20-2-2017 at 12:14
by: NitratedKittens
The Short Questions Thread (4)
I have been doing the synthesis of pentanoic acid via the kmno4 oxidation of pentanol, would anyone ...
20-2-2017 at 11:02
by: NitratedKittens
Improper Stored Aldehyde
What aldehyde are you working with because proper storage varies
18-2-2017 at 03:59
by: NitratedKittens
Ag2C2.AGNO3 (DS)
[rquote=200638&tid=15356&author=quicksilver]GENERALLY; bottled industrial welding asses are ...
1-2-2017 at 13:00
by: NitratedKittens
Fluorides from PTFE
Ok so if eldritch disappears then we know why.
1-2-2017 at 12:54
by: NitratedKittens
What amounts of each chemical did you use
30-1-2017 at 11:33
by: NitratedKittens
Best and worst smelling chemicals?
Likes: Isopropanol, and SO2(in very low concentrations) and amyl acetate. Sulfuric acid smells like ...
29-1-2017 at 09:31
by: NitratedKittens
Obtain boron via electrolysis
I'm afraid that boron trioxide is covalent not ionic, because it's atoms are not charged electrolysi ...
24-1-2017 at 07:21
by: NitratedKittens
The biggest danger is the ignorance to danger.
[rquote=464542&tid=70212&author=Sulaiman]that is awful .... :o
not even one hobby chemist w ...
12-1-2017 at 12:08
by: NitratedKittens
HNMR Services for Hire
How far away can you provide this service.
12-1-2017 at 11:59
by: NitratedKittens
Coming out to your chemistry teacher as a home chemist
I recently told my A Level Chem teacher I had a home lab (It came up because I told him a had accide ...
12-1-2017 at 11:29
by: NitratedKittens
peracetic acid solution
The main problem is that the acetic acid and the carbonate react to form sodium acetate wich cannot ...
12-1-2017 at 05:05
by: NitratedKittens
nonmetal reducing agent like LAH
[rquote=470325&tid=71484&author=AvBaeyer]Sodium borohydride will easily reduce carboxylic ac ...
8-1-2017 at 10:46
by: NitratedKittens
nonmetal reducing agent like LAH
What carboxylic acid are you trying to reduce, some more information would be handy.
8-1-2017 at 09:44
by: NitratedKittens
Etching copper in copper sulfate - orange precipitate
[rquote=471179&tid=71651&author=ryborg]From what I've read from several safety data sheets, ...
8-1-2017 at 07:54
by: NitratedKittens
Mixing liquid into resin
Maybe dry the milk then dissolve in a solvent like isopropyl alcohol or ethanol then mix with the va ...
8-1-2017 at 07:43
by: NitratedKittens
Announcements of Articles in Progress
A Beginners guide to the large scale Fischer esterification
(With photos)

[Edited on 6-1-2017 ...
6-1-2017 at 07:43
by: NitratedKittens
Tropinone => 2-CMT
2-CMT is used to synthesise cocaine and cocaine alone, i second deutritus.
6-1-2017 at 04:35
by: NitratedKittens
mauve preparation
Try the wiki page you linked to, aniline and toluidine are both things that with some difficulty a h ...
6-1-2017 at 04:32
by: NitratedKittens
Sodium Carbide synthesis(acetylene)
What the, that patent says the ideal temperature is 700900C
does that mean we need a tokamak to car ...
1-1-2017 at 08:20
by: NitratedKittens
Welcome to the wiki discussion forum
There is a mistake on the formic acid page

"The haloform reaction of ethanol/acetaldehyde and hyp ...
31-12-2016 at 06:48
by: NitratedKittens
Extraction of DNA
[rquote=14368&tid=1496&author=I am a fish][quote][i]Originally posted by chemoleo[/i]
Lol - ...
28-12-2016 at 08:13
by: NitratedKittens
Pretty Pictures (2)
[rquote=470101&tid=26378&author=fluorescence]@Marbus: Probably because Europium is an Alkali ...
28-12-2016 at 06:20
by: NitratedKittens
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