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New chemicals for sale !
I've sent off an email to the address on here, but haven't heard from him.
I also sent a U ...
30-9-2023 at 09:17
by: Nitrous2000
I went to prison for my chemistry hobby
[rquote=680649&tid=158441&author=SuperOxide]This is absurd. I thought chemistry in the US wa ...
29-9-2023 at 09:48
by: Nitrous2000
I feel your pain
As a fellow medic, and one who specifically spent his career treating pain patients with substance u ...
29-9-2023 at 09:39
by: Nitrous2000
Readily Available Chemicals Website: Version 2
Never heard of Bitchute - looked up cyanide and the first post I read is about the "evidence" that t ...
27-4-2023 at 06:33
by: Nitrous2000
Palladium activator for electroless nickel
[rquote=200514&tid=15389&author=Xenoid]Electroless Plating - Fundamentals and Applications
26-4-2023 at 12:59
by: Nitrous2000
[rquote=675728&tid=158809&author=B(a)P]Hi Vano, I have tried looking at the GPost web site, ...
24-4-2023 at 13:30
by: Nitrous2000
sourcing THF and Acetanilide in CANADA
Hi guys,

I'm trying to source these two chemicals for a PVDF nanoparticle preparation.

Any sug ...
20-4-2023 at 09:59
by: Nitrous2000
question about nitrating "aqueous amine hydroxides"
agreed. But the barium nitrate approach is old, but tried and true.
The "amine hydroxide" is from ...
19-1-2023 at 18:49
by: Nitrous2000
question about nitrating "aqueous amine hydroxides"
Ammonium hydroxide

I guess I'm struggling with the term "amine hydroxide"
the end result is hydr ...
18-1-2023 at 18:11
by: Nitrous2000
question about nitrating "aqueous amine hydroxides"
I wondered about that... but I don't think ti could be as simple as "take ammonium hydroxide and add ...
18-1-2023 at 17:05
by: Nitrous2000
question about nitrating "aqueous amine hydroxides"
I can send you the translation from Korean to English

otherwise, here's the link to the paper - g ...
18-1-2023 at 13:47
by: Nitrous2000
denatured ethanol
hi guys,

I see from this thread that removing Bitrex from alcohol may be unfeasible but another s ...
18-1-2023 at 10:36
by: Nitrous2000
question about nitrating "aqueous amine hydroxides"
Hi folks,

I've been looking at HAN (hydroxylammonium nitrate) synthesis.
I'm wondering about usi ...
17-1-2023 at 14:57
by: Nitrous2000
nitric acid burns
hey guys,

Just one thing to keep in mind about nitric acid burns on human skin. In some people i ...
17-1-2023 at 14:51
by: Nitrous2000
Methanesulfonic acid from sodium cocoyl isethionate
thanks folks,
As usual, too good to be true... is...tgtbt
19-10-2022 at 06:53
by: Nitrous2000
methanesulfonic acid synthesis
anyone try this?
is it a viable route to methanesulfonic acid?
14-10-2022 at 13:30
by: Nitrous2000
Replacing Stirrer Motor Corning PC-320
Has anyone rebuilt the ceramic heating plate?
Is it even possible? IS there a fuse anywhere? :)
D ...
27-9-2022 at 09:29
by: Nitrous2000
Replacing Stirrer Motor Corning PC-320
do you have any details/pictures of the circuit board?
I'm looking at a PC-320 with functioning sti ...
4-8-2022 at 11:45
by: Nitrous2000
source of Sodium Cyanide?
Hey folks,
I'm looking at making some CN based copper strike plating solutions but, not surprisingl ...
2-8-2022 at 14:13
by: Nitrous2000
[rquote=651718&tid=156723&author=Uvxtal76][rquote=651155&tid=156723&author=karlos³] ...
3-1-2022 at 15:49
by: Nitrous2000
Sodium Borohydride synthesis at room temp
[rquote=669471&tid=158235&author=crow6283]Some welding supply shops have Nitrogen as well. ...
3-1-2022 at 15:30
by: Nitrous2000
I doubt this is possible but.... low MW PEG to PEO
Hi folks,

Any polymer chemists in here who have thoughts on extending the polymerization of low M ...
26-7-2021 at 08:15
by: Nitrous2000
perfluoro sulphonic acid synthesis?
Hey Folks,

Anyone have any experience with making/obtaining this compound? I have seen some post ...
20-3-2021 at 10:43
by: Nitrous2000
Tetrapropyl ammonium bromide
Thanks for the reply. Seems propyl bromide and tripropylamine are a one step with high yields... b ...
24-2-2021 at 09:32
by: Nitrous2000
Anyone have a simple tetrapropylammonium bromide?
Hi folks,

I’ve read the post on the butyl alcohol version but any simple synthesis to the propy ...
19-2-2021 at 17:19
by: Nitrous2000
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