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A Note on the Synthesis of 3-Nitrophthalic Acid
One problem: I do not have a proper m ...
24-9-2021 at 12:18
by: Oxy
European Sulfuric Acid Ban
We shouldn't try to prove anything. What I wanted to say is just that I am able to understand why pe ...
20-9-2021 at 21:18
by: Oxy
European Sulfuric Acid Ban
No need for any unnecessary bad emotions, I am here as well.
I am not telling that I am against ama ...
20-9-2021 at 11:25
by: Oxy
European Sulfuric Acid Ban
I agree with that. Like everybody else here, I j ...
19-9-2021 at 22:24
by: Oxy
Isolating a deliquescent crystals from a saturated solution
You can easily remove the water by applying heat and vacuum. RBF with gas take-off adapter connected ...
17-9-2021 at 11:52
by: Oxy
Lethal dose of mercuric nitrate
Compare this to the half life of cyanide. This is ...
13-9-2021 at 12:08
by: Oxy
KHSO4 Potassium bisulfate
Another option is bromic acid synthesis from potassium bromide and sulfuric acid.

Regarding safet ...
7-9-2021 at 10:17
by: Oxy
Border between inorganic and organic chemistry ?

The range of chemicals studied in organic chemistry includes hydrocarbons
So CO, [...] ...
6-9-2021 at 10:52
by: Oxy
Taking on and teaching an an assistant
You can use university lab manual and do some theory and practice on all basic procedures (various t ...
24-8-2021 at 08:36
by: Oxy
Collecting and storing gases
You can use low temperature to liquefy the gas and store it then in a gas cylinder.
Regarding brom ...
9-8-2021 at 20:42
by: Oxy
What kind of gas mask should I buy for chlorine/SCl2
I wonder why people are so enthusiastic to military gear.
It's not the best to be honest, especial ...
9-8-2021 at 10:42
by: Oxy
Chemical purity grade food
Purity for food is much higher than "for analysis". Food grade chemicals must be prepared with a dif ...
2-8-2021 at 00:33
by: Oxy
Replacing halogen by hydrogen
Methyl iodide has a boiling point of 42[sup]o[/sup]C

Here you can find some info about alpha-halo ...
30-7-2021 at 17:14
by: Oxy
Help with solvent extraction and TLC of 5 hydroxymethyl furfural
Use much smaller samples and also much smaller concentrations. You should have spots but you have sm ...
26-7-2021 at 20:27
by: Oxy
How to effect a separation of two nearly identical cholesterols/steroids
Personally I would try to separate them chromatographically.
Find a system by means of TLC which gi ...
23-7-2021 at 18:37
by: Oxy
Aluminum Factory Explosion
[rquote=663212&tid=157746&author=Metallophile]"Very hot metal and water... No chemistry, jus ...
23-7-2021 at 09:30
by: Oxy
Different molecular sieves question
But what i dont understand is, if 3A molecular ...
21-7-2021 at 21:21
by: Oxy
Ethanol and methanol interchangeability?
I used absolute ethanol with success as a replacement of methanol as a solvent. However, for some re ...
21-7-2021 at 12:25
by: Oxy
Cheap Vacuum for Vacuum Distilation
I removed an aerator from my tap and used a garden hose quick fit adapter to make a quick fit connec ...
20-7-2021 at 14:55
by: Oxy
Electrophilic chlorination
[rquote=663104&tid=157734&author=Monoamine]So I'm starting to draw up all the prerequisites ...
20-7-2021 at 14:49
by: Oxy
Cheap Vacuum for Vacuum Distilation
Get an aspirator. The pump you linked looks weak, it may be helpful for filtrations but not really f ...
20-7-2021 at 14:29
by: Oxy
Leading reaction fumes out with a tube?
[rquote=663081&tid=157732&author=Fyndium]When there is a reaction that produces for example ...
19-7-2021 at 22:28
by: Oxy
Leading reaction fumes out with a tube?
A hose attached to apparatus is a good idea. If the gases are really toxic or smelly it might be a s ...
19-7-2021 at 09:22
by: Oxy
Science Madness Mug
[rquote=662971&tid=157715&author=Fulmen]Christ. Controversy from a coffee mug? Some people r ...
17-7-2021 at 01:50
by: Oxy
Can I expect good separation of haloform products?
[rquote=662966&tid=157707&author=SWIM]I'm skeptical about that reaction in the link.

I do ...
16-7-2021 at 22:33
by: Oxy
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