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Formaldehyde Soln test.
HPLC, physical: 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine in citrate buffer pH 4.5. ...
13-1-2020 at 19:52
by: Ozone
Magpie has died
Oh dear.

It's tragic to hear of his passage and know that this corner of a tiny world will glow ...
2-1-2020 at 16:21
by: Ozone
Brady's Reagent hazards
I used to use DNPH all the time for EPA method 8315 (aldehydes and ketones via RP HPLC of the adduct ...
27-6-2019 at 15:03
by: Ozone
Yellow sugar solution
Hexose alkaline degradation products (HADP). Base catalyzed retro-aldol scission and subsequent self ...
22-6-2019 at 06:55
by: Ozone
Identification of a mystery metal
I have a can of Cadmium metal sticks that look a lot like these (likewise, the can). However, the ab ...
7-5-2019 at 16:03
by: Ozone
Making phosphorescent materials
Interesting stuff, that. I've attached a .pdf demonstrating the properties of commercial pumped IR p ...
4-2-2019 at 13:03
by: Ozone
Anyone use a multimeter/voltmeter with USB/PC output?
I have successfully used (an older model, IIRC $60US) these to log V, A, T°C, etc. They are single ...
24-1-2019 at 12:47
by: Ozone
Filtering hydroxides, how to make them behave?
A centrifuge works well.

30-12-2018 at 18:22
by: Ozone
Pressing a nitroglycerine / nitrocellulose mixture
You might want to look into propellant for the H&K G11. They started with nitrocellulose (NC), b ...
30-12-2018 at 18:16
by: Ozone
Resazurin synthesis (planning first steps)
Even if it succeeds, you would still need to take exquisite care to avoid reduction to resorufin.
29-11-2018 at 15:42
by: Ozone
Quad TEC1-12706 water cooler for condensers (FAIL)
It's been a very long time, but used to get Russian TECs on Ebay that were legit.


[Edited on ...
24-11-2018 at 08:34
by: Ozone
White precipitate from NaOH + Al reaction?
An over-simplification, but aluminum hydroxide. It is amphoteric, so increasing pH further should ca ...
17-11-2018 at 05:28
by: Ozone
What would your first experiment be if you had access to room temperature superconductors?
Assuming I could put about 200A into it, probably make a cryo-free high-field NMR spectrometer.

O ...
14-11-2018 at 15:43
by: Ozone
Acetone Self-aldol Diacetone Alcohol
I'd suppose the idea is to remove the product from the catalyst as soon as it is made so as to preve ...
15-8-2018 at 17:17
by: Ozone
Coffee Chemistry - What makes it taste so good. :)
Coffee is an immensely complex mixture of chemicals. The mixture varies, but is influenced by the ty ...
20-6-2018 at 14:44
by: Ozone
There are also a number of useful phone apps (energy tables, etc.). You might want to check out Cody ...
23-5-2018 at 17:32
by: Ozone
Potassium metal synthesis Alkoxide solubility and NaOH/Mg reaction mechanism
NurdRage appears to have gotten this to work (reported 30%, but he thinks it can be optimized, and i ...
18-5-2018 at 18:43
by: Ozone
Celite alternatives for filtering - MgCO3 & CaSO4?
When this kind of thing happens, I'll usually pass my filtrate through at least once more--the fines ...
14-4-2018 at 05:49
by: Ozone
amino acid + O² = a-nitro acid + formaldehyde - CO² = nitroalkene
Perhaps something in here might put you on the right track? ...
9-4-2018 at 09:00
by: Ozone
free chemicals, what do with them?
I used to work with dithiocarbamates (Metam sodium and Nabam, a mixture of these becomes increasingl ...
6-4-2018 at 06:45
by: Ozone
What's The Science Behind Hair Straighteners?
I think of it like this:

1. Hair straightener = disulfide bond reducer (breaker) = typically sulf ...
5-4-2018 at 17:41
by: Ozone
35% H2O2 still burning after diluting to 3% - what's the deal?
Distilled water. DHO is frequently referred to as "HOD" in NMR-speak.

28-3-2018 at 11:53
by: Ozone
Phosphorescent material
Actually, tritium decays kicking out a super-weenie beta. I'd recommend Strontium aluminate-rare ear ...
25-3-2018 at 09:24
by: Ozone
Why reactions happen?
Look up enthalpy, entropy, and Gibb's free energy (and see how they are connected). Then, look up ca ...
20-3-2018 at 12:39
by: Ozone
Heavy metals and the non chemist- What could go wrong here...
Hmm. Having seen lots of bullet-riddled wood, myself, I'd think that maybe he should get a kudo for ...
19-3-2018 at 19:30
by: Ozone
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