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Copper sulfate has become "chalky white" after prolonged air exposure
I've had the opposite happen. I have some anhydrous CuSO4 in a sealed bottle which (over about 10 ye ...
12-2-2019 at 05:48
by: Quibbler
Relation between solubility and temperature
If you assume that the solute is forming an "ideal solution" then the mole fraction of solute (x) at ...
14-1-2019 at 06:31
by: Quibbler
Will leaving stuff on an electronic balance decalibrate it?
I'm in the process of replacing the electronics in an old electronic balance. I was lucky enough to ...
11-12-2018 at 06:51
by: Quibbler
links to some electronic projects to support my chemistry
I use Microchip's PIC micros, really it is not expensive. All the software is free and ypu can eithe ...
10-4-2017 at 04:10
by: Quibbler
Homemade spectrometer
The 16F1789 has a 12-bit ADC. As the collection is very fast I normally collect 256 scans then throw ...
4-8-2016 at 02:58
by: Quibbler
Homemade spectrometer
Attached is a photo with the top removed showing the works.
The main items are:
Xenon torch bulb
3-8-2016 at 05:27
by: Quibbler
Homemade spectrometer
Many years ago I was involved in a thread here to measure the absorbance of visible light for a Beer ...
3-8-2016 at 03:15
by: Quibbler
Solid-State NMR Interaction
It's a strange question. But as you said the obvious answer is the quadrupole interaction.

Probl ...
2-8-2016 at 07:06
by: Quibbler
Buying an IR spectrometer
IR spectrometers tend to be delicate. The things that can go wrong are:

The IR source (glowing fi ...
28-11-2008 at 06:32
by: Quibbler
ESR/EPR Coupling question
The spectrum shows a triplet. This is due to the 14N (MI=-1,0,+1).

The triplet is further split ...
28-11-2008 at 06:22
by: Quibbler
Bioling Point of Water at Different pressure
Just to add a bit of substance to these approximate equations.

Water (or anything) boils when G(l ...
12-9-2007 at 05:59
by: Quibbler
Behavior of pressure and temp in a sealed vessel
Yes the pressure does increase exponentially.

ln(P)= -/\H/RT + /\S/R

So for water /\(vap)H= 44 ...
1-8-2007 at 08:02
by: Quibbler
He world shortage and the imminent energy crisis...were fu**ed
Getting back to the He shortage. This has been caused by the rapid growth in the number of NMR and M ...
17-11-2006 at 06:36
by: Quibbler
CuSO4 electrolisis
Copper sulphate electrolysis should work, but you need to be careful.
A small current for a long t ...
24-10-2006 at 05:49
by: Quibbler
Home made spectrometer

I've taken a piture of it. In ...
12-10-2006 at 06:54
by: Quibbler
Home made spectrometer
Well I've finally made a led spectrophotometer. I managed to get some fairly monochromatic leds with ...
10-10-2006 at 06:25
by: Quibbler
how to obtain delta H
If you don't want to make it that difficult you can just take the average of Cp at 300&500K (oft ...
24-8-2006 at 08:00
by: Quibbler
Entropy of a collection of molecules is a measure of the number of permutations they can have. So a ...
27-7-2006 at 11:58
by: Quibbler
Pi, what is it?
Using Euler's formula

e^i*pi = cos(pi)+i sin(pi) = -1

As for pi Machin's method is fairly quic ...
3-4-2006 at 04:27
by: Quibbler
A NMR difficulty
You can tell it is CW as sharp peaks show a beat pattern see the right side of the TMS peak.
You ca ...
15-3-2006 at 04:03
by: Quibbler
A NMR difficulty
It's impossible to say because the integrations are so bad. Maybe there's some hydrocarbon impurity ...
14-3-2006 at 05:33
by: Quibbler
Azide anion
Drawing lines to represent bonds between capital letters representing atoms is only a crude represen ...
2-3-2006 at 08:16
by: Quibbler
Gibbs free energy
Yes that is some problem that stumped me some time ago.

Half cell EMF is relative to the standard ...
28-2-2006 at 10:30
by: Quibbler
atomic mass of isotopes?
56Fe has the highest binding energy divided by the number of nucleons. Adding more nucleons increase ...
17-1-2006 at 07:25
by: Quibbler
Yes I went over the top there. The problem with some of these exotic techniques is you are normally ...
29-11-2005 at 05:25
by: Quibbler
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