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Comprehensive Inorganic Salt/Compound Boiling Point Table
NIST database.
5-8-2022 at 05:21
by: RustyShackleford
Purifying TCCA
purifying TCCA is not even close to worth the effort, save it for generating chlorine and buy some b ...
14-6-2022 at 02:00
by: RustyShackleford
Isopropanol + O2 -> TATP (just wait 12+ years)
>the implications for police work are clear
3-6-2022 at 04:40
by: RustyShackleford
Building a solubility tester with arduino chip
Sounds very doable and the ideas you have seem reasonable. As Sulaiman said i think having integrate ...
1-6-2022 at 05:16
by: RustyShackleford
Alkaline ethanol
usually the purpose of having some base in alcohol is just to avoid water which might react or have ...
1-6-2022 at 05:11
by: RustyShackleford
Dilute conc. HCl to az. HCl for ease of storage?
[rquote=673907&tid=158633&author=j_sum1](Weirdly, Ti seems to be a main contaminant. Purple ...
1-6-2022 at 05:08
by: RustyShackleford
Triphasic mixture forming after salting out toluidine
Doesnt look like a true third phase to me from the haze at the bottom. How long did you let it settl ...
29-5-2022 at 14:30
by: RustyShackleford
Cleaning Nitric Acid Stains from Skin
Lye decreases the structural integrity of the skin, scouring pad then is able to remoev a deeper lay ...
29-4-2022 at 04:48
by: RustyShackleford
Reduction of 4-Chloro-3-nitrotoluene failure
Fe/HCl......cmon bruh how did you try all that and NOT the most obvious thing
28-4-2022 at 02:46
by: RustyShackleford
I have extra bulk chemicals I can't use.
Im interested in the TEMPO and NaBr (2kg or so or all you have) if youre in EU.

[Edited on 24-3-20 ...
24-3-2022 at 09:52
by: RustyShackleford
Grignard reaction products ?
you need to add acid to dissolve the MgBrOH crap. As most precipitated hydroxides, it sucks to filte ...
24-3-2022 at 09:49
by: RustyShackleford
Choosing reflux condensers ?
a while back i did some calculations while distilling a large amount of toluene and acetone.
From ...
8-3-2022 at 10:55
by: RustyShackleford
meta bromination of benzaldehyde
[rquote=671298&tid=158399&author=wg48temp9]Below are the equations for the above bromine/chl ...
22-2-2022 at 10:08
by: RustyShackleford
regioselective red. electrophilic 6-demethoxylation of ß-naphthalene derivate
What exactly is the compound you have? you say you have a beta-propionaphthon (presumably the first ...
22-2-2022 at 10:06
by: RustyShackleford
Phenol from Glycerin
Its hard to imagine a worse method to attempt in an amateur lab...
18-2-2022 at 13:39
by: RustyShackleford
Lab vs hardware store acetone.
The way acetone is industrially manufactured doesnt leave much room for contamination, any contamina ...
15-2-2022 at 10:40
by: RustyShackleford
Acid exchange reactions
[rquote=671043&tid=158372&author=ave369]Let me add my two cents.

The acid strength hierar ...
13-2-2022 at 09:26
by: RustyShackleford
Help me choose a barium salt
i would get the chloride, since you want to use it for pyro you dont want any trace potent contamina ...
13-2-2022 at 09:14
by: RustyShackleford
Oxalic acid can't cause old glowstick again make light
Why did you think it would work?
30-1-2022 at 08:24
by: RustyShackleford
Distillation apparatus safety hazard?
get your money back, thats not ok to use

[Edited on 17-1-2022 by RustyShackleford]
16-1-2022 at 17:17
by: RustyShackleford
Help preparing a HIGH oxide content RFNA
[rquote=669682&tid=158248&author=Delta-R]So the strength of the acid isn’t a problem- the ...
5-1-2022 at 15:04
by: RustyShackleford
Help preparing a HIGH oxide content RFNA
why dont you bubble nitrogen oxides into cold pre-prepared nitric acid? seems a lot easier than tryi ...
5-1-2022 at 07:54
by: RustyShackleford
Question about Grignard reaction
Aryl halide grignard reagents are particularly suited for Toluene+THF solvent system, which in my op ...
29-12-2021 at 10:08
by: RustyShackleford
Why are my hydrazine sulfate yields so high?
You can titrate the hydrazine with permanganate, quite convenient since you dont need indicator i be ...
8-12-2021 at 13:49
by: RustyShackleford
Separation of toluene and isobutanol
water wash->conc CaCl2 wash -> drying with solid CaCl2->reacting the residual with sodium m ...
29-11-2021 at 05:14
by: RustyShackleford
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