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Could Greed end research gate?
[rquote=494454&tid=77493&author=NEMO-Chemistry]What i didnt know until recently was the gree ...
12-10-2017 at 14:15
by: S.C. Wack
Degasser units HPLC (really needed??)
If no one else wants it maybe there's another reason. Degassers are the least expensive module. Can ...
10-10-2017 at 13:31
by: S.C. Wack
Chromium(III) oxide from K2Cr2O7

7. Chromium (III) Oxide


K2Cr2O7 + 2NH4Cl -> Cr2O3 + 2KCl + N2 + 4H2O
10-9-2017 at 09:09
by: S.C. Wack
Slilica gel 4l for £2
[rquote=489972&tid=76010&author=zts16]I was hoping for cheap home column chromatography when ...
8-8-2017 at 14:15
by: S.C. Wack
Making potassium Hypochlorite?
I wonder why OS (2-naphthoic acid) adds some KOH with the carbonate to the HTH. They don't comment o ...
8-8-2017 at 14:08
by: S.C. Wack
From apartment fire to Kansas prison system
From what I gather this fire damage was mostly from the sprinklers, and there was much more concern ...
30-7-2017 at 09:07
by: S.C. Wack
Need help, looking for good chemistry books...
Sounds like you want something from the Dummies series or something similar such as Chemistry for th ...
4-7-2017 at 13:55
by: S.C. Wack
Seperating chrome from iron and nickel, stainless steel

If the chromium hydroxide precipitates, you ...
24-6-2017 at 09:33
by: S.C. Wack
Why is silver antibacterial?
It's been known for a very long time that copper is broadly toxic. It says something about who we ar ...
5-6-2017 at 14:55
by: S.C. Wack
how do you make Red Al
It was published and patented. There are options. One pot preparation from the metals and alcohol is ...
28-5-2017 at 17:33
by: S.C. Wack
The Short Questions Thread (4)
If someone has KOH flake and NaOH prill and needs to dissolve one or the other in an alcohol, the KO ...
25-5-2017 at 15:23
by: S.C. Wack
General Question about heating mantles
Maybe it's the glass...but what you really want to know is the temperature everywhere on the outside ...
13-5-2017 at 10:40
by: S.C. Wack
Formic Acid Decomposition
Not exactly no. It is not sensible to dry glycerol that isn't wet and breaks down thermally, then ad ...
22-4-2017 at 12:30
by: S.C. Wack
The Short Questions Thread (4)
The oxime, dissolved in 10 to 12 vol. of 50% aqueous ethanol,
was refluxed with 3.5 molar equiv of ...
21-4-2017 at 14:12
by: S.C. Wack
Formic Acid Decomposition
The distillate might have sterilizing properties...IME black means finely divided carbon and a mess ...
21-4-2017 at 13:53
by: S.C. Wack
Formic Acid Decomposition
[rquote=481075&tid=73574&author=tekkado]but then it got upto 120[sup]o[/sup]C at the still h ...
20-4-2017 at 15:55
by: S.C. Wack
Cell for smallscale electroreduction of nitroalkenes
I don´t know where to get porous porcellan with ...
27-3-2017 at 12:30
by: S.C. Wack
why is MEK schedule 2
1988 UN convention table 2.
12-3-2017 at 09:58
by: S.C. Wack
Synthesis of Nickel Acetate?
If this works sort of like the writer claims but one is not going to experiment using those exact di ...
11-3-2017 at 12:10
by: S.C. Wack
Feedback for First Sulfur Chloride(s) Synth (Failure)
If plastic tubing is to be used in such an application, it's to connect pieces of glass tube.
12-2-2017 at 14:22
by: S.C. Wack
US Pyrex kitchenware not Borosillicate glass! ...
7-2-2017 at 15:16
by: S.C. Wack
Seasoning Cast iron - What happens in the process?
[rquote=473193&tid=72006&author=RogueRose]What I'd like to know is what oil or fat would be ...
30-1-2017 at 14:29
by: S.C. Wack
Nitromethane -> Fulminates
...An aqueous solution of sodic nitromethane (10 grams) is added rapidly to a cold mercuric chloride ...
24-12-2016 at 09:36
by: S.C. Wack
Great Online Chemistry Texts for the Beginner and the Curious!
e-EROS: Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis
"free web version"
http://reag.paperplane.i ...
4-12-2016 at 22:04
by: S.C. Wack
Benzene ---> Phenol
Nitration or sulfonation first.
4-12-2016 at 21:51
by: S.C. Wack
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