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synthesis of Poly(methyl methacrylate)
[rquote=605671&tid=146636&author=Sulaiman] ...
19-3-2019 at 00:21
by: SWIM
Preparation of Diethyl Sulfate
Boron trioxide?
16-3-2019 at 08:01
by: SWIM
Preparation of ionic phosphide from red P
Moletox mole and gopher killer is 2% zinc phosphide.
And $13 US per pound on ebay.

Bet you coul ...
14-3-2019 at 08:42
by: SWIM
Vacuum DIsitillation - Insulation is Necessary? (aluminium+glass wool)
Sounds like you've got an RBF sitting on a hot plate stirrer. hard to transfer heat evenly that way. ...
10-3-2019 at 07:35
by: SWIM
Stabilization of diethyl ether by the adition of ethanol
If peroxides form that fast, I've certainly been taking chances without knowing it.
I always make i ...
25-2-2019 at 14:13
by: SWIM
White phosphorus recovery
[rquote=603485&tid=145535&author=Assured Fish]Id be sceptical of you being able to distill o ...
24-2-2019 at 18:16
by: SWIM
White phosphorus recovery

Might be able to get it out with a very short path distillation.

Falling film distillation if ...
24-2-2019 at 13:54
by: SWIM
Lab tips & tricks
[rquote=603073&tid=81777&author=morganbw][rquote=602987&tid=81777&author=happyfoodda ...
24-2-2019 at 11:56
by: SWIM
personal objective suggest about this website
[rquote=603194&tid=145390&author=fusso]Hey Wizz can't you see this is obvious spammy shit?[/ ...
22-2-2019 at 10:52
by: SWIM
Lab tips & tricks
[rquote=535771&tid=81777&author=nimgoldman][rquote=535686&tid=81777&author=Ubya]i di ...
20-2-2019 at 15:34
by: SWIM
What material should be used as a vacuum seal?
Neoprene is what they used to use as a seal in old-style Virtis lyophilizer flasks , and high vac is ...
17-2-2019 at 16:32
by: SWIM
HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD! Hoffman made LSD without making LSD?
I wish I could help you out Zed, but I'm just not feeling as fractious as usual today.

I'm afraid ...
17-2-2019 at 16:22
by: SWIM
Man melting dental fillings for silver ends up exposing entire apartment building to mercury
Most old silver filings are an amalgam of silver, mercury and a bit of copper ,I think. (Copper for ...
12-2-2019 at 10:31
by: SWIM
Diluting Ethanol to 95% (Azeotropic)
If you want azeotropic ethanol from ethanol that's over 95%, how about just leaving the cap off for ...
7-2-2019 at 10:59
by: SWIM
US source for Dufton, Bruun or Pear bulb columns?
There's an Australian supplier on Ebay who often has 250 mm Dufton columns.

They've got some righ ...
7-2-2019 at 10:56
by: SWIM
Vacuum distillation - cold trap
I use a PTFE diaphragm pump and don't usually bother with a cold trap.

If there are vapors I want ...
6-2-2019 at 12:06
by: SWIM
smaller rbf flask in larger heating mantle
Some mantles are MUCH more flexible than others.

Most of my Glass-Col mantles are stiff little bi ...
3-2-2019 at 21:22
by: SWIM
Cryogenic Chemistry (Cryochem)

I've been wondering if that's what this big old vacuum-jacketed watermelon is for. ...
3-2-2019 at 18:25
by: SWIM
Steel RBFs
[rquote=577102&tid=124219&author=OldNubbins]The bases appear to be stamped "18-8 stainless s ...
6-1-2019 at 21:55
by: SWIM
Steel RBFs

[file]72841[/file] [file]72839[/file]


These are them.
They're black ...
4-1-2019 at 21:21
by: SWIM
Steel RBFs
I've picked up these round bottom flasks which seem to be stainless steel.
They're certainly some ...
4-1-2019 at 20:01
by: SWIM
Can we travel back in time really?

Also I think we can avoid death by always g ...
4-1-2019 at 19:14
by: SWIM
Using reflux condenser in a distillation column?
If you want unattended operation, a magnetic takeoff may be the way to go.

They remove a fixed pr ...
2-12-2018 at 11:34
by: SWIM
shameless spoonfeed
That thread tittle made me assume this was another weird porno spam post.

Glad to see it's good c ...
2-12-2018 at 10:51
by: SWIM
What would your first experiment be if you had access to room temperature superconductors?
I would have them tested and find out how they work and patent them and rake in the big bucks.

W ...
13-11-2018 at 11:16
by: SWIM
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