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Help with scalating a synthesis please
I would be most concerned about the reaction itself and figuring out when it's finished.

With ve ...
16-9-2019 at 09:59
by: Sigmatropic
Need Help Separating different isomers of Halogenated Benzene Compounds
I've prepared some 6-Chloro-umbelliferone-3-carboxylic acid by chlorination of 2,4-dihydroxybenzalde ...
10-9-2019 at 22:21
by: Sigmatropic
Dissolving Calcium ammonium nitrate in Ethanol
In my experience CAN is more like a mixture of calcium carbonate mixed with ammonium nitrate. Dissol ...
29-8-2019 at 13:57
by: Sigmatropic
Methyl tosylate from Trimethyl Borate
IIRC, if you enter trialkyl borate and tosylic acid into reaxys you get a patent about preparation o ...
13-8-2019 at 08:47
by: Sigmatropic
Fluorenone reduction
I'm quite surprised by amount of times a mistake is copied when you search for hydrafinil. Shouldn't ...
4-8-2019 at 04:21
by: Sigmatropic
Preparation of Effexor
I would envisage something like
1) clasien condensation of dimethylacetamide with cyclohexanone, so ...
4-8-2019 at 03:40
by: Sigmatropic
P2P-please don't discard, is just a scientific question with no intention about that chemical's synthesis
[rquote=583877&tid=127971&author=macckone] Potassium permanganate was primarily used in MDMA ...
1-8-2019 at 22:25
by: Sigmatropic
CuCl2+CH3OH+DCM=blue flame?
I lack the theoretical understanding but could the way dcm helps the flame color of copper ions be s ...
11-7-2019 at 11:46
by: Sigmatropic
Methanesulfonyl azide as an antidote for hydrogen sulfide
I really, really, really hate supplementary information where the synthesis just reads: 'synthesized ...
3-7-2019 at 12:03
by: Sigmatropic
Help getting into organic chemistry
After already learning general chemistry I took up the task to read Claydens, Greeves, Warren and wo ...
22-5-2019 at 09:04
by: Sigmatropic
Troubles with Lithium-Halogen exchange reaction.
Gather some in process control samples. Specifically quench a sample with some protic solvent and ta ...
19-5-2019 at 01:53
by: Sigmatropic
Heavy metals waste
For copper specifically, I add aluminium foil wait for the exothermic reaction to set in.
Ot if th ...
10-5-2019 at 08:25
by: Sigmatropic
A little question about Wittig reaction.
I would explain it by the oxophilicity of phosphorus.
I usually assume the oxophosphetane can colla ...
26-4-2019 at 23:15
by: Sigmatropic
Making Nitric Acid from Sodium Nitrate and Hydrochloric Acid
An month spent in the laboratory will save a day spent in the library.

You are a kw3l and you sho ...
16-4-2019 at 10:14
by: Sigmatropic
Dumb Question
Generally speaking there are two types of chlorination.

1) electrophilic chlorination typically u ...
4-4-2019 at 01:58
by: Sigmatropic
phenyl ring and piracetam
Depends on where on the molecule you'd want to put it. It would be interesting if you tell us where ...
25-3-2019 at 01:31
by: Sigmatropic
Nitration of 2-EH
Nitroso compounds, nitrite esters? I've seen them blue and green and would not be suprised to see th ...
22-3-2019 at 16:20
by: Sigmatropic
Working out concentration
For most acids there are charts where one can look up what density corresponds to what concentration ...
18-3-2019 at 21:44
by: Sigmatropic
Predicting the color of an organic compound
The 4-fluoro has been reported as a yellow solid. I would be quite confident in predicting this comp ...
17-3-2019 at 14:00
by: Sigmatropic
dcm-water separation
This gets interesting when you have an organic salt in there, I've had a three layer system with eth ...
15-3-2019 at 11:43
by: Sigmatropic
dcm-water separation
Ya, your aq. solution will have been very concentrated and thus more dense than the DCM. Check misci ...
15-3-2019 at 11:39
by: Sigmatropic
dcm-water separation
Did you take the lower layer of the initial basic biphasic mixture? It appears you have collected th ...
15-3-2019 at 09:33
by: Sigmatropic
Predicting the color of an organic compound
Based on the color of benzylideneacetone I would be made to believe this compound is yellow. I'll ru ...
12-3-2019 at 14:27
by: Sigmatropic
How to concentrate azeotropic HNO3?
No, NO2 has a different and lower oxidation state than NO3- hence there has to be a reduction before ...
6-3-2019 at 12:41
by: Sigmatropic
New proposal for EU regulations
Can you find annex 1? my search comes up short but apparently they define maximal legal threshold co ...
21-2-2019 at 09:48
by: Sigmatropic
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