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How to make chromium ethoxide?
'photolysis of ammonium chromate in the resp. Alcohol '

30-12-2022 at 13:22
by: Sigmatropic
Methanesulfonic acid from sodium cocoyl isethionate
I reckon oxidizing taurine with some form of bleach would be a better route to sulfoacetic acid.
18-10-2022 at 19:22
by: Sigmatropic
Synthesis Review
Just upload your scheme as one figure.
It is full of errors, where did you get this pathway from? I ...
26-1-2022 at 23:16
by: Sigmatropic
Question about Grignard reaction
1) yes, if left atleast overnight the mol seives actually give very dry solvents. Williams2010.
2) ...
28-12-2021 at 23:26
by: Sigmatropic
Boiling point of organic carbonates
My understanding of physics is somewhat lacking, so forgive me putting forward so simple a question. ...
18-12-2021 at 13:19
by: Sigmatropic
Hydrazone or triazole?
Considering the analogy to the formation of furazans from bisoximes I would say the formation of tri ...
29-6-2021 at 21:40
by: Sigmatropic
Dibal-H in THF to alcohol mechanism
Draw your 'side product' in the first step you will note that it is Diisobutylaluminium methoxide. N ...
15-4-2021 at 21:23
by: Sigmatropic
Theoretical synthesis of 2-benzyl proline
I will just leave this here.
14-4-2021 at 20:31
by: Sigmatropic
Oxalyl Chloride Challenge
[rquote=641071&tid=82462&author=Sigmatropic]I just had another idea, what if you make ethyle ...
25-3-2021 at 11:06
by: Sigmatropic
Questions about MPV reduction
It usually means dioxane to make a 1 M solution of substrate in the dioxane.

I would think the or ...
6-12-2020 at 10:02
by: Sigmatropic
Choosing an acid catalyst
I think sulfuric acid causes this charring because it is slightly oxidizing, so yes I would think Ts ...
4-11-2020 at 21:15
by: Sigmatropic
Size of chromatography column
Column chromatography ranges everywhere from 1/10 to 1/100 g of crude product to g of silica. Typica ...
12-10-2020 at 10:03
by: Sigmatropic
H-NMR Multiplicity of aldehyde hydrogen on 3-fluorobenzaldehyde
W coupling would be 4J, in this example it is 5J. So no W coupling. Also in reality it is a doublet, ...
6-10-2020 at 10:03
by: Sigmatropic
Looking for interesting/useful reaction that uses UV light as catalyst or energy source
Be sure to check out what some of our members are up to: ...
11-8-2020 at 13:59
by: Sigmatropic
Would you feel comfortable using aniline and n,n-dimethylaniline (possible carcinogens) in a home lab?
We are missing the point why some anilines are such potent carcinogens and others are not.

I've o ...
11-8-2020 at 13:10
by: Sigmatropic
Idea of reactions for Rhodium on carbon
Hydrogenations in home set up are not to be taken lightly. It is a catalyst after all and hydrogenat ...
10-8-2020 at 13:22
by: Sigmatropic
What Happened in Beirut
[rquote=642302&tid=155931&author=Pyro_cat] [/rquote] much dark red at the top right, exactly ...
5-8-2020 at 21:50
by: Sigmatropic
What Happened in Beirut
There is no way in knowing what the density of that ship is, it's probably classified, but I'm guess ...
5-8-2020 at 14:11
by: Sigmatropic
(safer) fluorination of benzaldehyde?
2-FA is boring by the way, the 3- position is m ...
2-8-2020 at 08:59
by: Sigmatropic
Making Reducing agents and oxidizing agents
Lithium Borohydride above sodium aluminum hydride? I don't think so.
1-8-2020 at 01:02
by: Sigmatropic
Disposal of solvents
Burning would be better, except for chloroform containing waste, disposing as flammable chemical was ...
30-7-2020 at 21:24
by: Sigmatropic
Phenethylamine from acetophenone
In reductive amination the acid speeds up the imine formation by activation of the carbonyl and elem ...
26-7-2020 at 02:14
by: Sigmatropic
Phenethylamine from acetophenone
You could also use a Neber rearrangement followed by a clemmensen reduction. Wolf kishner is not sui ...
25-7-2020 at 23:48
by: Sigmatropic
Oxalyl Chloride Challenge
I just had another idea, what if you make ethylene oxalate from dimethyl/diethyl oxalate and ethylen ...
19-7-2020 at 07:11
by: Sigmatropic
Amide synthesis by dehydration of N - substituted carboxylate salts ...
5-7-2020 at 08:05
by: Sigmatropic
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