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Distillation equipment

little bit of a rip o ...
28-4-2003 at 21:19
by: Skean Dhu
Nitric Acid
ok, i tried to make some HNO3 today, but the still didn't work.
i had a glass beverage bott ...
12-4-2003 at 08:34
by: Skean Dhu
Distillation equipment
hey BASF, what is PE foil, could heavy duty kitchen AL foil work in its place?
11-4-2003 at 14:52
by: Skean Dhu
Locating Equipment
reasonably priced labwear
downside is its based out of ontario so shipping will ta ...
10-4-2003 at 12:27
by: Skean Dhu
Obtaining Potassium Nitrate
Hi-Yeild brand stump remover has 1.5 lbs of it for like $3 in the prilled form, and it says on the b ...
10-4-2003 at 12:22
by: Skean Dhu
MEKP for sale
i found 10oz for $6(us) at this site ...
7-4-2003 at 18:26
by: Skean Dhu
Ammonium Nitrate and detonation
its the Explosives & Weapons(roguesci) forum, I'd venture to say that about 30% of the memb ...
6-4-2003 at 11:32
by: Skean Dhu

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