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Experiments with liquid Nitrogen...
I have a 25 liter LN2 tank that I fill up sometimes. It really does make great ice cream. I can te ...
5-3-2005 at 22:52
by: Skinflint
Silver Fulminate Synthesis
I'd just like to say that most people are actually going to make the double salt. Double salt ...
1-3-2005 at 10:18
by: Skinflint
Butane (C4H10) experiments...
It would be fun to brominate it with liquid bromine, but this would probably be quite energetic and ...
20-2-2005 at 00:29
by: Skinflint
Best and worst smelling chemicals?
I don't appreciate the smell of iodine at all! Anyways, when I was dissolving steel wool in di ...
11-2-2005 at 21:41
by: Skinflint
Peroxide Watergel
I've found that relatively fine aluminum powder can be made with an angle grinder. I grind ins ...
11-2-2005 at 21:17
by: Skinflint

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