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Diverse ion effect
The "salting out effect" is that the solubility of an non-ionic compound (typically an organic molec ...
5-6-2011 at 15:21
by: Sobrero
eugenol -->vanillin
Recently I was reading in "Electrochemistry of Organic Compounds", Walther Löb, 1906 (available in ...
28-2-2011 at 07:23
by: Sobrero
International Chemistry Olympiad - Help needed with problems
D'oh, I mean the 0.26V (which is given in the problem statement:
"5 c) The reduction potential for ...
11-1-2011 at 01:54
by: Sobrero
International Chemistry Olympiad - Help needed with problems
1) Just think about this: the reaction is taking place in the presence of an enzyme (on the enzyme s ...
10-1-2011 at 12:48
by: Sobrero
The short questions thread (2)
What is this piece of glassware used for? I can't think of any setup where this would come in handy. ...
25-1-2010 at 11:08
by: Sobrero
Sodium Azide
Uchiacon, have a look at the first page of this thread. Rosco Bodine gives a detailed method for sod ...
4-12-2009 at 08:38
by: Sobrero
What is stronger nitric acid or hydrochloric acid?

pKa of HCl = -7
pKa of HNO3 = -1.4

Th ...
1-8-2009 at 04:54
by: Sobrero
Does anybody brew/ Make wine here?
Every year I make cider from our own apples (with some extra sugar). It tastes good, a bit champaign ...
7-7-2009 at 01:49
by: Sobrero
Why don't the electrons slam into the protons?
Hmm the answer "Because Daddy says so." is quite unscientific too ^^.
Perhaps you can tell this too ...
12-5-2009 at 10:00
by: Sobrero
Diamminedinitritoplatinum (Platinum P-salt)
A useful reflex when it comes to inorganic preparation is immediately checking Brauer or Gmelin :).
27-4-2009 at 10:07
by: Sobrero
From where are you?
[url=]Belgium[/url] :).
25-7-2008 at 01:28
by: Sobrero
5-ATZ(5-Aminotetrazole), the nitrotetrazolate ion and friends
Perhaps dinitrobiguanidine can be made by reaction of fuming nitric acid (or mixed acids) with bigua ...
16-7-2008 at 00:58
by: Sobrero
Acetaldehyde synthesis
Pentaerythritol synthesis ;).
26-2-2008 at 05:08
by: Sobrero
Trinitrotoluene preparation
You mean liquid at elevated (60-70°C) or at room temperature (after 'drowning')? Dinitrotouene m ...
8-2-2008 at 04:37
by: Sobrero
Trinitrotoluene preparation
I've made TNT a few times, by first nitrating toluene to DNT and then to TNT.
I like this path a lo ...
5-2-2008 at 11:40
by: Sobrero
Help me choose a cool experiment
Fluorescein (synthesis and demonstration of its fluorescence of course)? Should make a nice lab repo ...
21-1-2008 at 13:12
by: Sobrero
Old Chemistry Lab Manual
Great :D. I love those old laboratory manuals too! This remembers me I found one dating back from th ...
18-12-2007 at 12:59
by: Sobrero
Silver Fulminate Synthesis
I doubt you have to purify your silver; as nitro-genes already stated the SF synthesis is quite tole ...
21-4-2007 at 12:48
by: Sobrero
Natural grade indeed :D

@Rosco Bodine: that's the synthesis I have followed to make my batch of g ...
23-3-2007 at 11:45
by: Sobrero
5-ATZ(5-Aminotetrazole), the nitrotetrazolate ion and friends
I have prepared 7.25g nitroaminoguanidine as follows: (Patent US2617826)

(hydrazine sulfate was m ...
10-3-2007 at 08:43
by: Sobrero

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