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Glass storage problems with 93% sulfuric acid
If concerned with headspace you can use a collapsible/concertina bottle

https://www.sigmaaldric ...
19-3-2018 at 13:50
by: Sulaiman
SM Kemistry Skool ...
19-3-2018 at 06:53
by: Sulaiman
Chemical Resistance of Stoppers
[rquote=511166&tid=81320&author=Magpie]I use my borers all the time.[/rquote]

So do you b ...
18-3-2018 at 15:46
by: Sulaiman
Chemical Resistance of Stoppers
For boring holes through corks and red rubber bungs, I have similar to these ...
18-3-2018 at 12:19
by: Sulaiman
DIY ramp, soak, pc parameter set up/monitor temperature controller
i am considering automating my distillation rig (that is still unfinished) for sem-remot ...
18-3-2018 at 03:16
by: Sulaiman
Is a 200mm liebig condenser long enough?
As mentioned above,
all of the heat used to vapourise the liquid has to be removed by the condenser ...
18-3-2018 at 01:21
by: Sulaiman
Cannabinoid concentration
[rquote=510878&tid=81093&author=Tsjerk][quote]If the sale and/or trade of the product is not ...
16-3-2018 at 06:52
by: Sulaiman
Cannabinoid concentration
If the sale and/or trade of the product is not allowed,
what is the benefit of regular extraction/c ...
16-3-2018 at 01:48
by: Sulaiman
I'm looking into making zinc bromide in sizable quantities
My first thoughts;
. have you made a working, reliable small-scale battery before scaling up ?
. b ...
15-3-2018 at 08:17
by: Sulaiman
How to trigger reaction in closed vacuum jar ?
I can imagine so many uses for electrical connections to a vacuum chamber,
automotive spark plugs o ...
15-3-2018 at 05:43
by: Sulaiman
Best method to make potassium dichromate from stainless steel
Wikipedia solubility pages P

or offline

[fi ...
15-3-2018 at 02:00
by: Sulaiman
Radiation detector test sources.
Where I work we repair radiation alarms for nuclear installations,
each detector has a similar thor ...
15-3-2018 at 01:20
by: Sulaiman
Help please ! - Low Plating Efficiency
Based on Wilipedia, CuCl[sub]2[/sub] can be reduced to insoluble CuCl,
cathodes reduce most compoun ...
14-3-2018 at 01:12
by: Sulaiman
Separating metals out of a coin
For pure nickel I bought these ...
14-3-2018 at 00:57
by: Sulaiman
How long can Lithium Ingots be in open air before tarnishing?
[rquote=510440&tid=81140&author=Fulmen][rquote=510331&tid=81140&author=Sidmadra]Foil ...
13-3-2018 at 06:28
by: Sulaiman
“Poison is Queen”
Looks like common knowledge :
12-3-2018 at 18:56
by: Sulaiman
Colured smoke ...
12-3-2018 at 13:30
by: Sulaiman
My vacuum pump
I meant direct mechanical heating of the water,
e.g. 60 W motor/pump x 50% efficient = 30 W power i ...
12-3-2018 at 04:05
by: Sulaiman
My vacuum pump
When recirculating water through the pump and aspirator I would expect the water to heat up signific ...
12-3-2018 at 02:38
by: Sulaiman
Buying chemicals
By posting here on SM you are entitled to one free search - even if you do not buy any chemicals.

11-3-2018 at 06:52
by: Sulaiman
Looking for a UK source of aluminium granules for a heat bath
Copper would give a lot of 'bouyancy' as it is quite dense.
Perfect spheres conduct heat poorly,
11-3-2018 at 06:20
by: Sulaiman
Antimony toxicity?
Antimony sulphide is commonly used in the middle east as a cosmetic - maskara.
https://en.wikipedia ...
10-3-2018 at 03:47
by: Sulaiman
Sodium methoxide using sodium sulfate as drying agent
I've not done anhydrous chemistry but due to reading here on SM I bought 3A molecular sieves from th ...
9-3-2018 at 03:30
by: Sulaiman
Essential Chemicals for the Organic Lab
[rquote=509757&tid=80997&author=BaFuxa]Another information of interest would be what in what ...
7-3-2018 at 13:11
by: Sulaiman
Flames Under Pressure
I suspect a little confusion here, so let me add to it :P

Internal combustion engines compress th ...
7-3-2018 at 12:47
by: Sulaiman
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