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Everyday Chemistry
I believe that Rooto' advertises as 'virgin' sulfuric acid, so at least no major metals contaminatio ...
25-4-2017 at 10:43
by: Sulaiman
Everyday Chemistry
Had a go at clarifying some drain unblocker grade sulfuric acid,
completely clear with a very light ...
25-4-2017 at 08:35
by: Sulaiman
The Short Questions Thread (4)
I suspect that the thickness and shapes of bottles would make thermal stresses much greater than in ...
24-4-2017 at 17:33
by: Sulaiman
pH meter, drying cabinet, thermometers, stirrers
sounds like a standard memory backup battery, e.g. ...
22-4-2017 at 11:38
by: Sulaiman
how to know how much ethanol was vaporized in air??
maybe you could construct one of these
21-4-2017 at 06:51
by: Sulaiman
new toys
"Right now it has a thin layer of clay on the bottom that has defied removal with all common measure ...
21-4-2017 at 01:14
by: Sulaiman
Crystals from vapor?
on the wall, about 1/2-way between the top of the liquid level and the top of the container, where t ...
19-4-2017 at 01:27
by: Sulaiman
Crystals from vapor?
pure speculation ;

given that there are some crystals on the side,
saturated salt solution will ...
18-4-2017 at 06:23
by: Sulaiman
Sulphur dioxide from sulphuric acid
can you get Sodium thiosulfate ?
('hypo' in photographic circles).

not very efficient,
1 mole ...
17-4-2017 at 09:39
by: Sulaiman
Marx generator pumped vircator-single-shot? or otherwise?
I have no experience in this area but I guess that;

a single high energy pulse of pre-settable en ...
17-4-2017 at 05:51
by: Sulaiman
Graffiti Removal
HCl / muriatic acid together with abrasion will remove the top layer of concrete, taking the paint w ...
16-4-2017 at 23:52
by: Sulaiman
What color is a nuclear explosion ?
16-4-2017 at 06:44
by: Sulaiman
Is this nitrophenol or picric acid?
15-4-2017 at 23:39
by: Sulaiman
Tour My Lab
I relocated, upgraded and painted my alfresco experimenting table

I thought I'd document that it ...
15-4-2017 at 11:24
by: Sulaiman
Br2 in DCM
I'm glad that you have recovered, bromine (or iodine or chlorine) gets right up my nose,
and, I ad ...
13-4-2017 at 07:44
by: Sulaiman
how do I resize pictures so that I can post them here?
when you open the page to post;

(click on this picture)

you see the uploa ...
10-4-2017 at 10:13
by: Sulaiman
Distilling water
It sounds like you have plenty of spare space,
have you considered a 'solar still' https://en.wikip ...
9-4-2017 at 23:25
by: Sulaiman
What in the world happened
I'm only guessing based on the Wikipedia article

etha ...
8-4-2017 at 15:05
by: Sulaiman
Fractional Distillation
I doubt that rolled-up steel mesh will make a good column packing material as it will conduct too mu ...
7-4-2017 at 08:11
by: Sulaiman
Potassium Bromate arrived
Strange world
... a packet of white powder posted to me in UK from the Russian Federation arrives ...
7-4-2017 at 03:32
by: Sulaiman
Solubility musings
You can imagine that the "[url=https://en.wikip ...
6-4-2017 at 05:09
by: Sulaiman
Solubility musings
do gasses have solubility limits ?
I thought gasses are miscible in any proportions.
6-4-2017 at 04:41
by: Sulaiman
SA Heater & Stirrer (Blog)
Hopefully my heating mantle will have a supporting role in my next YouTube detritus......

I am st ...
6-4-2017 at 01:53
by: Sulaiman
Solubility musings
I was thinking more of the solution rather then the solvation,

. as there are salts that are endo ...
5-4-2017 at 22:47
by: Sulaiman
Storing Sodium Metal
Assuming 'Mineral Spirits' then definitely YES, that's what I'm using.

.put a little piece of fre ...
4-4-2017 at 08:11
by: Sulaiman
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