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Suitable manometer
So it circles back to the beginning,
the above description applies to the unit Yttrium2 first cons ...
6-2-2023 at 05:53
by: Sulaiman
Suitable manometer
Your diagram indicates that you want to do fractional distillations at low pressures.
I had such dr ...
5-2-2023 at 19:29
by: Sulaiman
Suitable manometer
My comments above give the impression that I favour mercury u-tubes etc.
I definitely do not,
I u ...
5-2-2023 at 17:08
by: Sulaiman
Bad pH paper, or?
1 the pH papers are not working
2 you have papers intended for indicating only high ...
4-2-2023 at 16:39
by: Sulaiman
Suitable manometer
If the sealed end of a u-tube is full of mercury,
ie no air = no air pressure = vacuum

If you on ...
3-2-2023 at 07:43
by: Sulaiman
Measuring distillation column performance
From my own experiments I suggest that it is very difficult to accurately determine the number of th ...
1-2-2023 at 07:51
by: Sulaiman
Catalyst preparation dumb question
molecular weights

Pd/PdCl[sub]2[/sub] = 106.42/177.326 = 0.6

106.42/213 ...
30-1-2023 at 01:21
by: Sulaiman
Colored inorganic liquids.
You could start here :
26-1-2023 at 16:48
by: Sulaiman
Destructive distillation questions
I have zero experience here but
as a product of decarboxylation is CO[sub]2[/sub]
I guess that CO[ ...
26-1-2023 at 09:09
by: Sulaiman
Distilling Advice - Recovering mineral spirits from used solvent
A few thoughts :
1 10 to 14 litres of liquid needs a 20 litre or more boiling pot or many batches u ...
25-1-2023 at 02:06
by: Sulaiman
melting point apparatus - ebay
I think that your first usage should be to verify the equipment versus melting point standards
eg h ...
21-1-2023 at 20:21
by: Sulaiman
my rogue 40/35 ground glass joint
Assuming that there is a hole in the side of the male joint it is necessary to grind one or both par ...
21-1-2023 at 20:05
by: Sulaiman
vacuum distillation of cyclohexane
You could add a second chilled condenser above the receiving flask and attach that to the pump.
16-1-2023 at 20:04
by: Sulaiman
Looking for an online resource that contains large amounts of solubility data
Another great resource - thanks.

I'm going to try to download all.
13-1-2023 at 20:38
by: Sulaiman
Looking for an online resource that contains large amounts of solubility data
A very useful document - thank you.

Imagine the man.years of effort that were required to obtain ...
13-1-2023 at 05:02
by: Sulaiman
Not really iron?
P.S. A convenient source of small quantities of very fine iron powder is in dessicant packets as fou ...
12-1-2023 at 07:42
by: Sulaiman
Glassware, rotovaps, analytical instrument supplier
Gc Gcms and lcms and large vacuum insulated columns with vto heads,
.. and much more.
Alla ...
11-1-2023 at 22:05
by: Sulaiman
What is soldering iron tip refresher?
My google skills failed me!
I did not find an msds :(
Thank you

Looks like it is not worth diy ...
11-1-2023 at 16:28
by: Sulaiman
Glassware, rotovaps, analytical instrument supplier
The lab is interesting but I'm more interested in your elixir of life,
you look very young for some ...
11-1-2023 at 08:01
by: Sulaiman
What is soldering iron tip refresher?
I bought a tin of 'tip refresher' for a cheap soldering iron,
It works very well so I'd like to kno ...
11-1-2023 at 07:13
by: Sulaiman
Not really iron?
If test tube scale does not work,
I would try ;
1 get a clean dry tin can
2 lightly grind some of ...
8-1-2023 at 19:48
by: Sulaiman
Not really iron?
Fine iron powder rusts easily/quickly in humid air.
Iron powder should look silver to grey colour. ...
7-1-2023 at 15:24
by: Sulaiman
What is this?
The stirring.
A hotplate would create convection currents but not enough to ensure that all places ...
6-1-2023 at 06:17
by: Sulaiman
What is this?
The knob is labeled "STIRRER SPEED" so it is to control the speed of the stirrer ;)
The immersion h ...
5-1-2023 at 16:52
by: Sulaiman
Tungsten rod not pure ?
I used tungsten rods like the ones in the second link for spark gap tesla coils,
the erosion was s ...
31-12-2022 at 04:38
by: Sulaiman
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