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From 'Conductive silver liquid' to silver iodide & dichromate
This stood out to me;
[rquote=629772&tid=154749&author=Lion850]... the suppliers specs and ...
20-1-2020 at 23:23
by: Sulaiman
Purifying Potassium Permanganate
[rquote=629684&tid=69442&author=SuperOxide]Using acetone and a soxhlet extractor seems like ...
18-1-2020 at 04:23
by: Sulaiman
Geiger counter advice please
I believe that a small uv lamp (or maybe LED) would cause uranyl salts to fluoresce in the visible/d ...
17-1-2020 at 03:30
by: Sulaiman
Issue with magnetic stirrer
[rquote=629492&tid=154728&author=XeonTheMGPony]I got an old corning with the same issue, it ...
14-1-2020 at 20:30
by: Sulaiman
Balance Underload and Overload Error
Have you checked for a transport lock ?
e.g. the Ohaus Valor has a transport lock in the battery co ...
13-1-2020 at 00:04
by: Sulaiman
Crystallization Techniques
I have only a little recrysallisation experience but based on reading and some experimenting ...
(e ...
12-1-2020 at 06:13
by: Sulaiman
Fume Hood Blower Installation
This fan uses brushes so there will be some sparking that could ignite flammable gasses or vapours.
12-1-2020 at 00:12
by: Sulaiman
Fume Hood Blower Installation
[rquote=629242&tid=154644&author=Abromination]... better reviews and higher cfms.
... the w ...
11-1-2020 at 05:27
by: Sulaiman
Lithium-Sulfur battery at home?
I'm not proficient in electrochemistry, but a quick read makes me think that you are aiming very hig ...
11-1-2020 at 01:35
by: Sulaiman
Hands aren’t the same as soft skin!
[rquote=629113&tid=154688&author=LearnedAmateur]A few mL of it managed to miss the bottle, h ...
7-1-2020 at 21:10
by: Sulaiman
Beginner Project Ideas
I've not looked yet, but now is the season of almost as new, ex-Xmas present chemistry sets,
eBay, ...
7-1-2020 at 02:15
by: Sulaiman
No experience with fractional distillation. help me decide what column to buy?
When it comes to fractional distillation I consider myself quite expert
- at discovering things not ...
2-1-2020 at 20:28
by: Sulaiman
Distillation using an air condenser
Simple glass tubing works as an air condenser but the cooling power is quite low,
e.g. condensing 1 ...
29-12-2019 at 07:25
by: Sulaiman
How would you continue a chemistry hobby, if you had to move into an unsuitable living space?
Probably researching clandestine lab setups is a good start,
summary of a story: a light industry l ...
25-12-2019 at 23:28
by: Sulaiman
5kg KNO3 order in the UK
I'm British, my home and Lab are in Walsall, but I'm on a long holiday in my wife's homeland.

I c ...
22-12-2019 at 23:38
by: Sulaiman
Separation question
[rquote=628379&tid=154612&author=DraconicAcid][rquote=628377&tid=154612&author=fusso ...
21-12-2019 at 21:56
by: Sulaiman
Chemistry techniques to improve cooking skills
Cooking (especially baking) skills are directly transferrable to the practice of hobby chemistry,
t ...
21-12-2019 at 21:16
by: Sulaiman
5kg KNO3 order in the UK
[rquote=628344&tid=154609&author=georgef2545]So I plan to buy 5kg of KNO3 ...

I plan also ...
21-12-2019 at 20:56
by: Sulaiman
Kitchenware Pyrex on Hotplate
Notice that the brand is 'pyrex' which is toughened soda-lime glass,
'Pyrex' or 'PYREX' is borosili ...
21-12-2019 at 02:44
by: Sulaiman
Need Lab Space Advice - Power at current place can't support all of my equipment
Power :
1) change to gas power : furnace, Bunsen burner etc. and use bottled gas
2) buy a petrol ...
17-12-2019 at 21:12
by: Sulaiman
Corning PC-351 Repair
[rquote=627960&tid=64839&author=G-Coupled][b]Sulaiman[/b] - what did you find the part I pos ...
14-12-2019 at 21:53
by: Sulaiman
Corning PC-351 Repair
I have both of those modules,
the photo in the post by G-Coupled is a dc in / pwm dc out module
th ...
14-12-2019 at 08:10
by: Sulaiman
Removing coating in photo lenses
[rquote=627836&tid=154499&author=pneumatician]For a reasonable price I can take IR shots in ...
12-12-2019 at 20:47
by: Sulaiman
Magpie has died
I too will miss Magpie,
one of the first members to make me feel welcome here.
12-12-2019 at 18:52
by: Sulaiman
my 2 cents worth on gloves :
Before you buy gloves check out the AQL,
I use AQL 1.5 so that means that up to 1.5% of my gloves h ...
11-12-2019 at 20:37
by: Sulaiman
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