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Setting Up an Amateur Lab
[rquote=623107&tid=153979&author=CharlieA]In setting up a lab, I've found Robert Bruce Thomp ...
18-9-2019 at 05:43
by: Sulaiman
Home made Flocculant for Lye solution and hydroxides?
I do not think that there will be lead hydroxide or tin hydroxide present,
sodium stannate https:// ...
14-9-2019 at 21:20
by: Sulaiman
Vial of palladium odor mystery
Out of curiosity I did a little googling on this subject ... I found nothing useful :(

As none of ...
14-9-2019 at 17:31
by: Sulaiman
Help me identify this chemical
Besides menthol, mint contains Camphor, which could be what you have.
The easiest method of identif ...
13-9-2019 at 02:09
by: Sulaiman
I do not want to move to other countries
[rquote=622789&tid=153732&author=CELamCheng]Sulaiman's 2nd line is wrong. About a Malaysian ...
12-9-2019 at 20:53
by: Sulaiman
I do not want to move to other countries
[rquote=622735&tid=153732&author=CELamCheng]Fuck the treasoning HK lawmakers and traitors, t ...
12-9-2019 at 20:01
by: Sulaiman
Elemental sulfur from sulfates?
Sodium thiosulfate plus hydrochloric acid is a simple method to produce sulphur,
sulphur shoul ...
11-9-2019 at 17:56
by: Sulaiman
My copper waste solution does not want to clear up
Small note regarding kitchen scouring pads;

there is steel wool, usually quite fine strands and r ...
10-9-2019 at 01:11
by: Sulaiman
9-9-2019 at 21:35
by: Sulaiman
My advice is ... UTFSE
You should learn to do research of your own instead of repeatedly asking the forum any question that ...
9-9-2019 at 20:00
by: Sulaiman
presentation about explosives to school
The risks seem too great for a school demonstration,

discuss with your teacher before starting an ...
8-9-2019 at 02:13
by: Sulaiman
Neodymium magnet stuck like a rock to a zinc coated iron slug
I guess ;

nickel plus zinc plus moisture = electrolytic corrosion
the compressive force ...
7-9-2019 at 19:29
by: Sulaiman
Neodymium magnet stuck like a rock to a zinc coated iron slug
I'd spray a little WD40 or similar and after 30 minutes or so give it a try.

Tapping with a metal ...
7-9-2019 at 19:01
by: Sulaiman
The Short Questions Thread (4)
Heat seal (melt) the end of some 8mm o.d. borosilicate tubing and put the thermocouple in the glass ...
6-9-2019 at 06:15
by: Sulaiman
Pump for Condenser and Aspirator
The pump that you showed is adequate for vacuum (reduced pressure) filtering, but it would be slower ...
4-9-2019 at 07:45
by: Sulaiman
Pump for Condenser and Aspirator
In my opinion ... too big for cooling water but too small for an aspirator :P

EDIT : I use a 12V ...
4-9-2019 at 03:52
by: Sulaiman
Single Crystal Materials and optical components
I can read the exact same information on many web pages,
have you something useful to add ?
2-9-2019 at 18:59
by: Sulaiman
I burnt my copper tartrate
other than boiling, every method that I have tried needs an air pump,
and atmospheric air has all k ...
31-8-2019 at 20:46
by: Sulaiman
Methyl Violet questions
Since posting above I've been googling a little,
and the more I read the less I know :o

It seems ...
31-8-2019 at 17:11
by: Sulaiman
Methyl Violet questions
For no particular reason other than boredom I just ordered 25g of Methyl Violet from China via eBay
31-8-2019 at 03:02
by: Sulaiman
Potash from Charcoal Ashes
A couple of years ago I did similar ... the ashes saved from many bbq left to soak in a large bucket ...
30-8-2019 at 17:34
by: Sulaiman
Advice on Turbine and Pump Designs
If the entire assembly is submerged then there will be no nett forces on the large piston :P

I se ...
29-8-2019 at 22:15
by: Sulaiman
Is it possible to generate electricity from a pH gradient?
[rquote=621598&tid=153432&author=cyentist][rquote=621460&tid=153432&author=Sulaiman] ...
29-8-2019 at 17:01
by: Sulaiman
Ring clamp in uk

and of course eBay uk
28-8-2019 at 19:10
by: Sulaiman
Infrared water heating information
These two diagrams show the emission spectrum of heaters vs. temperature and the penetration depth o ...
27-8-2019 at 21:46
by: Sulaiman
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