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My new workbench :(
During a prolonged EtOH distillation run with no heat shield beneath my hotplate, this happened

29-5-2017 at 04:07
by: Sulaiman
Overhead Stirring
OK , looking good, with a few cautions. thanks.

I am planning to use a rigid coupling directly ...
27-5-2017 at 19:32
by: Sulaiman
6" i.d. glass tube & vacuum ?
I bought it on a whim, used via eBay, no history.
I suspect soda-lime glass but it was listed as 's ...
26-5-2017 at 17:48
by: Sulaiman
6" i.d. glass tube & vacuum ?
I have a LARGE glass cylinder that I am considering using as a vacuum chamber,
mainly for low pres ...
26-5-2017 at 03:55
by: Sulaiman
USA MMO Electrodes on eBay 6 for $20
I just came across eBay item# 352067522604 that may interest some here,
Lot of 6 pieces MMO coated ...
26-5-2017 at 01:17
by: Sulaiman
1) most municipal dumps (in UK, so I assume AU also) have asbestos waste facilities,
probably cheap ...
26-5-2017 at 01:05
by: Sulaiman
Making a really HOT electric resistance furnace
I think that the comment by wg48 should be carefully considered,

[rquote=469406&tid=70334& ...
25-5-2017 at 11:39
by: Sulaiman
is it time to refuse EU and UK help with EN?
[rquote=483970&tid=74273&author=Chisholm]I'm still perplexed by the fascination of Middle Ea ...
25-5-2017 at 01:51
by: Sulaiman
Filter paper from commonly available materials?
Because I have a 90mm buchner funnel, I find these economical and effective ...
25-5-2017 at 01:05
by: Sulaiman
Creep/Crawl of salts - up dish wall - as liquid evaporates
Until we find the proper name for this effect,
I have taken the liberty of naming the structure a ' ...
25-5-2017 at 00:12
by: Sulaiman
Everyday Chemistry
[rquote=482871&tid=64759&author=mayko]I passed the lab class; now I'm officially unofficiall ...
24-5-2017 at 02:34
by: Sulaiman
Preventing corrosion and wear [stainless steel + steel alloys]
I read your reference,
to me it seems that boronizing is for mechanical wear resistance,
not corr ...
23-5-2017 at 01:29
by: Sulaiman
Catalyst (acid?) for oxidizing with NaOCl - Does this help and what would be best?
hydrogen peroxide may help as it is slightly more electropositive than hypochlorite, permanganate ma ...
23-5-2017 at 00:59
by: Sulaiman
OTC Oxalyl Chloride Challenge
As a pure amateur I have to say that YouTube videos have been invaluable to me,
it is so helpful to ...
22-5-2017 at 03:20
by: Sulaiman
NTC Thermistor and Arduino brief tutorial
Or you could buy a rex c100 temperature controller
£6.99 rex-c100 ...
22-5-2017 at 03:04
by: Sulaiman
Copper plating cast iron skillet

copper and iron would be prone to electrolytic corrosion
22-5-2017 at 02:42
by: Sulaiman
OTC Oxalyl Chloride Challenge
Just in case anyone interested missed this thread ...
21-5-2017 at 15:16
by: Sulaiman
Lead recovery from glass, theory and practic.
maybe if you could melt the crt glass into slabs there would be eBay buyers of 'lead glass radiation ...
21-5-2017 at 14:52
by: Sulaiman
Celite filter aid = diatomaceous earth (DE)
Thanks for all the guidance,
I'll buy the lot that I pointed to and acid-wash it.
I'm guessing HCl ...
21-5-2017 at 10:17
by: Sulaiman
How much have you spent on your lab?
3 years,
£621.57 on chemicals
£739.75 on equipment

Starting costs were high but average mont ...
21-5-2017 at 09:01
by: Sulaiman
Celite filter aid = diatomaceous earth (DE)
I have just been looking at DE on eBay,

Apparently the darker marine DE has heavy metal content,
21-5-2017 at 04:32
by: Sulaiman
OTC Oxalyl Chloride Challenge
I guess that you will have to specify "OTC" first,
e.g. I buy almost everything, other than food, o ...
20-5-2017 at 15:08
by: Sulaiman
Filtering speed - same filter but poor results with vacuum pump
You could try operating with less suction/vacuum,

e.g. using filter papers in a Buchner funnel
I ...
20-5-2017 at 02:02
by: Sulaiman
Problem with a burner
I'm out of my depth here, I can only guess;

I doubt much harm would come of testing old bunsen bu ...
18-5-2017 at 14:14
by: Sulaiman
Overhead Stirring
Excellent !
I'll blow acetylene gas (from calcium carbide) through the motor as soon as the weather ...
18-5-2017 at 02:41
by: Sulaiman
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