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Hexamine complexes?
I've done some research into Polyol complexes, I don't know if we'll win this battle. The complexes ...
20-9-2009 at 05:30
by: TechnologicallyRetarded
Nitrogen Dioxide Smell
All this information is great, but no-one has addressed the methods of gas extraction, except for th ...
16-9-2009 at 06:36
by: TechnologicallyRetarded
Re: NOx Elimination
Thanks for your reply chloric1:

[quote]Well some industries bubble NOx in sodium carbonate to mak ...
15-9-2009 at 12:59
by: TechnologicallyRetarded
Exotic Primaries - Complex Salts
... Just edited the solubility of the Chlorate on wiki.

And Rosco, that's some trippy music... no ...
15-9-2009 at 04:23
by: TechnologicallyRetarded
Lead Salt Solubility Info.
I'll take this opportunity to post this link to the 'The lead salts preparation thread!'....

http ...
15-9-2009 at 04:17
by: TechnologicallyRetarded
Fume Hood Design
These plans are looking great! I too really need to get one of these up and running.

In my rudime ...
14-9-2009 at 14:07
by: TechnologicallyRetarded
NOx Elimination
I've searched for some time for a thread addressing the dangers and removal of NOx, so far this is t ...
14-9-2009 at 13:57
by: TechnologicallyRetarded
Mr. Anonymous: improved hydrazine sulfate
Apologies... and yes, my user name is fitting ~_~".

I am fairly new to forum's in general. Don't ...
26-8-2009 at 08:28
by: TechnologicallyRetarded
Persulfate cell - Please translate passage (German)
I did have a pathetic attempt with Graphite electrodes... erosion was rapid and no ppt I'm afraid.
25-8-2009 at 13:48
by: TechnologicallyRetarded
Mr. Anonymous: improved hydrazine sulfate
Iv4, you are going to get your throat slit asking stuff like that... research the Hoffman Degredatio ...
25-8-2009 at 12:46
by: TechnologicallyRetarded
5-nitro-3H-1,2,4-triazol-3-one (NTO)
Axt, I notice that you produced Semicarbazide from Hydrazine and Urea. I was searching for the synth ...
22-8-2009 at 16:20
by: TechnologicallyRetarded
Flash Powder
As with very early posts, I too am unhappy with my Aluminium. It was bought from Ebay however - so I ...
15-8-2009 at 01:07
by: TechnologicallyRetarded
Persulfate Electrolysis
I am aware that this is a little off topic, so I shall keep it as brief as possible:

It's not tha ...
15-8-2009 at 00:22
by: TechnologicallyRetarded

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