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Chemicals for crystal growing
Phenol/Salicylic Acid Reflux crystals are very cool.
[url= ...
10-1-2016 at 15:11
by: TheChemiKid
Should Pharmacists know what Potassium Hydroxide is?
Even if they're not a good source of KOH, they should still know about it in my opinion.

I've no ...
10-1-2016 at 15:07
by: TheChemiKid
Almost free science books (postage only)
I'm interested and if anyone needs it I can vouch for Dr.Bob.
10-1-2016 at 15:04
by: TheChemiKid
Purifying sulfuric acid
Here are some good videos:
[url= ...
10-1-2016 at 15:02
by: TheChemiKid
olfactory fatigue
I once inhaled a lot of HCl and I can't smell it anymore, even 2 years later:o
10-1-2016 at 15:00
by: TheChemiKid
HNO3 concentration & slight dislexia
You should really use an electric pump, you could try to use a hand pump, but it would be really har ...
25-9-2015 at 12:22
by: TheChemiKid
9v anti static gun
I'm not against the idea or bullying him, I just wanted to see what he wanted from the post. I didn' ...
18-4-2015 at 17:10
by: TheChemiKid
9v anti static gun
What are you asking?
18-4-2015 at 16:47
by: TheChemiKid
Making Sulfuric/Hydrochloric Acid With Nitric Acid
You can make HCl by adding salt to nitric acid in stoicheometric quantities.

[Edited on 22-2-2015 ...
22-2-2015 at 06:53
by: TheChemiKid
Things That Frustrate As A DIY Chemist
Everything rusting and goopy organic crud. Also when you have something stuck in the pores of a glas ...
8-2-2015 at 16:47
by: TheChemiKid
poor yield - chloroform via haloform reaction
Are you sure the bleach is 33%? I haven't heard of bleach above 12.5% that doesn't decompose instant ...
8-2-2015 at 05:12
by: TheChemiKid
Is this still iron carbonate???
Is it crystaline?
8-2-2015 at 05:09
by: TheChemiKid
Electrolysis cell design
Try[url=] this[/url] video.
8-2-2015 at 05:01
by: TheChemiKid
Mercury compounds
Why are you posting this?
4-2-2015 at 18:00
by: TheChemiKid
Our prolific, multifaceted troll- ban him or not?
Ban him. He creates more problems then he fixes.
2-2-2015 at 17:09
by: TheChemiKid
Aniline from Aniline Hydrochloride
I want to get aniline, and I was thinking of getting it from aniline hydrochloride.
Would it be sa ...
27-1-2015 at 17:42
by: TheChemiKid
Caffeine Crystals from Coffee (Video) Feedback?
In the description, you should try to include the quantities of what you used.
27-1-2015 at 17:04
by: TheChemiKid
Looking for an ionic solid insoluble in water
I know this isn't a crystal, but you could precipitate copper carbonate from a copper sulfate soluti ...
27-1-2015 at 16:58
by: TheChemiKid
Sticky the competitions/challenges
I agree with this idea, it would make competitions more easily seen, resulting in more traffic and e ...
6-12-2014 at 10:50
by: TheChemiKid
Explaining the Cleaning of Silver with Salt, NaHCO3 (or Na2CO3) and Aluminum Foil
That is quite a bit more expensive, though.
8-11-2014 at 15:59
by: TheChemiKid
alternative to lead iodide
Yeah, it seems pretty ideal for what you are trying to do.
6-11-2014 at 18:20
by: TheChemiKid
In the pipeline - YouTube videos!
It was cupric, and i used magnesium.
4-11-2014 at 16:21
by: TheChemiKid
In the pipeline - YouTube videos!
I have a channel:
[u]My favorite videos[/u]
Copper Oxide Thermite: htt ...
4-11-2014 at 16:10
by: TheChemiKid
Selling my lab
[rquote=338447&tid=31178&author=plante1999]Tank you all[/rquote]

[img]http://fc03.deviant ...
6-10-2014 at 18:01
by: TheChemiKid
Ideas for must have chemicals!
4-10-2014 at 14:42
by: TheChemiKid
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