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How I safely unplugged a drain using Vinegar and Baking Soda
Chemical plunger. I guess, when One has no other options. :D

I'd stick to NaOH, because plunging ...
31-7-2022 at 05:52
by: TheMrbunGee
Shaped charge explosions slow-motion everyone must see!
Youtubers The Slow Mo Guys uploaded this diamond, in case You missed this! ...
8-7-2022 at 05:41
by: TheMrbunGee
Bugger YouTube
I won the appeal, and video is back, everyone can go back to cocaine cook! :D
11-10-2021 at 04:36
by: TheMrbunGee
Bugger YouTube
I got my ammonium permanganate prep video removed, I made an appeal, because they claimed it was nar ...
10-10-2021 at 05:51
by: TheMrbunGee
Glassware cleaning routine
Heavy metal salts I put in a large open container, mostly as solutions and let the solvents dry off ...
30-9-2021 at 04:34
by: TheMrbunGee
Failing heating mantle
I also would suggest to buy [url= ...
21-9-2021 at 00:48
by: TheMrbunGee
The Short Questions Thread (4)
[rquote=664726&tid=25055&author=karolus28]Well, I tried mixing the sublimed sulfur with some ...
31-8-2021 at 12:46
by: TheMrbunGee
The Short Questions Thread (4)
[rquote=664715&tid=25055&author=karolus28]A question related to the legendary lead chamber p ...
31-8-2021 at 11:50
by: TheMrbunGee
Violuric acid salts (fantastic colors and variety)
Nice work!

I performed violuric acid preparation from alloxan hydrate and hydroxylamine HCl yest ...
31-8-2021 at 09:35
by: TheMrbunGee
Zn-Hg amalgam safety
[rquote=662754&tid=157698&author=DraconicAcid][rquote=662753&tid=157698&author=Jenks ...
26-8-2021 at 08:33
by: TheMrbunGee
Cheap 97% sulfuric acid and 35% hydrogen peroxide [from EU]
Got my peroxide and other stuff today! Good deal, can recommend. Thank You na-cyanide! :)
26-8-2021 at 08:15
by: TheMrbunGee
Shulgis Laboratory
Thank You. A walk to remember.
18-8-2021 at 07:46
by: TheMrbunGee
What do you think of my bathroom?
Now I want periodic tiles.
11-8-2021 at 09:01
by: TheMrbunGee
Cheap Vacuum for Vacuum Distilation
20-7-2021 at 14:39
by: TheMrbunGee
How to mix cocoa powder with sugar and milk?
One can wet the powder with few ml of ethanol, do not know what it does to taste, but I do this to s ...
13-5-2021 at 22:53
by: TheMrbunGee
Clear coating Strontium?
Since You are melting it anyway, maybe You can melt it into a glass box?
11-5-2021 at 10:35
by: TheMrbunGee
What's the most expensive substance you've bought?
[rquote=659462&tid=68820&author=karlos³]Thats pretty expensive for such a weak LSD analogue ...
5-5-2021 at 14:58
by: TheMrbunGee
What's the most expensive substance you've bought?
N1-(cyclopropylmethanoyl)-lysergic acid diethylamide, for price of 32 400 €/g :D
5-5-2021 at 14:06
by: TheMrbunGee
Synthesis checks for HMTD

How does Wiki spec work ? Decomposes at 75 °C ...
20-4-2021 at 08:05
by: TheMrbunGee
phosphine generation from baking powder
Seems more like You made sodium metal, Black color might be carbon from Mg+CO2. Gas might be hydroge ...
19-4-2021 at 06:19
by: TheMrbunGee
Where to get those flexible heating mantles?
I use these, because light dimmers may get way more expensive if more power is needed.

https://w ...
2-4-2021 at 08:41
by: TheMrbunGee
5-Methoxytryptamine (Mexamine)
Got my package from osmium quickly with no issues! Careful communication, tracking and and overall p ...
10-2-2021 at 08:56
by: TheMrbunGee
Chemicals that color everything even when invisible

It has been almost 2 years since transferring ...
1-2-2021 at 05:39
by: TheMrbunGee
Most toxic compound OTC?
Hey hear me out. What about methanol? OK, one cannot die from milligrams of methanol, but One could ...
1-2-2021 at 05:30
by: TheMrbunGee
Soxhlet uses for extracting compounds?
Just a friendly reminder that pressure equalizing addition funnel + condenser on top = soxhlet extra ...
23-1-2021 at 10:42
by: TheMrbunGee
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