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Something strange happened to my CuSO4 solution
Online chemicals are usually not very pure. I suggest buying from some reputable chemical suppliers.
14-2-2021 at 21:11
by: TriiodideFrog
Copper carbonate from copper acetate?
Is it possible to make copper carbonate from copper acetate?
6-2-2021 at 19:38
by: TriiodideFrog
Potassium alum experiment
I recently got my hands on a small amount of potassium alum. Any interesting reactions or synthesis ...
5-2-2021 at 21:01
by: TriiodideFrog
home made rocket fuel.
Potassium Nitrate and Sorbitol is not bad.
2-2-2021 at 01:52
by: TriiodideFrog
what do you use to store iodine/bromine
Bromine can be kept in ampoules made out of test tubes or droppers. Just put a small amount of bromi ...
2-2-2021 at 01:46
by: TriiodideFrog
The POTENCY of carcinogens.
Is naphthalene a carcinogen? Some sources say it is while others say it's not.
31-1-2021 at 03:30
by: TriiodideFrog
Safe storage of DCM
I always thought my DCM smelled something sweet or ether-like.

I keep my DCM in an amber bottle w ...
28-1-2021 at 05:24
by: TriiodideFrog
Chemistry Diamonds on YouTube
More Nilered!!!
23-1-2021 at 23:15
by: TriiodideFrog
Does anyone know a cheap alternative other than YBCO? Hopefully, temperature also doesn't need to be ...
23-1-2021 at 23:14
by: TriiodideFrog
Does nuclear fusion really solve problems ?
Recently, China ran a reactor and its heat was almost 10 times that of the sun. ...
23-1-2021 at 23:13
by: TriiodideFrog
Black Pepper Extraction results!
This extraction reminds me of my piperine extraction! I unfortunately failed as the solution solidif ...
23-1-2021 at 23:05
by: TriiodideFrog
Spontanious Cracking on New Branded Glassware ?
Maybe a mixture of micro cracks and thermal shock?
14-1-2021 at 04:39
by: TriiodideFrog
Anyone from Singapore?
12-1-2021 at 05:07
by: TriiodideFrog
Getting the sulfur smell out of glassware and reagent bottles
You can pour some carbon disulfide into the bottle and let it soak inside.
12-1-2021 at 04:56
by: TriiodideFrog
Rice husk ash, an amazing material and its uses!
Interesting. Could you further explain on the phosphorus part?
12-1-2021 at 04:53
by: TriiodideFrog
Peracetic acid
Does anyone have any idea on what to do with peracetic acid and can peracetic acid be made from acet ...
12-1-2021 at 03:40
by: TriiodideFrog
Disposal of copper acetate
Ok thanks!
8-1-2021 at 21:41
by: TriiodideFrog
Things to do with Ethyl Formate
Fun fact: Galaxy's centre tastes of raspberries and smells of rum. When astronomers were looking at ...
8-1-2021 at 21:33
by: TriiodideFrog
Very old paints
The green paint might contain arsenic.
8-1-2021 at 03:25
by: TriiodideFrog
Disposal of copper acetate
Is there a proper guideline to dispose of copper acetate? Any ideas help.
8-1-2021 at 03:19
by: TriiodideFrog
Extracting lead and tin from solder.
Ok, thanks! Maybe I will just get pewter.
8-1-2021 at 03:17
by: TriiodideFrog
Chemical Christmas decorations
Nilered has a good video
6-1-2021 at 23:54
by: TriiodideFrog
Extracting lead and tin from solder.
Does anyone know how to extract lead and tin from solder? Maybe using copper acetate to dissolve the ...
6-1-2021 at 23:53
by: TriiodideFrog
Removal of caked on MnO2 from round bottom flask?
Some mild acids should work quite well.
28-12-2020 at 03:55
by: TriiodideFrog
Copper acetate- Any ideas on what to do with it?
I added 6% hydrogen peroxide to copper acetate and the solution turned green.
23-12-2020 at 01:31
by: TriiodideFrog
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