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If you want a 2-nitro-2-ene you need to use a mixture of NO and NO2 to induce a pseudonitrosite reac ...
3-1-2005 at 03:28
by: Turel
You retain the right to not go there if you have such fundamental issues inhibiting you. Exercise it ...
3-1-2005 at 01:17
by: Turel
Chichibabin Reaction
Could be a good start.

27-12-2004 at 20:58
by: Turel
Reaction Mechanics
Of course I meant reaction mechanics. :)

That's an interesting opinion.
8-9-2004 at 18:58
by: Turel
I forgot to mention, step two in the original post cannot be accomplished with the recommended stron ...
6-9-2004 at 00:59
by: Turel
Organic Synthesis To The Rescue
All is not lost. O-Syn methods can fabricate any molecule via constructive strategies. A myriad of s ...
6-9-2004 at 00:53
by: Turel
Why do you think so?
[quote][i]Originally posted by unionised[/i]
I strongly suspect that aluminium will displace a poto ...
6-9-2004 at 00:17
by: Turel
Unequal Halogens
It would work with Br and I, but not with F and Cl. Not so linear a relationship. The mechanisms are ...
4-9-2004 at 22:02
by: Turel
Nice Porsche
Love the car.
2-9-2004 at 11:59
by: Turel
para DDNP!
Step 1 will be quite messy and low yielding.
Step 2 very likely will not occur with NaOH, you will ...
2-9-2004 at 11:56
by: Turel
If I recall correctly, the otc commercial cleaning agent sold as "Oxy-Clean" is a mixture ...
20-8-2004 at 19:38
by: Turel
Many Methods
There are several methods used to decarboxylate and decarbonylate aryl compounds.

Heating aromati ...
15-8-2004 at 22:30
by: Turel
works fine now
I never experienced a down period from the Hive....

Last I logged in was 2 days ago, and it worke ...
7-8-2004 at 04:40
by: Turel
to chemoleo
about chlorate action being through lysing the cells:

The likely mechanism (very likely) is that ...
5-8-2004 at 00:40
by: Turel
I don't know where the threshold is exactly, but I do know for certain that >98% H2SO4 will ...
4-8-2004 at 14:40
by: Turel
There are several inaccurate statements in your post, thunderfvck. I was given a go-ahead to post my ...
30-7-2004 at 12:56
by: Turel
Awww.......NOT cool.
I am in the middle of an Uber-detailed response, and I refresh to see this? Not cool at all. I' ...
29-7-2004 at 09:58
by: Turel
1.You will need an anhydrous ammonia source, and will need to saturate the solution with ammonia bef ...
16-6-2004 at 14:45
by: Turel
1.Tendency for substitution increases with each consecutive substitution, and you will end up with 2 ...
16-6-2004 at 01:29
by: Turel
2 stage
1.Acetone and hydroxylamine reduction with zinc and acid.

2.Oxidation of 2-aminopropane with DMDO ...
15-6-2004 at 23:39
by: Turel
Parallel, Not Series
Run them in parallel, not series, if you want to accomplish anything. Running them in series will be ...
10-6-2004 at 01:02
by: Turel
I think....
....that 90+% of the posters in this thread need to relax a bit. Women are not so fragile that they ...
31-5-2004 at 14:59
by: Turel
Unfortunately I do not think you can seperate out the Si physically from the suspension. Perhaps wit ...
20-5-2004 at 11:46
by: Turel
Formate Ion
Both are very possible and likely. Formate ion is a good reducing agent for carbonyl bonds. If forma ...
20-5-2004 at 11:37
by: Turel
No, precipitation into an ordered matrix refers to the formation of an ordered structure within the ...
18-5-2004 at 23:19
by: Turel
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