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What is this acid? Can I use a substitute?

Mixture of phosphoric ...
24-1-2023 at 16:29
by: UC235
Chymotrypsin Inhibitor Research
N-acetyl-L-tyrosine Ethyl ester is water soluble so you can omit the DMSO. A more conventional chymo ...
25-11-2022 at 14:47
by: UC235
Thiamine catalyzed benzoin condensation failure
[rquote=678312&tid=155748&author=DraconicAcid]I actually want to try this reaction- anyone g ...
8-11-2022 at 18:14
by: UC235
2-Ethylhexanol synthesis
Isolate it from the plasticizer in vinyl gloves.

It's a common "fatty" alcohol used commercially ...
5-11-2022 at 21:53
by: UC235
Filtering the impossible to filter: calcium sulfate and similar
Add a whole bunch of celite/diatomaceous earth (acid washed if maintaining pH is important. The chea ...
26-8-2022 at 17:24
by: UC235
Iodine storage
I just keep mine in the freezer. Basically no volatility.
17-7-2022 at 08:33
by: UC235
Drying acyl halides with molecular sieves?
There is no way there would be free water in acyl halides. Free carboxylic acid and dissolved HCl fr ...
25-6-2022 at 08:31
by: UC235
Safely conducting an Alkali Fusion

You might be better off preparing ...
10-6-2022 at 19:44
by: UC235
Looking for N acetyl thiourea or N benzoyl thiourea
This orgsyn prep covers synthesis of N-benzoyl isothiocynate: ...
8-6-2022 at 13:50
by: UC235
Reduction of 4-Chloro-3-nitrotoluene failure
Mechanistically, this should be pretty easy. I suspect part of the issue is the material having nil ...
3-5-2022 at 16:44
by: UC235
Ethyl Phenylcyanoacetate Synthesis troubles
The toluene is being used to azeotropically remove ethanol and push the reaction forward. The liquid ...
1-4-2022 at 18:06
by: UC235
very viscous styrene
Pure styrene is actually less viscous than water. Fortunately, styrene can be partly recovered by di ...
26-3-2022 at 19:15
by: UC235
Benzil dioxime
IR looks pretty okayish in OPs post, just very weak signal. ...
20-12-2021 at 16:25
by: UC235
Bugger YouTube
Seems they rolled out some sort of new filter or algorithm because I just got dinged for Phenylacety ...
7-10-2021 at 15:15
by: UC235
Leftovers from bromoethane synthesis
Not enough water is also a significant problem with this synthesis. 80 proof vodka works well as a s ...
19-9-2021 at 14:09
by: UC235
How to make alloxan from murexide?
Probably you could feed it into this prep:

With any luc ...
7-9-2021 at 17:48
by: UC235
The Short Questions Thread (4)
How about buying some food grade lime? Calcium hydroxide. That will be a lot closer than NaOH.
1-9-2021 at 18:25
by: UC235
Thiobenzophenone synth
[rquote=664622&tid=157855&author=karlosĀ³]I love the blue, an organic blue :o

Much more i ...
28-8-2021 at 13:26
by: UC235
propyl octanoate
[rquote=664330&tid=157839&author=happyfooddance]There are many esters that smell like coconu ...
21-8-2021 at 20:26
by: UC235
Can anything reasonably be done to improve Strontium Aluminate phosphorescense?
Phosphoresence isn't magic. You can only absorb so much energy. If it actually glowed uniformly for ...
21-8-2021 at 19:41
by: UC235
Did I just capture some Cr(V)? [edit: Nope, but interesting discussion anyway.]
Depending on its ligands, Cr(III) can be purple or green. For example, chromium alum, KCr(SO4)2 is d ...
18-8-2021 at 14:21
by: UC235
chemiluminescence from decaying stick
Some mushroom mycelium is bioluminescent which is almost certainly what you were seeing. There are q ...
11-8-2021 at 16:04
by: UC235
How to chemically digest meat into AAs?
Enzymes are my day job. I remember seeing them in procedures like this and thinking they're some sor ...
2-8-2021 at 18:46
by: UC235
Advice for Low Temperature Phenol Synthesis from Salicylic Acid
Copper catalysts don't work on salicylic acid alone. They need pyridine-type ligands to work. With n ...
13-6-2021 at 05:07
by: UC235
Question about sulfonation of furan
Start here: DOI: 10.1021/jo01371a003

Gives prep of the Pyridine*SO3 reagent and 4 different preps ...
2-6-2021 at 16:11
by: UC235
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