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Strange behaviour of Na2S in a water solution

Now, the case of no transition metal impurities ...
18-7-2019 at 02:54
by: Ubya
Acetic Anhydride
still, no prices, no shipping requirements, no nothing.
if it is a good enough offer even who doesn ...
18-7-2019 at 02:41
by: Ubya
production of hydrochloric acid via 'underwater fireworks'
but under UV light
Cl2(aq) + H2O ---(UV)---&g ...
14-7-2019 at 06:18
by: Ubya
Removing oil residues: ethanol vs. isopropanol
ethanol is more polar, but now by very much, so in theory IPA should be better to remove oils
13-7-2019 at 09:19
by: Ubya
Uranium powder found among other oddities in OK traffic stop
"If an Oklahoma bum can get uranium imagine what ...
12-7-2019 at 12:16
by: Ubya
Hydrochloric acid impurities, where do they come from?
wikipedia says that there are various routes, one is the direct reaction of hydrogen and chlorine (m ...
12-7-2019 at 07:21
by: Ubya
If chemistry is your pleasure in life, how do you enjoy it every day? Is love for chemistry spiritual or isolating?
[rquote=617382&tid=151803&author=fusso]Why? What is it about?[/rquote]
him being the only o ...
10-7-2019 at 22:05
by: Ubya
If chemistry is your pleasure in life, how do you enjoy it every day? Is love for chemistry spiritual or isolating?
well you like chemistry more than your peers. i'm studying chemistry at university and not many peop ...
10-7-2019 at 17:57
by: Ubya
Vacuum Oven vs Kiln for Molecular Sieve Drying

I am also thinking about some makeshit solut ...
10-7-2019 at 13:14
by: Ubya
Night Vision Project
[rquote=617328&tid=151700&author=VSEPR_VOID]I wouldnt use a smart phone. This is as much a l ...
10-7-2019 at 07:10
by: Ubya
Night Vision Project
[rquote=617314&tid=151700&author=draculic acid69]Are the IR filter in videocameras the same ...
10-7-2019 at 03:00
by: Ubya
What price should 1lb KNO3 be? Is $10 too expensive?
well it depends on many factors.
what's its grade? fertilizer, stump remover, analytical, etc
is i ...
10-7-2019 at 02:43
by: Ubya
Calcium Carbonate turns yellow
if your calcium chloride is technical grade it could have some iron impurities maybe (precipitation ...
9-7-2019 at 16:05
by: Ubya
Night Vision Project
@VSEPR_VOID i have an idea. i actually modified a webcam by removing its IR filter, not hard at all, ...
9-7-2019 at 15:55
by: Ubya
Night Vision Project
[rquote=617252&tid=151700&author=AJKOER]Disclaimer, not any authority in this area.

Conce ...
9-7-2019 at 15:31
by: Ubya
Accurate temp control with PIDs

[quote] 1. Yes, but a PID/SSR does not control voltage. It's just a fancy electrical switch, eithe ...
7-7-2019 at 08:43
by: Ubya
Is there a graph/formula of temperature increase vs amount of H2SO4 added to water?
this might be a good answer (i don't like thermodynamics that much so here is a copy paste)

[f ...
7-7-2019 at 02:59
by: Ubya
Mystery Glassware Identification Thread
[rquote=616929&tid=31602&author=j_sum1]The first is some kind of specialist volumetric flask ...
7-7-2019 at 02:37
by: Ubya
Every Home’s Chemistry: Guide to Dissolving Copper Metal
you should try to make some phenol ...
5-7-2019 at 07:42
by: Ubya
KI+HNO3->KIO3 fail?
[rquote=616848&tid=151631&author=Boffis]Mmmmm Ubya, that's an interesting paper but turning ...
4-7-2019 at 08:17
by: Ubya
KI+HNO3->KIO3 fail?
4-7-2019 at 04:08
by: Ubya
KI+HNO3->KIO3 fail?
It works but you need azeotropic ...
4-7-2019 at 02:07
by: Ubya
What dimmer to use with Glas-Col heating mantle in Europe
you could get a 0-220v dimmer and never going over half of its range
3-7-2019 at 12:55
by: Ubya
Tired of reporting spam
The spam is coming back, smarter bots or crashed anti-spam bot?
2-7-2019 at 09:12
by: Ubya
Cobalt sulfate toxicity for environment
Quote: Originally posted by yobbo II
|| It is at the heart of vitamin B

2-7-2019 at 05:52
by: Ubya
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