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High voltage Halloween display
[rquote=624900&tid=153953&author=Pyro_cat]My coil sucks. 5 inch sparks only to pointy ground ...
30-10-2019 at 20:39
by: Vomaturge
Is it possible to make TNT from gunpowder and sand?
Definitely no. the idea is once you have one energetic material, you can make the other. The behavio ...
26-10-2019 at 13:19
by: Vomaturge
[rquote=624843&tid=154191&author=karlosĀ³]I am really curious about what this video shows: h ...
23-10-2019 at 21:52
by: Vomaturge
high sensitivity low explosives
How about some [url=]toy caps[/ur ...
22-10-2019 at 21:33
by: Vomaturge
What temp is considered super heated steam and what materials will withstand these conditions?
In the case of steam, superheated means the temperature is greater than the boiling point of water a ...
8-10-2019 at 21:45
by: Vomaturge
Electric initiator
[rquote=623663&tid=154090&author=Praxichys]I used to clip the tips off christmas lights.[/rq ...
27-9-2019 at 21:24
by: Vomaturge
Exotic Primaries - Complex Salts
[rquote=622601&tid=1778&author=Rosco Bodine]The air pressure differential doesn't compare wi ...
10-9-2019 at 20:00
by: Vomaturge
How do i synthesize sodium peroxide?
How much H*, HO2*, and *HO2- do you expect to be in solution? and who's to stop it doing something o ...
8-9-2019 at 21:38
by: Vomaturge
What the Hell Happened to the Picric Acid Thread?
I made a similar reference in the thread at Forum Matters, about member picnic acid's account and po ...
2-9-2019 at 17:37
by: Vomaturge
What the Hell Happened to the Picric Acid Thread?
Not only did the whole thread disappear into thin air, but so did picnic acid's account! I put a pos ...
2-9-2019 at 16:45
by: Vomaturge
A Very Serious Bug
This luckily hasn't happened to me yet, but this, or something similar just happened yesterday and t ...
2-9-2019 at 14:45
by: Vomaturge
What caused these salt crystals to appear
As far as why the salt is on the walls of the pot, either tiny flying droplets (i know it didn't loo ...
23-8-2019 at 19:08
by: Vomaturge
Cyanide & other poisons strictly controlled while 990mg/ml nicotine isn't!
[rquote=619676&tid=80843&author=ZetekitoxinAB]I have once accidentally injected an undiluted ...
4-8-2019 at 16:46
by: Vomaturge
Grant Thompson has died in a Paragliding Accident
Sorry to hear that. I know he got a lot of hate here. IMO it mostly boiled down to the fact that som ...
30-7-2019 at 17:36
by: Vomaturge
What's the approximate VOD of "Dynorex"?
I am kind of surprised it's velocity is so close to that of an emulsion, seeing how it contains NC a ...
27-7-2019 at 22:04
by: Vomaturge
Thermite using 'blender grade' Al powder, is it possible ?
[rquote=618495&tid=82511&author=Felis Corax]You could also make red iron oxide via electroly ...
24-7-2019 at 21:22
by: Vomaturge
Your favorite blasting cap design
[rquote=615819&tid=149919&author=caterpillar]...can only throw one-two fingers away. No big ...
22-6-2019 at 15:55
by: Vomaturge
Dangers of Isocyanic acid when thermal decompising urea
I asked this [url=]exact question[/ur ...
17-6-2019 at 19:28
by: Vomaturge
Highest VOD binary explosives?
If I understood the 1873 paper, and the [url= ...
9-6-2019 at 08:37
by: Vomaturge
Drano uses?
[rquote=614763&tid=150878&author=Deathunter88]I wouldn't jump to the meth conclusion without ...
8-6-2019 at 21:46
by: Vomaturge
Highest VOD binary explosives?
According to Wikipedia, astrolite is liquid, meaning it should have high density and uniform mixing. ...
7-6-2019 at 23:44
by: Vomaturge
Raising crystals and changing crystal colors
1. A username, made of a real-sounding 1st and last name, with [i]Nospace[/i] in between.
2. A fem ...
20-5-2019 at 22:31
by: Vomaturge
Notre Dame Smoke
[Url=]Why didn't I think of sharing this earlier?[/url] T ...
7-5-2019 at 22:18
by: Vomaturge
Are there fluorine-based explosives?
htt ...
4-5-2019 at 12:20
by: Vomaturge
God should've blessed Earth with more precious metals
I think that a change in the distribution of the e ...
3-5-2019 at 15:41
by: Vomaturge
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