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[Edited on 18-10-2018 by WangleSpong5000]
18-10-2018 at 09:01
by: WangleSpong5000
How to remove the organic junk from store bought acid
Define 'organic junk' ...

dig around for MSDS sheets and learn about the different grades of che ...
16-5-2018 at 20:30
by: WangleSpong5000
App devs wanted: a SM mobile app
I think an SM app is a great idea
16-5-2018 at 04:22
by: WangleSpong5000
Gumtree Glassware - Australian Finds
Gumtree can be an absolute goldmine for certain items. Fitness equipment for example: often bought o ...
16-5-2018 at 03:55
by: WangleSpong5000
Last chemical order?
Calcium chloride
Activated charcoal
Potassium permanganate
L tyrosine
21-4-2018 at 14:08
by: WangleSpong5000
How toxic is methanol actually?
So if EtOH and MeOH smell similar and share the distinct 'moonshine' smell and isopropyl alcohol sme ...
21-4-2018 at 14:06
by: WangleSpong5000
How toxic is methanol actually?
[rquote=515152&tid=82113&author=CobaltChloride]My question was more like this: Is a dangerou ...
21-4-2018 at 11:31
by: WangleSpong5000
How toxic is methanol actually?
[rquote=515148&tid=82113&author=CobaltChloride]Thanks! I have one more question I forgot to ...
21-4-2018 at 10:59
by: WangleSpong5000
Alternative video plattforms for chemistry videos
Download every video to n spewtube. Back up and stick on various servers and share data through the ...
20-4-2018 at 19:08
by: WangleSpong5000
Help! IP ban?
Use a VPN. Use TOR. Update often. Scan often. Keep anti virus Shiz on always. Keep firewall set to a ...
20-4-2018 at 19:00
by: WangleSpong5000
List of Chemicals and Materials Made by Users
I have personally synthesised:

Acetic acid
Sodium Acetate
Anhydrou ...
20-4-2018 at 18:46
by: WangleSpong5000
Anthranillic acid from salicyclic acid
So the action of nitrous acid/diazonium ion(s) on the lone OH group on the 2 position on the benzene ...
20-4-2018 at 17:33
by: WangleSpong5000
Preparation of Charcoal by the Slow Pyrolysis of Wood Scraps
[rquote=515061&tid=82077&author=Bert][url=]There you went again. ...
20-4-2018 at 16:55
by: WangleSpong5000
Argent Scientific Stock Clearance - Australia
Love what your company is doing! I'll be sure to send an email soon and I've got a few questions to ...
25-3-2018 at 04:44
by: WangleSpong5000
Cooking accusations from my school - story
The thing is so many reasonably obtainable or easily purchased items (and I don't just mean immediat ...
22-3-2018 at 20:35
by: WangleSpong5000
Interesting study says antidepressants performance enhancing drugs
Antidepressants and Neurogenesis

[url] ...
1-3-2018 at 18:07
by: WangleSpong5000
What is the point of amateur chemistry?
What is the point of liking electro breakbeat. What is the point of falling in love when you know it ...
24-2-2018 at 20:54
by: WangleSpong5000
How do YOU make pure water ?
Local supermarket no longer sells demineralised water. Was really pissed off until I realised they s ...
24-2-2018 at 16:51
by: WangleSpong5000
Interesting study says antidepressants performance enhancing drugs
Basically there is evidence to suggest that anti depressants facillitate the forging of new neural n ...
24-2-2018 at 03:50
by: WangleSpong5000
To my fellow Australians: Police and Glassware shipments
Kiddin ...
23-2-2018 at 23:21
by: WangleSpong5000
What is the point of amateur chemistry?
Pursuit of knowledge... greatest virtue there is in this life.

Not for financial gain... not bec ...
23-2-2018 at 22:49
by: WangleSpong5000

It broke already.

[Edited on 23-2-2018 by a ...
23-2-2018 at 09:07
by: WangleSpong5000
Remote controlled future gunship... rotors kick off and spray horrid shit all over the shop...

H ...
23-2-2018 at 06:26
by: WangleSpong5000
Interesting science websites?
Oh... and fucking stack exchange! For Js and for so much more...
22-2-2018 at 23:51
by: WangleSpong5000
Dissolving titanium metal/dioxide
[rquote=508279&tid=80672&author=NEMO-Chemistry][rquote=508274&tid=80672&author=Wangl ...
22-2-2018 at 18:40
by: WangleSpong5000
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