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What are your “go-to”/favorite one stop shop internet sites for buying chemicals?
I get most of my chemicals from eBay, but admittedly I shop differently than most folks here!
27-9-2019 at 06:21
by: Wizzard1
Gold is dissolving in hot HCl + H2O2 solution
Reverse electroplating will do the trick - Use the nickel-plated copper IHS as an anode and simply w ...
1-5-2019 at 05:14
by: Wizzard1
Odd precipitate in solution from dissolving gold pins from computer scrap
I'm seconding Ag/Pb chlorides.

Also, pins can contain QUITE a few more difficult metals - Nickel, ...
22-4-2019 at 10:44
by: Wizzard1
Pretty Pictures (2)
By-product of Neodymium Sulfate purification. Enjoy!! It was about 3" across.
7-4-2019 at 17:45
by: Wizzard1
scrap zirconium souces
Not zirconium metal, but antiperspirants contain a zirconium-based chemical as the active ingredient ...
1-4-2019 at 07:14
by: Wizzard1
For sale Re2O7 Rhenium(VII) oxide 99.99+% (ultradry) in glass ampoules
Oh boy, that rhenium oxide is pretty.
22-3-2019 at 13:31
by: Wizzard1
The trouble with neodymium...
To the folks getting their Nd from R.E. Magnets and HCl -

Anybody have an explanation for the pe ...
26-2-2019 at 13:19
by: Wizzard1
Back from the dead - Working with NdCl3/FeCl3
@Unionised - That's how the whole mess was dissolved, but the iron still stains and remains in solut ...
19-2-2019 at 05:54
by: Wizzard1
Back from the dead - Working with NdCl3/FeCl3
Howdy, folks of Sciencemadness!!
I'm back for the time being. Still working with chemistry, but my ...
18-2-2019 at 12:45
by: Wizzard1

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