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Rosco Bodine has been banned
Another Garbage Decision Polverone ?

Rosco posted MORE on Your Board of any actual Chemistry than ...
11-3-2020 at 14:22
by: aga
Magpie has died
Magpie was a Huge Inspiration.

Seeing what he did was like adding fuel to an inquisitive mind on ...
9-1-2020 at 01:33
by: aga
Living the Chemistry Dream
If I was in a Real Laboratory they would call security ;)

Dumping used reagents is common, simply ...
25-6-2018 at 15:11
by: aga
Malonic Ester Synthesis. Side reactions
Welcome to ScienceMadness TheRealKP !

I see you went to the trouble of joining two months ago, ye ...
25-6-2018 at 15:02
by: aga
Synthesis of Hexane from Cellulose/Glucose
[rquote=522135&tid=63758&author=JBSC]... if you want to see experiments then go to my channe ...
25-6-2018 at 05:49
by: aga
About 3kg of frozen beans in this latest batch.

TBH i can't exactly remember.

24-6-2018 at 09:05
by: aga
Making Potassium metal by distillation with Al and KOH
Sweet !
24-6-2018 at 07:22
by: aga
After a lot of cranking the handle on the centrifuge today, all the crystals were separated from the ...
24-6-2018 at 06:45
by: aga
Quick test to detect copper traces
You're the First to mention anything about dissolving, including the OP.

Since when did copper di ...
23-6-2018 at 15:59
by: aga
Quick test to detect copper traces
Elemental copper or ionic copper ?
23-6-2018 at 15:18
by: aga
Forgot to mention that it was the Small pot that got whizzed.

Big pot tomorrow, probably 5 batche ...
23-6-2018 at 13:48
by: aga
Awesome ! It Works !

Crystals in brown goo


Transfer to plastic test tube ...
23-6-2018 at 12:53
by: aga
[rquote=520484&tid=83542&author=SWIM]Do you have any Craig tubes?

They're just great for ...
23-6-2018 at 12:11
by: aga
Green's function
Impressive !

No idea what it means, but it looks super skookum.

How would you apply it to the ...
22-6-2018 at 03:13
by: aga
A simple first foray into the Lab
Awesome !

Distilling stuff is great fun.

Welcome to SM !
22-6-2018 at 03:06
by: aga
Green's function
Go LaTeX !

Those formulae are beautiful.



B ...
21-6-2018 at 15:13
by: aga
Inspecting and destressing glassware
Who ever does any repair work on their glass ?

I just buy it from China - it's only ever gotten b ...
21-6-2018 at 12:41
by: aga
Exotic Aircraft Wing Design - Peer Review?
The geometry of the wing dictates exactly how it will perform in flight, all due to air pressure at ...
21-6-2018 at 11:50
by: aga
Inspecting and destressing glassware
Using your glassware is quite a definitive test.

If it breaks, then it was Bad glass.

If not, ...
21-6-2018 at 09:10
by: aga
Assessing spammer $ income from SM
Have you clicked on a link posted by a spammer in the past 12 months ?

The number of times that h ...
20-6-2018 at 23:58
by: aga
Confusion about Aluminium Powder Safety
If you blow it into a hot flame it'll burn nicely.

Keep it in the bottle and it won't.
20-6-2018 at 11:53
by: aga
Making grinding medium from chopped pieces of rebar?
Lead fishing weights are good.

Melting/casting scrap lead is easy to do and would work out cheape ...
20-6-2018 at 07:56
by: aga
Chemistry Think Tank - Release from the Matrix: A Chemistry Challenge
It's all a bit fishy really.

If you're desperate, go ahead and see if any $ drops out. You never ...
19-6-2018 at 12:19
by: aga
Chemistry Think Tank - Release from the Matrix: A Chemistry Challenge
Smash the 'matrix' material into little bits, heat strongly, apply vacuum.

If the 'matrix' could ...
19-6-2018 at 01:41
by: aga
Getting Calcium metal by thermite reaction with Al ?
Pretty sure this would be an Entropy driven reaction, although i am too lazy/drunk to look it up/cal ...
15-6-2018 at 14:42
by: aga
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