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What is ppm?
We use ppm (parts per million) as a useful measure of concentration of gold in ore, which we also in ...
25-2-2024 at 02:27
by: barbs09
Alternative catalyst for oxidation of SO2 to SO3 (first post here btw)
Fun old articles on small scale preparation of H2SO4 using iron oxide catalyst :)


1-12-2023 at 01:33
by: barbs09
Which chlorine oxidants dissolve gold?
Google the "Chlorox" recovery method. It involved adding hypochlorite to HCL, which of course gener ...
8-10-2023 at 02:27
by: barbs09
Anyone in Australia that could sell me a bit of sodium metal?
Hi ya Chemist1357 I'm also in Oz (WA) and while I can't supply any Na, I have had fun producing the ...
9-3-2023 at 04:45
by: barbs09
Making iron powder
Depending on the amount required, you could precipitate iron oxalate out of solution and heat the ox ...
27-2-2022 at 03:11
by: barbs09
New study shows red light exposure in mornings could help eyesight.
Not hard to replicate at home... ...
30-12-2021 at 19:24
by: barbs09
The 2021 Christmas greeting thread
Merry Christmas from southern New Zealand
24-12-2021 at 01:44
by: barbs09
Plant killer
22-10-2021 at 00:36
by: barbs09
Isolating a deliquescent crystals from a saturated solution
Thanks, heaps to work with here.

24-9-2021 at 20:28
by: barbs09
Isolating a deliquescent crystals from a saturated solution
Hi, I was hoping someone can either point me to a good review or supply a few pointers on obtaining ...
17-9-2021 at 01:20
by: barbs09
Crucible with a perforated base
I have a small ceramic crucible with a perforated base. Maybe it is designed to heat/react somethin ...
25-8-2021 at 01:43
by: barbs09
Cheapest Bunsen burner substitute
You want one of these. Cheap in nasty, but throws the heat out. powered by cheap gas refills.

[ ...
2-6-2021 at 05:33
by: barbs09
Cooling drinks
While on the subject of WA, I've heard that to rapidly cool their beers at the end of the day some o ...
29-5-2021 at 03:52
by: barbs09
Chemistry Diamonds on YouTube
Hello, if you also enjoy dabbling in electronics you may be interested in RM Cybernetics. Go to the ...
23-5-2021 at 03:34
by: barbs09
oh my god! 2900$ for a mortar???
Its not clear to me whether you have pounds or tons of ore to crush: but prior to fire assay or dige ...
19-4-2021 at 05:29
by: barbs09
oh my god! 2900$ for a mortar???
I assume the material you are crushing is quartz (Mohs =7), potentially for gold extraction?? Make ...
16-4-2021 at 04:51
by: barbs09
Saponification via a base into an aromatic soap maybe?
26-3-2021 at 06:24
by: barbs09
Single component rocket fuels
How about castable "R-Candy" (Sugar and KNO3)? ...
5-10-2020 at 04:20
by: barbs09
Caution: Making bromine from TCCA and ammonium bromide does not work
Sounds like the reaction pathway was spot on, just the rate that was problematic!! Same concentrati ...
30-8-2020 at 04:37
by: barbs09
Precipitating Gold from AR using SMB
Does your solution actually have any gold in it? I'd suggest the stannous chloride test. Plenty on ...
19-6-2020 at 18:03
by: barbs09
My daughter is breeding flies - and the smell is awful! Help!
Nice! Why not breed something a little less smelly, like meal worms?
29-2-2020 at 19:28
by: barbs09
Two strange rocks I found outside
Excellent post! Given such photos and 10 different geologists, you will get 10 different opinions : ...
11-2-2020 at 17:27
by: barbs09
Notre Dame Smoke
You don't need to be a christian to appreciate the tragedy of the damage to this structure (opinion) ...
27-4-2019 at 03:22
by: barbs09
Not quite a "wump" moment
Well, this story doesn't involve a "wump" moment [i]per se[/i], but does contain a fuck up that land ...
23-2-2019 at 05:00
by: barbs09
Black humour (?) of Victorian chemists
The misadventures of Earnest Glitch and his unfortunate lab assistant Hodges, in the following link ...
28-12-2018 at 04:27
by: barbs09
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