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Project: Making thionyl chloride from easy-to-get precursors
I was just pointed to this thread.

Your method of producing SO3 was really neat. I was expecting ...
25-1-2022 at 02:26
by: basement
Dear Secret Santa
Dear Secret Santa,

excuse my late response. I was visiting family and could only now open your gi ...
2-1-2022 at 09:28
by: basement
Secret Santa 2021
I haven't participated much on this board, however I really like the idea of Secret Santa and would ...
3-10-2021 at 22:46
by: basement
Solidified nitrotoluene while washing?!
I hope to find some help from the wise people of sciencemadness.

I performed the nitration of tol ...
28-3-2020 at 01:40
by: basement
New chemicals for sale !
I can higly vouch for mario! He was very patient with me talking zick-zack and requesting a lot of p ...
5-8-2018 at 05:57
by: basement
replacement of diethyl ether
Who would drink MTBE? Sometimes laws and regulation make unreasonable decissions.. MTBE is a great a ...
11-7-2018 at 06:15
by: basement
replacement of diethyl ether
I really do care about the environment, however 2-Methyl-THF is no option for me in this scenario.
9-7-2018 at 05:16
by: basement
replacement of diethyl ether
That's what I read too. That's why I was wondering if there is a case or a thing you need to watch o ...
8-7-2018 at 03:07
by: basement
replacement of diethyl ether
I'm sorry to dig this thread out but it's kind of related and I don't want to open a new thread for ...
8-7-2018 at 00:30
by: basement

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