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Glycolic acid + HCl -> Chloroacetic acid
hi everyone today's vidéo is sponsorized by the DEA
30-12-2023 at 06:03
by: brubei
Chromatography non-analytical uses

just multiply the testtube number by 100 :D
28-6-2023 at 08:10
by: brubei
Are you guys using ChatGPT
i coded an app to transform tlc pictures in data series without python skill

[img]https://i.imgur ...
12-6-2023 at 03:47
by: brubei
hplc columns for sale
hi, my laboratory works with some hplc columns (reverse phase with pentafluorophenyl), they use to r ...
12-3-2023 at 02:27
by: brubei
Can't figure out synthesis
[rquote=682013&tid=159386&author=blogfast25][rquote=682008&tid=159386&author=Dr.Bob] ...
3-3-2023 at 01:03
by: brubei
Jesse Sabatini Near-Death Accident
In a lab of my university LAH is also related with an accident. 10g of LAH was used and i don't know ...
28-11-2022 at 13:31
by: brubei
Is induction heating still effective with molten copper ?
This is not about any real project but, can we imagine a low tech heating circuit with a flow of mol ...
15-11-2022 at 15:00
by: brubei
Will Na-ion batteries eventually replace Li-ion ?
Sodium is less perfomant than lithium if used for mobility. It is still very competitive for domesti ...
14-9-2022 at 23:25
by: brubei
Essential oil
it contains x mg

x = 10 * (oil density) * 12 / 100 * 1000

oil density is 0.8 to 0.9
30-8-2022 at 00:05
by: brubei
HELP! EU/DE/FR: Impending infrastructural apocalypse and possibility of civil war
Brace yourself.

I live in forest, ready to burn all trees to get heat !
5-8-2022 at 15:35
by: brubei
The DARK Side of Organic Synthesis
The dark side serie of ACS are pretty cool articles !
4-8-2022 at 14:03
by: brubei
risk of nitrosamines in GHB from GABA tek?
Nitrite stick test are available for aquarium water (see picture) ...
19-6-2022 at 07:42
by: brubei
Where do nice colors in nature originate from ?
The color is also under the pressure of natural selection.

A color particularly different from th ...
27-5-2022 at 06:05
by: brubei
One-shot electrochemical cell
Lithium carbonate solution state in a E-pH diagram

[img] ...
30-3-2022 at 11:45
by: brubei
Sticky Situation
Isn't that the purpose of the wiki in the first place?
20-3-2022 at 06:13
by: brubei
Drug Database Link
why don't use ?
12-2-2022 at 07:31
by: brubei
Small amount of cyanide in Europe?
potassium cyanide is usefull for electroplating of silver too. The Size of your substrate give the a ...
14-1-2022 at 04:26
by: brubei
HNO3 from kno3+hcl
i can send low concentration HNO3 if you need small quantity
9-1-2022 at 06:17
by: brubei
Attaching 24/40 glassware joints to non-jointed flasks
I use champagne corks. Their conical or round shape makes them easy to insert or remove on a neck. Y ...
4-12-2021 at 13:24
by: brubei
Rotary Evaporator Vacuum Controller and Pump for sale UK
they are stealing our jobs !


[Edited on 23-11-2021 by brubei]
23-11-2021 at 14:23
by: brubei
Reducing surface coating of CuO to metal
Maybe cyanide dissolution of surface
27-10-2021 at 13:47
by: brubei
What are the best classes to take at university to gain knowledge on drug synthesis or energetics?
If you like the dark side of drug synthesis and energetic chemistry, go to forensics sciences.

I ...
21-10-2021 at 11:45
by: brubei
Docking and protein binding prediction
Just playing with models (of me Phd work, now i work in electrochem).I tough that some software are ...
1-2-2021 at 02:41
by: brubei
Docking and protein binding prediction
Hello i used to model protein interaction with small molecules assisted by computer but all the stuf ...
31-1-2021 at 03:24
by: brubei
Cheap radioisotope sources
look for Uranium glass on ebay ...
4-12-2020 at 05:28
by: brubei
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