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Glassware question
I got a distillation kit for Christmas. After looking at it, I quickly noticed that a lot of the pie ...
28-1-2022 at 13:37
by: chaosday
Looking for a supplier to buy lithium from
I am planning on purchasing 100 grams of lithium metal online, but I haven't found any good supplier ...
23-1-2022 at 10:55
by: chaosday
Distillation apparatus safety hazard?
I recently bought this distillation apparatus and almost all the pieces have bubbles in them. Is thi ...
16-1-2022 at 07:03
by: chaosday
Stability of diluted chloric acid solutions
I recently made some dilute chloric acid, but I have nothing to use it for at the moment. So now I w ...
8-1-2022 at 06:45
by: chaosday
What company to buy glassware from
Recently I bought some glassware online and it turned out to be cheap and shitty Chinese stuff. I ha ...
25-12-2021 at 09:46
by: chaosday
Calcium peroxide synthesis route and solvent
Recently I made a lot of calcium peroxide from 5l of 12% hydrogen peroxide and calcium oxide. I foun ...
9-12-2021 at 00:25
by: chaosday

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