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why HO2 is a stronger acid than H2O2
pKa(HO2)=4.88 pKa(H2O2)=11.8 pKa(HO)=11.9 pKa(H2O)=14(15.6)
19-5-2015 at 19:31
by: chem_haruka
The rumour of ether in China
In China,I heard that,if you open a bottle of ether [color=Red]which placed in reagent cabinet for ...
17-5-2015 at 20:33
by: chem_haruka
Poll: Which solvent smells the best?
Pyridine,smells 'best'
11-3-2015 at 16:51
by: chem_haruka
Mercury Oxide?
Did you use excess of nitric acid or not? If not ,under alkaline conditions ,Hg2 2+will decompose to ...
11-3-2015 at 02:31
by: chem_haruka
Copper (II) Permangante solubility info?
If you want to separation silver nitrate and copper nitrate,heat it!
The silver nitrate won't deco ...
8-3-2015 at 04:34
by: chem_haruka
Salting out ethanol and distillation
Yes,you can separation ethanol from water.
Separation of Alcohol–Water Mixtures Using Salts
www. ...
8-3-2015 at 04:16
by: chem_haruka

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