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Diethylamine Hydrochloride Synthesis

[i]"Pure white needles of o-toluic acid may be obta ...
2-10-2019 at 20:00
by: clearly_not_atara
HVZ bromination with S instead of P?
It’s well-known that S + Br2 converts many acids to their anhydrides. The rxn byproduct HBr can re ...
15-9-2019 at 12:24
by: clearly_not_atara
TiCl4 substitute
TiBr4 from Ti + Br2
12-7-2019 at 12:52
by: clearly_not_atara
Acetic anhydride preparation
IIRC tests by SM members showed that the method does work for propionic anhydride but does not work ...
11-7-2019 at 16:36
by: clearly_not_atara
Mechanochemistry - is it a way?
Awesome! I've been trying to set up a ball mill of my own lately, actually. I'm trying to make a (no ...
10-7-2019 at 13:02
by: clearly_not_atara
Which number you like more: 1.99 vs 2.01?
2.001, because you can just blame the one-loop correction. ...
8-7-2019 at 22:55
by: clearly_not_atara
KI+HNO3->KIO3 fail?
"The oxidation of iodine to iodate by hydrogen peroxide", Guy Schmitz, [i]Physical Chemistry Chemica ...
5-7-2019 at 09:40
by: clearly_not_atara
reduction of carbonyls without NaBH4 and LiAlH4
Anhydrous Chromium (II) salts are soluble in some aprotic solvents and react with electrophiles. The ...
3-7-2019 at 09:26
by: clearly_not_atara
H2O2 as bleach replacement in laundry & effectiveness of pretreatment
Simply put, H2O2 is much weaker than chlorine. This is however a huge advantage because chlorine rea ...
2-7-2019 at 16:21
by: clearly_not_atara
Just One Meal a Day Longevity Approach
Eating one meal per day in a rat cage probably leads to lower ROS generation. The rats don't have an ...
2-7-2019 at 14:40
by: clearly_not_atara
Selling quite a bit of Silver Nitrate
You want to sell to photographers, who are afraid of dissolving silver, not to chemists, who do it f ...
2-7-2019 at 12:36
by: clearly_not_atara
How to dissolve wood?
[rquote=616639&tid=151567&author=DraconicAcid]Copper(II) hydroxide dissolve in concentrated ...
1-7-2019 at 17:49
by: clearly_not_atara
Does anyone have a prefered method for synthesis of acetaldehyde?
It’s not really synthesizing acetaldehyde that’s hard, it’s capturing and purifying it. It has ...
30-6-2019 at 08:42
by: clearly_not_atara
keten lamp
Ketene is not an oxidation product; it is a thermal degradation product. If ketene were produced, th ...
28-6-2019 at 18:00
by: clearly_not_atara
Demethylation of Vanillin and Eugenol
When I had suggested using bromoeugenol previously, the next transformation was with acetate salts t ...
24-6-2019 at 08:36
by: clearly_not_atara
1-propanol from 2-propanol
Pinacol rearrangement of propylene glycol to propionaldehyde is possible in decent yield according t ...
23-6-2019 at 09:31
by: clearly_not_atara
chlorates from calcium hypochlorite
S.C. Wack's post about the hypochlorite decomposition is very interesting:

http://www.sciencemadn ...
14-6-2019 at 12:10
by: clearly_not_atara
making intresting substances from already available compounds
I think the hardest part of answering this question is determining what is cool. Usually I look at m ...
11-6-2019 at 20:43
by: clearly_not_atara
Any way to prepare anhydrous ZnCl2 without using gaseous Cl2 or HCl?
Velzee, if you do not have zinc powder, the next question you should ask is "how do I make zinc powd ...
11-6-2019 at 16:35
by: clearly_not_atara
paradiclorobenzene - possible degradation of
So I have found on Orgsyn a method where o-nitrophenyl chloride is converted to the bis-aryl disulfi ...
10-6-2019 at 14:55
by: clearly_not_atara
Any way to prepare anhydrous ZnCl2 without using gaseous Cl2 or HCl?
Lol wut? ZnCl*6H2O decomposes thermally to zinc oxychlorides.

Instead, I think you can react Zn ...
10-6-2019 at 12:46
by: clearly_not_atara
Anyone have experience with DPT
This is not a chemistry question.

DPT is legally unique in the US as it is a holy sacrament of t ...
5-6-2019 at 17:58
by: clearly_not_atara
The Short Questions Thread (4)
Anyone have any references discussing the Lucas reagent and other acidic Sn2 reactions on vicinal di ...
4-6-2019 at 14:48
by: clearly_not_atara
Pathways to phenethyl alcohol
Indian research is certainly suspect, except the best Indian universities. But the formation of benz ...
31-5-2019 at 08:47
by: clearly_not_atara
Is there an alternative to dioxane yet for thermochemical sodium production?
There is no reason to prefer diglyme to dioxane: it’s harder to make, more expensive, harder to re ...
30-5-2019 at 19:32
by: clearly_not_atara
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