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Preparation of S2Cl2
The dark red is probably SCl2, which is red; S2Cl2 is yellow-orange.

The product has a strong ten ...
19-3-2019 at 13:36
by: clearly_not_atara
Reducing copper hydroxide
FYI Rochelle salt can be made in situ by heating equimolar amounts of sodium bicarbonate and potassi ...
15-3-2019 at 13:21
by: clearly_not_atara
Cinnamaldehyde azeotrope with ethanol?
It simply happens that the human nose is extremely sensitive to cinnamaldehyde. Some contaminants ar ...
13-3-2019 at 18:03
by: clearly_not_atara
Disodium 1,2-ethanediolate Production
Just make sure it's protected from air, because alkoxides get oxidized pretty quickly -- and the rxn ...
11-3-2019 at 14:22
by: clearly_not_atara
Does anyone know much about how the mg catalyzed alkali reduction purification with dioxane works?
Why do you want to substitute dioxane? It's not commercially available, but it's one of the easiest ...
7-3-2019 at 14:51
by: clearly_not_atara
Is it possible to synthesise Pd/C from home?
What about ascorbate? Does that make a good catalyst?
7-3-2019 at 14:11
by: clearly_not_atara
Failed nitro-aldol reaction. Possible cause and fix?
CuSO4 is much less soluble in organic solvents than CuCl2. I assume the copper particles are much sm ...
28-2-2019 at 23:01
by: clearly_not_atara
A sour base, opposite of picric acid?
Unlikely. The bitter receptor is better understood as the bitter receptor[b]s[/b]. There are scores ...
28-2-2019 at 16:05
by: clearly_not_atara
Illegal Secret Tutorial: How to get all science documents (publications) for free (sci-hub method)?
It's better that knowledge of these kinds of things spread by word-of-mouth, rather than being centr ...
27-2-2019 at 16:42
by: clearly_not_atara
fluorodefluorosulfonation: a new arene fluorination?
SNAr works with highly electronegative groups: NO2, N2+, SO3-, F are more likely to be exchanged tha ...
26-2-2019 at 12:52
by: clearly_not_atara
Questions about clan lab trends (title change)
The clandestine synthesis "scene" has changed in two primary ways over the last two decades:

- Ch ...
25-2-2019 at 17:49
by: clearly_not_atara
Hydrogen peroxide from ozone and water?
[rquote=603419&tid=145456&author=DavidJR]I doubt this will work. If it was that simple then ...
24-2-2019 at 10:17
by: clearly_not_atara
The Short Questions Thread (4)
It's called "sugar charcoal".
22-2-2019 at 15:49
by: clearly_not_atara
Methane synthesis
Nickel powder and CO in the same place sounds a bit scary.

I wonder if you could reduce a solutio ...
22-2-2019 at 15:44
by: clearly_not_atara
Lowering temperature of phosphorous distillisation
[quote]ammonium phosphate[/quote]

Won't ammonium oxidize aluminium?

6 NH4+ + 2 Al >> 2 A ...
22-2-2019 at 12:57
by: clearly_not_atara
towards a less hydrophobic synthetic polymer
Synthetic polymers generally do not contain hydroxy groups as such. The exceptions are usually polym ...
22-2-2019 at 12:51
by: clearly_not_atara
Synthesis of malonic acid
Jackson: no, I don't think that's a realistic possibility. Maybe it could be reduced by Pd/H2 in aci ...
22-2-2019 at 11:31
by: clearly_not_atara
Possible OTC, 'safe' methylating agents
You know, I keep trying to think of a problem with that and I can't. It does seem like it would work ...
21-2-2019 at 16:43
by: clearly_not_atara
Synthesis of 2,4-pentadione
I should point out that anhydrous NaOH can also be used to make NaOEt in amethod due to Organikum:
16-2-2019 at 15:01
by: clearly_not_atara
Anti-Markovnikov Hydrobromation
For methacrylic acid the hydrobromination is always anti-Markovnikov because of the EWG, so no perox ...
15-2-2019 at 21:45
by: clearly_not_atara
HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD! Hoffman made LSD without making LSD?
It's important to remember that Hofmann, unlike later LSD experimenters, had no reason to expect the ...
15-2-2019 at 16:52
by: clearly_not_atara
Preparation of cyanides
If you make CuCN from Prussian Blue as [url= ...
15-2-2019 at 10:29
by: clearly_not_atara
4-Allylcatechol Methylenation
Really nice work! I wonder why NaOH was such a problem. Possibly the anion is not so stable -- if th ...
14-2-2019 at 12:32
by: clearly_not_atara
Preparation of nitroethane
So if you can deal with NOx gases, there's a pretty simple method from anise oil (anethole) which is ...
13-2-2019 at 13:55
by: clearly_not_atara
IIRC sodium bitartrate actually has a much higher solubility than ammonium bitartrate. Wiki claims t ...
6-2-2019 at 01:12
by: clearly_not_atara
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